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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fracking the Mi'kmaq: Guess who owns Southwestern Energy

Fracking the Mi'kmaq

Police assault on Mi'kmaq anti-fracking camp, Elsipogtog, New Brunswick Thursday

Investors in Southwestern Energy urged to dump stocks!

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News Exclusive
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Southwestern Energy, targeting the Mi'kmaq, has already been sued in Arkansas and Pennsylvania, where fracking resulted in cancers from carcinogens in drinking water. The Ottawa Citizen didn't do its homework last week and promoted Southwestern Energy's fracking, calling it "safe." Taking the typical white privilege stance -- and ignoring Southwestern Energy's cancer alleys -- the Ottawa Citizen promoted fracking in poor and First Nations communities. 

A look at Southwestern Energy's board of directors reveals they have a long history of work exploiting energy resources around the world in Indigenous areas, from Southern Africa to Australia and New Guinea. And this exploitation of Indigenous Peoples means big money for oil and gas executives.

The investors in Southwestern Energy are being urged to divest in this Houston, Texas, corporation that is now targeting the land of Elsipogtog, resulting in Canadian police attacking Mi'kmaq First Nation at a a peaceful anti-fracking camp. The heavily armed SWAT team, with police dogs and pepper spray, attacked women and elderly on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013. 

Some Mi'kmaq from the camp remained in jail on Oct. 27, awaiting bail hearings. Tyson Peters, Mik'maq, risks losing his leg after being shot with a rubber bullet during the predawn raid by Canadian police, RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The RCMP denied they had shot rubber bullets. 

Corporations are urged to dump stocks -- and disassociate from those investing in Southwestern Energy and their partners -- including Phillip Morris, Verizon, ATT, Century Link, Comcast (Capital Research Global); Facebook, Google, Nike, Starbucks (Sands Capitol Management) Exxon, Chevron, Walmart, McDonalds, Walt Disney, Apple, Microsoft, (Vanguard) Goldman Sachs, more. 

Southwestern Energy has already been sued in Arkansas and Pennsylvania for fracking and causing cancer due to poisoning the drinking water.

In Pennsylvania, 13 families sued Southwestern Energy. "The mining has resulted in chemicals loaded with heavy metals and carcinogens infiltrating the ground water and residents’ well water, the lawsuit states."

The Ottawa Citizen didn't do its homework on the cancer alleys resulting from Southwestern Energy's fracking and took the editorial stance last week of promoting fracking as safe. Taking the typical position of white privilege, the Ottawa Citizen rallied behind fracking in poor and First Nation communities.

Southwestern's board of directors, selected in May, reveal that Southwestern Energy is composed of those who have a long history of exploiting Indigenous Peoples and their lands around the world. The board of directors include John D. Gass, former vice president of Chevron, who was responsible for exploration in Angola and Southern Africa, and Chevron upstream activities in Australian and Papua New Guinea. 

Destruction of the land and poisoning of the water means dollars for those behind it. Board member Greg Kerley made 1.2 million -- which includes a $105,000 bonus -- in his position at Southwestern Energy last year.
The board is listed here:

Edward C. Johnson, of Fidelity Management and Research Company in Boston, Mass., is identified as principal owner of stocks in Southwestern Energy, in this document:

The Heinz Endowment was thrown into controversy over its support of fracking. It has investments in Southwest Energy.

Corporations and investors, are urged to be the first to divest in stocks of Southwestern Energy and disassociate with its investors. Let us hear from you at Censored News, and we'll place your name on our honor roll as a corporation who stands with Indigenous Peoples to protect the land, water and air and uphold the right to protection of Indigenous women and elderly.

Censored News will honor you as the first corporations to divest and stand firm with Indigenous women against police violence, and the first to stand firm with Indigenous Peoples against fracking and violations of Indigenous rights.

See more investors, tell them to divest of stock and disassociate with investors. Dump Southwestern Energy:
Map of the 2.5 million acres in New Brunswick that Southwestern Energy is targeting:


Update June 25, 2015: Who Owns Southwestern Energy Company:

Mi'kmak attorney Amy Sock punched in face and kicked during police assault Thursday.
Mi'kmaq women pepper sprayed.
Mi'kmaq shot with these bullets. Mi'kmaq Tyson Peters risks losing his leg after being shot.

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Terrance Nelson 'Wars will be fought over water' Elsipogtog Momentum

"Wars will be fought over water"

"The Chief of Elsipogtog First Nation has asked for calm and a cooling off period of 30 days. This is a mistake. In 30 days, Elsipogtog will have lost the momentum. In 30 days, it will have lost the attention of the world." -- Terrance Nelson

By Terrance Nelson
Anishinabe Roseau River First Nation

Good Morning Brenda:
Twenty-three years ago during the OKA Crisis, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, (Conservative Government operating during the summer while parliament was recessed) used 4000 Canadian Soldiers to confront the Mohawks and his lead statement consistently spoke of the rule of law. What the current Prime Minister of Canada Steven Harper is doing is the same thing and the Canadian media is playing up the burning RCMP cars in an effort to get Canadians on side with the RCMP and the "rule of law". Problem is that was 23 years ago, back then, they didn't have Censored News and they didn't have the Internet messaging. There is worldwide support for the Mi'Kmaq and the issue is water, the right of people to defend their water and their future generations who will need that water long after the shale gas has burned away.

Anonymous: Op FrackOff in Elsipogtog

Full intro video by Chris Sabas on YouTube here

#OpSWN (research): (Hacktivists): OpFrackOff in Elsipogtog

The international Hacktivists group Anonymous has released a statement regarding their solidarity with the struggle against fracking/shale gas in Elsipogtog.  They are committed to tracking and revealing the relationship between Texas-based SWN Resources (the company trying to frack in Kent County New Brunswick) and the Irving Corporation.

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Canon City, Colorado Oct. 22, 2013 Photo by Long Walker Bad Bear Sampson

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