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October 15, 2013

Longest Walk 4 at Colorado Border!

Thanks to Western Shoshone Long Walker Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson for the photos via cell.

By Brenda Norrell
Photo by Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson
Censored News

(Tues., Oct. 15, 2013) Today, the Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz began their walk at the border of Colorado, after walking across Kansas. The walkers made it to the Colorado border yesterday. Congratulations.
Michael Lane said, "Day 92: Covered 32 miles after 34 yesterday. Around 30 miles each of the next 4 days to make it to Pueblo by the 18th October. Will be having an Indigenous Sovereignty gathering on the 19th focusing on nation-state artificial border issues. Thanks to all those supporting us to get this far. Even though we will be going way up hill through the Rockies, it feels down hill from here."
As they walk into Colorado today, the long walkers said they are in need of coats, sleeping bags, tents, and thermal underwear.
The Longest Walk 4 e-mail is and the cell is 202-436-6576.

More of Bad Bear's photos from the previous three days, of the walkers in eastern Kansas:
Photos Long Walk walks into Colorado:

Longest Walk 4 mission statement, route and donation tab on their website:

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