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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Remembering Splitting the Sky (video)

23 Mar 2013
Mohawk activist. 9/11 truth campaigner. War criminal protester. Attica State riot leader. Gustafsen Lake Standoff organizer. Splitting The Sky had a remarkable life. Tragically, that life was cut short last week after an unexplained incident near his home in Chase, British Columbia. Today on The Corbett Report we memorialize his life and reflect on the legacy he leaves behind.

Corbett Report Interview 069 – Splitting The Sky
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Native peace activist John Boncore found dead
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Arresting Impunity
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Splitting the Sky: No jail time for attempted arrest of war criminal George Bush
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Bush in B.C.: Canada Hosts A War Criminal
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Splitting the Sky – 9/11: Follow The Money
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Splitting the Sky Speaks to Break The Chains Political Prisoner Forum, 2003
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Splitting The Sky blogspot
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We owe it to Dac to be suspicious and to be vigilant
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Larry Pinkney on The Jack Blood Show – 03.19.2013
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John Lennon – Attica State
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'Revolution' film journey of saving the species and ourselves

Screen capture from Revolution trailer by Censored News.

Wonderful to see familiar faces, and the beautiful cinematography in the trailer of the upcoming film 'Revolution' being released on April 12, 2013.

 About 'Revolution'
Revolution is a film about changing the world. The true-life adventure of Rob Stewart, this follow-up to his acclaimed SHARKWATER documentary continues his remarkable journey; one that will take him through 15 countries over four years, and where he'll discover that it's not only sharks that are in grave danger -- it's humanity itself.

In an effort to uncover the truth and find the secret to saving the ecosystems we depend on for survival, Stewart embarks on a life-threatening adventure. From the coral reefs in Papua New Guinea and deforestation in Madagascar to the largest and most destructive environmental project in history in Alberta, Canada, he reveals that all of our actions are interconnected and that environmental degradation, species loss, ocean acidification, pollution and food/water scarcity are reducing the Earth's ability to house humans. How did this happen, and what will it take to change the course that humanity has set itself on?

Travelling the globe to meet with the dedicated individuals and organizations working on a solution, Stewart finds encouragement and hope, pointing to the revolutions of the past and how we've evolved and changed our course in times of necessity. If people were informed about what was really going on, they would fight for their future -- and the future of other generations. From the evolution of our species to the revolution to save it, Stewart and his team take viewers on a groundbreaking mission into the greatest war ever waged.

Startling, beautiful, and provocative, Revolution inspires audiences from across the globe to start a revolution and change the world forever.

Native Americans Rally to Save Hickory Ground at NIGA Conference

Native Americans Rally to Save Hickory Ground at NIGA Conference

Press statement
Posted at Censored News
PHOENIX -- On Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Native American sacred lands activists from throughout the country, including O’odham, Navajo, Havasupai and Muscogee Creeks, demonstrated at the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) conference to support the preservation of Hickory Ground in Wetumpka, Alabama.  
The Poarch Band of Creek Indians excavated approximately 57 sets of Muscogee Creek human remains from the ceremonial ground at Hickory Ground as part of its $246 million casino expansion project. 
“What’s another developer going to say who is not Native when they look at indigenous people desecrating their own sacred lands,” asked Navajo activist Klee Benally of Indigenous Action Media.  
“NIGA is one of the largest most powerful lobbying entities for indigenous interests, so it’s about time that they stand up and they lobby to ensure guaranteed protection for our sacred places,” Benally said.
Poarch Band Tribal Council members Eddie Tullis and Keith Martin were present at the beginning of the rally, but left shortly after the rally began.
American Indian Movement co-founder Dennis Banks said, “Underneath that ground are bones and a lot of evidence of it being a very sacred site.”  Banks implored, “Please, anything that you can do to support, to stop that casino from being built.”  
Last December, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation filed a federal lawsuit to enjoin ground-disturbing activity at Hickory Ground. The lawsuit claims that the burials excavated from Hickory Ground are the lineal ancestors of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and Hickory Ground Tribal Town. The plaintiffs request the court to order the remains and funerary objects to be reburied where they were excavated, and to restore the ceremonial ground to a nature.
Demonstrators also spoke about threatened destruction to other sacred places, including the San Francisco Peaks and the South Mountain in Arizona.
Rex Tilousi traveled from Havasupai Reservation at the bottom of the Grand Canyon to attend the rally.  “What is inside our mother earth, not only the surface but underneath our mother earth, the waters, the springs that give us life, we need to save and protect these things,” Tilousi said.
Video Links:
Photo Actor Adam Beach speaks to Hickory Ground Warrior Wayland Gray at the Sacred Lands Rally in Phoenix.  Activist Klee Benally is seen at the left of the photo.


