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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Great Coal Train Tour: Concert for Columbia Riverkeeper

Dana Lyons: The Great Coal Train Tour

Concert and Fundraiser for Columbia Riverkeeper

Friday, April 5th, 2013
Blue Scorcher Bakery and Cafe
1493 Duane Street, Astoria , OR 
7-9 PM   Free and family friendly!

Photo Journey of Nishiyuu arrives in Ottawa


Today, March 25, 2013:
The Journey of Nishiyuu. Ottawa. As the youth spoke, a lone eagle circled high in the sky.
Photo by Paul Seesequasis, thank you for sharing!

Anishinabe Terrance Nelson: War Oil and US White Privilege

War Oil and US White Privilege
By Terrance Nelson
Roseau River Anishinabe
Censored News
It is critically important for our people to understand what we are up against. Your posting of the Native leaders from US and Canada joining forces in opposing the Transcanada pipeline is good but Native Americans and First Nations people must understand how deceptive and manipulating the oil companies and Governments are. Prior to the invasion of Iraq, Iraqi oil was already divided up. Under Freedom of Information, 1000s of new documents are surfacing in the UK about the real reasons for invading Iraq.

Sacred Lands Rally during NIGA in Phoenix 2013

Drummers, Singers and Dancers to Gather at Phoenix Convention Center 

UPDATES on Censored News Homepage

By Wayland Gray


PHOENIX -- Native American tribal and religious leaders will be holding a Sacred Lands Solidarity Rally and Press Conference at the North Side of the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday March 26, 2013, from 11:30 am-1:30 pm. The purpose of the event will be to raise awareness for the protection of Native American sacred lands that are being threatened or destroyed by development.
The rally will feature drummers, singers, and dancers as well as speakers who will talk about sacred lands and respond to media questions. The event is open to all Tribal Nations and members of the general public who would like to learn about these issues.
"Native people throughout the country are going through the same struggle," says Hickory Ground Tribal Town member Wayland Gray, who traveled from Oklahoma to participate in the rally. "Indian Country is here in Phoenix and we plan to stand together to honor the sacred lands of our ancestors," Gray added.
The event will coincide with the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) conference taking place at the Phoenix Convention Center.
Issues discussed will include San Francisco Peaks, No Loop 202, and Save Hickory Ground, among others.
The address for the North Side of the Convention Center is 475 E. Monroe St. Phoenix, AZ 85004. Everyone is welcome.

Read more:
Native News Network: Arrests during the struggle to protect Hickory Ground ceremonial grounds from desecration by the casino development:

Corporate Profiteering, Armchair Journalists and the Fight for Dignity

Corporate Profiteering, Armchair Journalists and the Fight for Dignity

Censored News

When Indian Country Today decided to get rid of its real reporters, it hired armchair journalists, plagiarizes who would steal the hard work of others.
The traditional Oneida clan women struggled for years to prevent what is happening today with the Oneida Nation in New York, which owns the newspaper. The Oneida women struggled to maintain the traditional ways and leaders, and struggled against it becoming a casino corporation. The women, including the Shenandoah family, were persecuted by the tribal politicians.
Censored News was created after longtime ICT staff reporter Brenda Norrell was censored, then forced into bankruptcy because the newspaper would not reimburse the expenses required to do the work, and then finally terminated without cause.
Even then, when Brenda Norrell was working unpaid at Censored News, ICT engaged in the theft of Norrell's work, violated a photo copyright, and plagiarized other work.
Today, Censored News is in its 7th year, with more than 2 million views, and publishes a collective of Indigenous writers, and other grassroots and human rights activists.
Thanks to all of you for maintaining the war against deception, and the fight for truth and dignity!
Please read today's letters from Rebecca Sommer to ICT in response to the plagiarism and copyright violations of her work:

Apache Sandra Rambler 'Traditionally Speaking'

Traditionally Speaking
Article and photo by Sandra Rambler
Censored News

A big round of applause goes out to the Superior Council for recently voting NO to the Oak Flat land exchange in H.R. 687.  I am so glad that Superior is not being used as a pawn to get this bill passed in Washington, D.C.  These leaders should always remember that they represent the people of Superior and this is more than a money making deal and that Superior is not bartering land that is not only sacred to the Apaches, Yavapais and other Native American Indians in the region, but land that is valuable to the people well beyond Superior’s city limits.

