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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Listen: Media Mornings 'Journey of Nishiyuu'

Media Mornings: Thu, Mar 21 — Journey of Nishiyuu 1,500km walk, Charlie Smith (Straight)
W2MEDIA.CA | On today’s 7-8am broadcast of Media Mornings over Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 fm:
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The Journey of the Nishiyuu has swelled to 200 walkers as it enters Algonquin territory. Photo: Ottawa Citizen
  • Interview with Gordon Matthews (Cree Nation of Wemindji) and Nathalie Mathias (Algonquin, Anishinabe First Nation of Lac Simon), both of whom joined the Journey of the Nishiyuu, a two month-long, 1,500 km journey on foot from the roadless far north of Quebec all the way to Ottawa in support of Idle No More. Now reaching almost 200 walkers, the group will be arriving in Ottawa on March 25. Media Mornings caught up with several walkers on the road.

International Day of Solidarity with Lakota Grandmothers

On April 9th, we are asking the world to join us in an International Day of Solidarity Action in support of Indigenous Lakota Elders as they visit the United Nations in New York City to demand an end to genocide.
Mass gatherings, protests, blockades, street dances, non-violent direct action, and other forms of culturally appropriate support are welcome! If 80 and 90 year old Grandmothers can take back their strength – so can you! Join us!
If you are planning an event, please let us know by messaging movement [at] lakotagrandmothers [dot] org.
Check out this information and more from the developing movement at
 To All of Our Friends and Relations From the Four Directions,
The growing movement to end Lakota genocide and renew the customary matriarchal system within the Lakota Oyate is a history making event, and Lakota Elders are asking people around the world to stand behind them to make these things possible. Your solidarity and support is both valued and needed. Please join us! 

Visit the movement website at and share it with your friends!  Read our International Call to Action and learn about the situation of the Lakota Oyate. Grow solidarity by reading our Points of Unity.

** Please indicate your support by signing the Declaration of Solidarity.  You can download it here to share with your groups and organizations. By signing, we can build an international grassroots movement to leverage pressure on the United Nations and U.S. Government, and also show the Elders they are not alone.

On April 1st, the Lakota Elders Truth Tour  begins in Rapid City and continues on a 12+ city journey of awareness and action to the United Nations in New York and U.S. White House in Washington DC. The Truth Tour will also premier the groundbreaking Lakota documentary Red Cry.

The first International Day of Solidarity Action is April 9th, corresponding with the Elder's visit to the United Nations in New York.

Want to hold an event in your own community?  Download the Community Toolkit for organizing educational events or fundraisers.  After April 1st, toolkits will include a DVD of the Red Cry.   We are also building local solidarity networks in support of Lakota Elders so they can no longer be coerced by intentional neglect and blacklisting of basic services necessary for life.

Learn more by visiting! Pilamaye! Thank you!

Mohawk Nation News 'Counterfeit Canada'

Counterfeit Canada

MNN. Mar. 20, 2013. To reduce opposition to theft of our resources, Prime Minister Harper appointed a new strategist. Doug Eyford is supposed to steer Indigenous land and resource owners out of their way. He replaces Tom Flanagan, the man-boy love advocate, and reports directly to Harper.
Eyford: "A little money will help you lclose your eyes to environmental destruction".
Eyford: “A little money will help you close your eyes to environmental destruction!”
Canada knows it has a problem. it’s not a state according to international law. it has to get our fully informed consent to do anything on our land. The internationally accepted legal definition of a state was established at the Montevideo Convention 1933. Article 1, provides “The state should possess the following:
a] a permanent population: Canadians come and go. They have no common origin to distinguish them from other human beings. They settled on Great Turtle Island without legal permission from us.
b] a defined territory: None of our land was ever ceded to Britain. We never agreed to become part of the British Empire or the Canadian corporation.
Canadians: "We don't have paper!'
Canadians: “We don’t have Two Row Treaty papers!’

c] a government of its own: its constitutional acts of 1867 and 1982 and other constitutional documents are acts or proclamations of the British monarch.
d] the ability to make international treaties: The treaties of Canada, a private corporation, not a legal state, aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.
We Indigenous have all these qualifications. We made international treaties. The Rotino’shonni:onwe never joined Canada. All valid treaties signed with Indigenous peoples were made with the British monarch. We never gave any territory to anyone.
In monarchical states, the people are “subjects” who are conquered or take an oath of allegiance. The Dominion [colony] of Canada was established when Britain’s Parliament passed the British North America Act, 1867, to promote British economic interests on Onowaregeh.
The colony of Canada is obligated to give money to the Queen and to fight her wars. Canadian pseudo citizenship was established in 1967. Britain has the power to change Canada’s constitution, as confirmed in the Canada Act 1982. In 2011 Harper had to get the Governor General’s permission to prorogue Parliament.
No state can give something it does not possess. Britain does not own our funds, resources or land and cannot give it to anyone. Section 91[24] of the BNA Act gave Canada authority to only “negotiate” with the Indians, not to make laws for ‘Indians, and Lands reserved for the indians”. Section 109 provides a legal commitment to establish the ever growing $50 trillion Indian Trust Fund from the exploitation of our resources.
New "Eyesore" strategy.
New “Eyesore” strategy.
Canada is a foreign private company with shareholders. We are an international entity with membership of Onkwehonwe throughout Great Turtle Island, the natural persons of this land. We oppose development that would jeopardize our livelihood and environment. Shawn “Corporate-Indian-Mouth-Piece” Atleo stands by Eyford, to bring us into line with false promises and bribes of a few. If necessary “force” will be used to threaten, assault, abuse, jail and kill us for declaring the illegal existence of Canada. Canada knows it has to report to us on any anything they do in our land.
As the Beatles sang: You never give me your money.You only give me your funny paper. And in the middle of negotiation, you break down. I never give you my number. I only give you my situation. And in the middle of investigation, I break down.”
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le 25 mars 2013
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Traduction Christine Prat