Indigenous Action Media
See original article in English
Also on Censored News
29 mars 2013
Traduction Christine Prat

PHOENIX, Arizona – Mardi 26 mars 2013, des défenseurs des terres sacrées Autochtones venus de diverses régions des Etats-Unis, entre autres des O’odham, des Navajo et Havasupai et des Creeks Muscogee, ont manifesté devant le bâtiment où se tenait la conférence de la National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) pour la préservation de Hickory Ground, à Wetumpka, en Alabama. La Bande Poarch – Creek – a déterré environs 57 squelettes de Creek Muscogee du site cérémoniel de Hickory Ground dans le cadre de son projet d’expansion du casino, projet qui doit coûter 246 millions de dollars.
« Que dira le prochain promoteur non-Autochtone quand il verra des Autochtones profaner leurs propres terres sacrées » a demandé l’activiste Navajo Klee Benally d’Indigenous Action Media. « La NIGA est l’un des groupes de pression les plus importants et les plus puissants représentant les intérêts Autochtones, alors il est grand temps qu’ils se mettent à faire pression pour assurer une protection garantie à nos sites sacrés » a ajouté Klee Benally.
Les membres du Conseil Tribal de la Bande Poarch Eddie Tullis et Keith Martin étaient présents au début du rassemblement mais sont partis peu après le début.
Le cofondateur de l’American Indian Movement Dennis Banks a déclaré « Sous cette terre il y a des ossements et tout prouve que c’est un site très sacré. » Banks a imploré les promoteurs du projet : « Je vous en prie, faites tout ce que vous pouvez faire pour nous soutenir, empêchez ce casino d’être construit. »
En décembre dernier, la Nation (Creek) Muscogee a déposé une plainte au niveau fédéral contre toute activité de perturbation du sol à Hickory Ground. La plainte affirme que les défunts déterrés de Hickory Ground sont les ancêtres directs de la Nation (Creek) Muscogee et de la Ville Tribale de Hickory Ground. Les plaignants demandent à la Cour d’ordonner que les dépouilles et les objets funéraires soient à nouveau inhumés là où ils ont été déterrés et que le site cérémoniel soit rendu à la nature.
Des manifestants ont aussi évoqué d’autres sites sacrés menacés de destruction, entre autres les San Francisco Peaks et la Montagne du Sud en Arizona.
Rex Tilousi est venu de la Réserve Havasupai, au fond du Grand Canyon, pour participer au rassemblement. « Ce qui est à l’intérieur de Notre Mère la Terre, pas seulement à la surface, mais en-dessous, les eaux, les sources qui nous donnent la vie, ce sont des choses que nous devons sauver et protéger » déclara t-il.

Vidéos (en anglais) :
Klee Benally:
Dennis Banks:
Rex Tilousi:
Vidéo (mauvaise qualité) de Klee Benally sous-titrée en français:

Michael Moore reads his poem for freedom for Leonard Peltier

Peter Coyote introduces Michael Moore. Moore speaks on how the innocent are imprisoned in the US, and the role that the media and public play in convicting people, including Leonard Peltier. Moore speaks on the lies of governments and corporations.
"We were a country founded on genocide," Moore said, "and built on the backs of slaves."
"Americans kill people, that's what we do," said Moore of US wars and drones.
Moore reads his poem, and asks President Obama to bring Leonard Peltier home for Christmas.
"Please let Leonard come home for Christmas, or we shall all bury our hearts at Wounded Knee."