Erase the Border! Add Your Voice!

Erase the Border
Ofelia Rivas, O'odham Solidarity Project
Call the Erase the Border hotline at (888) 821-7563 ext. 2843
Once you put in that extension it should prompt you to record a message.
I'm hoping everyone will say "Erase the Border" but then include their own personal reason or story (short - like under 10 seconds) after that.

More from O'odham Solidarity Project

Schedule: Journey of Nishiyuu arrives in Ottawa


Mohawk Nation News 'COINTELPRO'


MNN. Mar. 26, 2013. COINTELPRO is the US developed “Counter Intelligence Program” against the American Indian Movement, Black Panthers and any group they deem “enemies” of their national security. The security of the banksters to continue their war program, it was implemented in the 1950s. 
Intense fear is created to divide the people. Who are objecting to environmental destruction of Mother Earth. The “royal economist bankers”  work diligently with their corporate Indian puppets and accomplices throughout Great Turtle Island to provide a “solution” for the problem they created. 
FBI: Divide and conquer program.
FBI: Divide and conquer program.
“Agents” are law enforcement disguised as activists and supporters. They have no obvious income or too much money. 
“Informers” provide information and recruit from within, or are sent in. They discredit, provoke tensions and sabotage us to create paranoia. 
Cops at G20 Toronto: "Aw, s--t! Forgot to wear my runners!"
Cops at G20 Montebello Quebec: “Aw, s–t! Forgot to wear my runners!” [Paul Manley].
“Infiltrators” are cops or intelligence agents. They can make arrests and be witnesses against us. [Douglas Durham]. Cops supply funds and arms to “vigilantes” to organize shootings, beatings and unrest, eg. Gary McHale. “Assassinations” are search and destroy missions.  “Bad Jacket” is a true activist that is falsely framed by disinformation to create suspicion. Their names are put out in phony police messages. Some groups are treated better than others to cause division within the protest ranks. MNN website is totally ignored by the mainstream and frequently hacked. 
“Provocateurs” disrupt and lead targets into illegal activities or violence; arrive just before events [G20 protest Toronto]; volunteer to work on finances, membership, minutes and confidential files; start political conflicts, Heather Martin, Cathie Duchene]; seek public attention; create controversies. 
“Black Bag Jobs” are burglary, copying keys, planting false evidence, placing bugs, cameras and computer hacking. 
american indian movementTo protect ourselves: Publicly discuss security and spying. Control keys, files and hide duplicates. Safeguard address books, membership lists and phone and other contact information. Record break-ins, theft, threats, raids, arrests, strange phone calls and harassment. Take photos of suspected agents and publish them on the internet. Appoint no leaders, just spokespeople. As Bob Marley sang: “Oh, what a rat race. This is the rat race. Rasta don’t work for no CIA. Rat race, rat race, rat race!’ 
Jimi Hendrix: The last 24 hours Cointelpro killed the Rockstars as well
G20 Toronto: Into the Fire
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Mohawk Nation News 'Hostile Takeover Bid'