MNN, 20 mars 2013 – Pour réduire l’opposition au vol de nos ressources, le Premier Ministre Harper a nommé un nouveau stratège. Doug Eyford est supposé manœuvrer pour écarter les propriétaires Autochtones du territoire et des ressources qui gênent leurs entreprises. Il remplace Tom Flanagan, et rend compte directement à Harper.
Le Canada sait qu’il a un problème. Ce n’est pas un état suivant la loi internationale. Il doit avoir notre consentement parfaitement informé pour faire quoique ce soit sur notre terre. La définition légale d’un état acceptée internationalement a été établie à la Convention de Montevideo de 1933. L’article 1 stipule que « L’état doit posséder ce qui suit :
a] une population permanente : les Canadiens vont et viennent. Ils n’ont pas d’origine commune qui les distingue d’autres êtres humains. Ils se sont installés sur la Grande Ile de la Tortue sans notre permission légale.
b] un territoire défini : Aucun de nos territoires n’a été cédé à la Grande-Bretagne. Nous n’avons jamais donné notre accord pour faire partie de l’Empire Britannique ou de la firme Canada.
c] son propre gouvernement : les lois constitutionnelles de 1867 et 1982 et autres documents constitutionnels sont des lois ou proclamations du monarque Britannique.
d] la capacité à signer des traités internationaux : Les Traités du Canada, une compagnie privée, et non un état légal, ne valent pas le papier sur lequel ils sont écrits.
Nous les Autochtones avons toutes ces prérogatives. Nous signons des traités internationaux. Les Rotino’shonni:onwe ne se sont jamais joints au Canada. Tous les traités valides signés par les peuples Autochtones l’ont été avec le monarque Britannique. Nous n’avons jamais donné de territoire à qui que ce soit.
Dans les états monarchiques, les gens sont des « sujets » qui ont été conquis ou ont prêté un serment d’allégeance. Le Dominion [colonie] du Canada a été établi lorsque le Parlement de Grande-Bretagne a adopté la Loi sur l’Amérique du Nord Britannique, en 1867, pour promouvoir les intérêts économiques britanniques sur Onowaregeh.
La colonie du Canada a l’obligation de donner de l’argent à la Reine pour mener ses guerres. La pseudo-citoyenneté canadienne a été instaurée en 1967. La Grande-Bretagne a le pouvoir de changer la constitution du Canada, ce qui a été confirmé dans la Loi sur le Canada de 1982. En 2011, Harper a dû obtenir la permission du Gouverneur Général pour proroger le Parlement.
Aucun état ne peut donner ce qu’il ne possède pas. La Grande-Bretagne ne possède ni nos fonds, ni nos ressources, ni notre territoire et ne peut les donner à qui que ce soit. La Section 91 [24] de la Loi sur l’Amérique du Nord Britannique [BNA ACT] donne seulement au Canada l’autorité pour « négocier » avec les Indiens, pas de faire des lois pour « les Indiens, et les Territoires réservés aux Indiens ». La Section 109 est un engagement légal d’établir le Fonds Fiduciaire Indien, de 50 milliards de dollars et qui ne cesse de croître, pour l’exploitation de nos ressources.
Le Canada est une compagnie privée étrangère avec des actionnaires. Nous sommes une entité internationale, membres de Onkwehonwe sur toute la Grande Ile de la Tortue, les personnes naturelles de ce pays. Nous nous opposons à tout développement qui compromettrait notre subsistance et notre environnement. Shawn ‘Porte-Voix-des-Indiens-Cooptés’ Atleo est du côté d’Eyford pour nous ramener dans le rang avec des fausses promesses et en en corrompant quelques uns. Si nécessaire, ‘la force’ sera utilisée pour nous menacer, nous agresser, nous insulter, nous emprisonner et nous tuer pour avoir déclaré illégale l’existence du Canada. Le Canada sait qu’il est tenu de nous consulter sur tout ce qu’il fait dans notre territoire.
Les Beatles chantaient : You never give me your money.You only give me your funny paper. And in the middle of negotiation, you break down. I never give you my number. I only give you my situation. And in the middle of investigation, I break down.”
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