On December 14th, 2012, Harry Belafonte, Jackson Browne, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Bruce Cockburn, Common (with Mos Def), Peter Coyote, Danny Glover, Jack Healey, Jennifer Kreisberg, Bill Means, Bill Miller, Pete Seeger, Margo Thunderbird, Tom Poor Bear and Michael Moore gathered at the Beacon Theater, in NYC to sing, speak and dance for Leonard Peltier's freedom.
Who is Leonard Peltier?

The Fight 4 Freedom Continues...


April 2013

Supporters, Friends, Family, LPDOC Chapters;
In prayer to the 4 Directions, the LPDOC of the U.S. and Canada have joined together in setting off on a new campaign to fight for the Freedom of Leonard Peltier.
It is in the air, you can feel it. It is palpable. The energy is building, we feel it too.
This time something is different.
For almost 40 years now, people from all over the world have worked to set Leonard free. His gratitude is endless, his heart is swollen with pride in the people.
At this time, U.S. President Barack Obama is the sole human being with the power to grant Leonard his freedom. It is up to US to demand Leonard’s freedom.
We believe the President will listen to his people. It is, after all, what he has been elected to do; to listen to the people of the United States, and indeed, the entire world.
We are asking for something special. We want you to HAND-write a letter or postcard, putting your voice, your prayer, your demand in physical evidence form. The Electric petition medium has not proven very successful, for Leonard, and in some ways seems easier to ignore.
Let’s go old school. Pen to Paper.
These letters will be held in repository until 2014, when they will be hand-delivered in a visual and physical representation of our demands,through a very special LPDOC event.
Many MANY boxes of letters will be fed down a line of elders, community leaders, political figures, celebrities and indeed many of you, our tireless supporters, for all the world and media to see.
It is our belief that the sheer quantity of physical evidence representing our demand cannot be ignored.
The people demand justice for Leonard. The people demand his freedom.
Any other outcome would be an outrage and a blemish on the history of our nation.
We call to ALL peoples in ALL 4 Directions to hand-write your demand.
Be a part of the Fight 4 Freedom- put your pen to paper, have a letter writing party!
Let your voices be a part of a choir so loud, the whole world (but especially Barack Obama) can hear.
Send your letters to:
Letters 4 Leonard
P.O. Box 4444
Trego, MT


United in the quest for Freedom,
The LPDOC of the U.S. & Canada

Monopoly Game: Civil Disobedience at Wells Fargo, Occupy Sacramento

Photo 1: Protest at Wells Fargo on March 28, 2013. Photo 2: Quanah Parker Brightman with his father Lehman Brightman, founder of United Native Americans, and victim of Wells Fargo fraud and home seizure. 

From Quanah Parker Brightman:  
Thank U Again for Helping Spread Awareness on Our Plight to Save My Father's Home from Being Stolen. It's Really Shameful that Contra Costa County, which has Violated Public Law 100-606 & Are the One Whom Claim to Be Conservator of My Father's Person & Estate Have Allowed My Father's Home to Become Foreclosed by Wells Fargo. Wish The County Would Have Protected My Father's Estate by Applying for the Veterans United Home Loans, HUD Sec 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program, or Keep Your Home California. Anyone of these Programs would have Allowed Us to Save My Father's Home. My Father Deserves Better treatment than He has Been Receiving at Kindred Walnut Creek, where the Contra Costa County has Chosen to Place Him, Instead of Protecting His Home and Allowing Him to Live Out His Final Day's at His Home Surrounded By His Family & Community Who Cherish Him.

*Stop the Eviction of The Brightman's*
When: April 4th 2013
Where Richmond Court 100 37th street
Richmond Ca, 94805 
On Thursday April 4th 2013 My Attorney Through Bay Area Legal Aide & I will be in Court to Inquire if the Judge will Grant us Our Motion for Summary Judgment to Dismiss the case to Evict Both Lehman L. Brightman & Quanah Parker Brightman from Our Home of Over 26 Years.

And If The Judge Does Not Grant us Our Motion. We Will Be Taking this to Trial. Thank U to Everyone who has Offered Us Prayers & Support During these Trying Times.