MNN. Mar. 23, 2013. Indigenous relationship with the land is the biggest threat to the economic royalist bankers. Destroying our communal land holding is to deny us our culture, life and identity. International law dictates that changes can only be made with our full knowledge and consent. Their think tanks funded by mining companies, oil companies and investment groups have plotted out how to part us from our land. The World Bank, government programs and the media want the sharks to come in on us.
Indigenous: "Smashing us with our own logs!
Indigenous: “They’re smashing us with our own logs!”
To steal the natural resources, we have to be removed so highways, railways, ports, wind energy, mines, agribusinesses, the tar sands and cheap labor plants can be built. Our livelihood is robbed so that we become non-viable people and can be used for cheap labor.  
Indigenous were depopulated. That backfired. Too many of us are around holding onto our territories and asserting autonomy, self-determination and human rights. 
Prime Minister Harper and his accomplices are pushing bills that will dissolve indigenous communities and resistance. Surveyors with their tripods and gear are mapping out our land so that it can be broken into pieces and privatized. 
Attawapiskat-DeBeers joint venture!
Attawapiskat-DeBeers joint venture!
Trained military and geographers are assessing our communities for resistance and defensive strength. Propaganda is spread that our communities are breeding grounds of crime and insurgency and must be done away with. 
Our communities are being deliberately mismanaged to force us into greater economic dependence. Our independence can only be achieved through our communal affinity with our land. 
Our corporate Indian sell-outs and their non-native accomplices argue that collective ownership is a monkey on their backs keeping them from making money. They demand privatization. Government, corporations, underworld and private citizenry are going through the back door where the doormen have brown faces. 
Corporate Atleo and friends!
Corporate Atleo and friends!
Not long ago there was a cry over multinational corporations taking over the potash fertilizer business in Saskatchewan. Canadians screamed against the foreign takeover of a valued asset to Canada on unceded Indigenous land. Now it’s uranium. Almost at the same time extreme individualism of home ownership almost put the world into financial ruin [2008 financial meltdown]. 
The crown refuses to give us the keys to our ever-growing $35 trillion Indian Trust Fund. The crown [bankers] is running Canada with it. They’re trying to get rid of their fiduciary responsibility by violating international law and passing illegal statute [corporate by-laws]. In this foreclosure scenario, they are trying to turn us over to the banks, lenders and provinces that are sharpening their claws. Fee simple land becomes taxable provincial land that can be seized. trillion
It’s a corporate hostile takeover bid of natural law. Do not recognize the corporate Indian sell-out band council [modern Indian agents] who are doing the banker’s dirty work to us. As Pink Floyd sang: Us and them. And after all we’re only ordinary men. me and you, got only knows, is not what we would chose to do.”
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Mohawk Nation News 'The Budget'



MNN. Mar. 21, 2013. Canada’s Minister of Finance, Jim “Who-Just-Came-Back-from-Some-Kind-of-Rehab” Flaherty announced his government’s plans for spending our money. His convalescence didn’t do him much good. He still looks worried, fat faced, beet red nose and a big beer belly. He presented the budget on how Canada is going to spend our ever-growing $55 trillion Indian Trust Fund. Every cent of Canada’s money is ours. The “budget” is their plan on how to keep it out of our grasp.
Flaherty: "Mmmn! I needed more than a month!"
Flaherty: “Mmmn! I needed more than a month off!”
We’re never asked how our stolen money is going to be spent, breaking international law. Our money comes from the royalties and profits made from the exploitation of our stolen resources. It’s in the special account that was set up according to Section 109 of the British North America Act in 1867. Canada made itself a trustee of our money. They’re illegally spending it like kids in a candy store, without our fully informed consent. They even run their genocide (Indian Affairs) and war program with our stolen money.
On Budget “Brag” Day the Minister of Finance is supposed to wear new shoes. He borrowed some old smelly ones while keeping us, the owners of the money, practically barefoot. We are getting a small allowance of $241 million, over 80% going to their administrators. They fantasize about us begging for the rest. Their corporate Indian puppets [band and tribal councils and national and provincial Indian organizations] are getting well paid to help them carry out the biggest heist in history, the theft of our Indian Trust Fund. 
lot 1 concession 11half
Flaherty’s house on Lot 1 concession 11
Flaherty said all programs are being slashed. He complained about the “tax cheats”, like himself and his accomplices. He wants every nickel. His banker royalist overlords in England are screaming, “Where is that Indian Trust money? We need it now!” He personally stopped the banks from lowering interest rates for buying houses. His $20 million house in Nottawasaga is for sale. He needs the “right’ buyer. Jim, it’s on Mohawk land and it’s ours! Right in Thahoketoteh’s personal claim!
$282.6 million is for “debt service charges”, going to them and their banker friends, who are the “benign and silent” protection racketeers. The fraudulent deficit of $25.9 billion is fiction. The drop in government department spending means they’re closing down their shop. The “vente” [for sale] signs are on the lawns. $47 billion on infrastructure for their gated communities to protect them from the angry masses. Those National Defense jets are ready to help them try to flee, with the loot.  
Provinces: "That Injun money is gonna keep looking after me."
Provinces: “That Injun money is gonna keep looking after me.”
A lot of money is going to his lazy relatives, called “provinces’. A million here, a few billion there for grants, job training, infrastructure [fixing the potholes], venture capital. Corruption cover-up is hard work, never mind the fear of getting caught. Bills will not be paid or consolidated. It’s  going into personal Swiss or Bahamas bank accounts. They’re making a run for it. 
There are big plans for stealing more of our resources and allegedly moving our trust funds out of Canada. They need us out of the way. This gang of thugs dream they’re going to hide out in their secret bunkers but will realize their greatest fear, they are no longer secret.  
Before they go, we will get every cent of our money. They are not leaving here with anything they didn’t bring. The only place these crooks are going is into a jail cell in their Fatherland. With desperate governments grabbing people’s bank accounts in Cyprus, we will take our Indian Trust Funds asap in gold bars and keep it somewhere safe.bunker  
As Dolly Parton reminds us of the corporate designed futility: Workin’ 9 to 5. What a way to make a livin’. Barely gettin’ by. It’s all talkin’ and no givin’. They just use your mind and they never give you credit.”
MNN Mohawk Nation News  For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 WHERE EAGLES DARE TO SOAR available from MNN.

