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October 26, 2013

Photos: Navajo government's cruel roundup of wild horses

Update: Navajo Medicine People rescue horses from cruel Navajoland roundups

Photos by Leland Grass, Dine' for Wild Horses

Colonized Navajo tribal government hauls away Dine' wild horses

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photos by Leland Grass, Dine' for Wild Horses
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These wild horses in Chilchinbeto and Kayenta were rounded up by the Navajo tribal government (US puppet government), and chapter officials on Friday. Photo four shows a foal was left behind, one of three who were left behind.
Leland Grass, Dine' for Wild Horses, said horses were driven into cemented culverts. The horses were rounded up by Kayenta and Chilchinbeto community volunteer effort, with Kayenta Grazing official Johnny (Jonathan) Nez on Hwy 160 (MP 398). 
There was another location about 5 miles west of this site, which had horses penned up in a culvert (location two) in Kayenta. Then, 15 miles east of Kayenta, Chilchinbeto Chapter House grazing official Delbert Bia and volunteers conducted a horse round up with the Navajo Nation Agriculture Dept.
"They hauled off many horses to impound that day, packed full of horses, in a three-axle long trailer. The Kayenta culvert horses that were penned up were not picked up because the Chilchinbeto trailer was full," Leland Grass said.
So, Kayenta had to release their roundup (in photo.) "They were never hauled off. Also, the sun went down on them," he said.
Leland Grass also posted a video showing a foal being chased in the roundup. The roundup was carried out using all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and dirt bikes.
The Dine' Medicine People opposed wild horse roundup and slaughter in this resolution:

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