Please Join Tenants Occupy to Save Dr. Lehman Brightman's Home-Working Group at:

Fighting Elder Abuse By Contra Costa County & Wells Fargo Bank.

Please Help Contribute to Indigenous Resistance.

United Native Americans,Inc.
2434 Faria Ave
Pinole, CA 94564
Bank of the West Account
# 106012446
We Humbly Ask the Community to Help Support Our Occupation to Save Dr. Brightman's Home & Bring Lehman L. Brightman Home.
We are in Need for an Attorney to Assist & Community to Help in Bringing Awareness to Our Plight.
Also we Humbly ask for a Donation of a Inter-Net Ready Computer & Donations of Ink Cartridges HP Deskjet 3050. Fire Wood, Bottled Water, Food, Gas Cards, Battery's & Blankets.
We Humbly Ask Everyone to Please Pray for My Father & Our Family During these Difficult Times. ♥ to Related Resources
Occupy the Auctions / Evictions
Stop predatory and for-profit evictions, foreclosures, and auctions in San Francisco and beyond
Tenants Occupy to Save Dr. Lehman Brightman's Home 

Ihanktonwan hosts Keystone Blockade Training, South Dakota, April 5--7, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Crawling Creature'


MNN. Mar. 25, 2013. The Great Law provides that, “As a weapon against a crawling creature, I lay a stick with you so that you may thrust it away from the Council Fire”. A crawling creature may be a disrespectful person seeking to disrupt the people and must be removed. [Wampum 4].
Serpent of Discord.
Serpent of Discord.
We Indigenous are called “domestic dissidents” who are disrupting the corporate government’s image and economy. Infiltrators are sent in. It could be a vigilante operation to silence us, or to neutralize us by creating factionalism, attacking our reputations and causing confusion. 
“Spies” and “agents” pose as scholars, friends, supporters or helpers. The perfect intruder abandons you suddenly when their assignment is over. Their cover could be blown the longer they remain. 
Infiltrator with angel wings.
Infiltrator with angel wings.
“Infiltration” is low intensity warfare, to mold public opinion, to sabotage us. “Surveillance” is gathering intel to expose, disrupt or discredit us. Infiltrators hang around for years studying and gathering info. Some offer services, like legal advice or romances. Some even have families in the community.  
Infiltrators get involved with one faction. Another infiltrates the opposing faction. They drive wedges between them. Targets are lured into compromising situations. Fear is created, like having them followed, strangers taking pictures and arranging attacks. Infiltrators organize drug, booze and sex parties to recruit youth. Intruder’s cause suspicion. True activists are sometimes “bad jacketed” as being government agents. The courts criminalize us through perjured evidence, false arrests and imprisonment. We face threats, assaults and political assassinations.  
“Provocateurs” disrupt, create disagreements, make divisions, sabotage, squander resources, steal funds, seduce leaders, provoke jealousy and public embarrassment, lead targets into danger and push paranoia. 
New "Indians" are turning up every day.
“Agents” are loners, with a vague cover story that doesn’t identify them. Some have many aliases. Some pretend to be Indigenous. Agents have no job but have a steady income. They will leave at a moment’s notice and disappear. They dress to quickly change their image, like hairstyle, weight, clothes or car.  
Hired thugs, right wing vigilantes, private military and local police are front line foot soldiers. Agents are subsidized, armed, directed and protected by the military. False stories are planted. Bogus organizations are set up. Parents, employers, landlords or school officials can be coerced into causing trouble for the target. 
Look for cameras, microphones & scanners.
They act needy or feign a rare sickness or medical condition to get sympathy and leave suddenly. They act like a best friend, downplay themselves and quietly observe. Targets are taken to unfamiliar outside groups to compromise them. 
Check the authenticity of visitors. “Keep friends and family close and your enemies closer”, as the godfather said. Stay on movement goals. If the eyes say something different from the body, they are not genuine. it reminds us of the old Charlie Pride song: The snakes crawl at night. that’s what they say. When the sun goes down, then the snakes will play”. 
MNN Mohawk Nation News  For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 WHERE EAGLES DARE TO SOAR available from MNN.

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