Indian Country Today continues plagiarism and copyright violations

Photo © Rebecca Sommer
Corporate Profiteering and Deception:
Armchair journalists steal the hard work of others

International writer, photographer, filmmaker and activist Rebecca Sommer exposes the fact that Indian Country Today continues to plagiarize and violate copyrights.
Indian Country Today currently relies primarily on armchair journalists who plagiarize the hard work of others, relying on the theft of photos and videos, while refusing to give credit. 
While the writers at ICT are paid, many of those carrying out the difficult work in remote areas, like Rebecca Sommer, are carrying out unpaid labors of love, work that is not intended for commercial profiteers or red-light journalists.
Censored News, created because of the censorship at ICT, maintains a boycott of Indian Country Today and encourages its readers to maintain this boycott.
From Rebecca Sommer
Dear Indian Country Today.

You published online a screenshot of my video as well as a playback link to my VIDEO ,  and use a copyright infringing link (, 
and you also give the wrong credit. 
I am the filmmaker, and it is my video (which is also watermarked with "Sommerfilms"  can be found here:
Please change the credit,  as well as correct the link to the video:
The correct Title: Indigenous Peoples Alto Xingu: River poisoned by soy plantations despite complaints 
The correct credit:  Video by Rebecca Sommer, Sommerfilms, for Earth Peoples
The correct link to the video:
GreenCollegeOnline had no permission to steal and publish my video under their name and on their site.
They haven't contacted me, haven't asked for my permission.
I notified GreenCollegeOnline to remove my video.
Dear Indian Country Today,
You are using photos of mine, that I donated for the sole purpose of Barbara's article for Indian Country Today, but I also made very clear that I wish to be credited as the author and owner and copyright holder to my photos.
I have written to you several times, and asked that you kindly correct that my photos are not credited online.
They are flying around in the Internet. It comes up as the very first picture entry at google search images, and is credited to Indian Country Today, which is infringing on my rights as the 
copyright holder.
I am upset, as you got my images for no costs, but you do not have the courtesy to do the right thing !
I find that shameful.
Please ensure that you correct that, and that you include my copyright credit in text attached to both of my pictures (see below) :
"Photo © Rebecca Sommer, Earth Peoples" 
Kindly ensure that you correct this in the article, as well as in your photo gallery:

Thanks, Rebecca

Read more:
Also see: Corporate profiteering, armchair journalists and the fight for dignity
By Brenda Norrell, Censored News

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