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Friday, March 6, 2015

Zapatistas 'Gracias 1'


On Sunday March 1, 2015, after more than six months of work and building materials offered up by Zapatista supporters, La Realidad now has a health clinic and a school. The construction was made possible by the solidarity of people and groups around the world.
March 5, 2015

El día domingo 1 de marzo del 2015, después de más de 6 meses de trabajo, se entregó a las bases de apoyo zapatistas de La Realidad, el edificio de material que alberga una clínica de salud y una escuela. La construcción fue posible por el apoyo solidario de personas y colectivos de todo el mundo. Aquí les entregamos las cuentas, las palabras que se expresaron en ese acto y algunas fotos de ese día.
Las cuentas claras y el pozol espeso:
.- La construcción inició el 31 de julio del 2014. Se terminó a finales del mes de febrero del 2015.
.- Días laborados: aproximadamente 2015 compa/día trabajo

Zapatistas Bulletin Board: Events March -- August, 2015

Photo: Zapatistas with Tohono O'odham in Sonora
by Brenda Norrell, Censored News

On the Bulletin Board

The Concierge


March 2015.
Early morning in reality.
Just here, as usual: watching and listening. The crack in the wall is barely visible from the other side. On our side it expands with persistence.
In the classrooms and in the huts of the thousands of Zapatista families who received, housed, fed, and cared for thousands of others,[1] men, women, and children from the five continents, the evaluations made by the teachers and votanes after you all left still resound.
Some of the evaluations were harsh, it’s true, but that probably won’t matter to those who claimed to had been moved by the experience and then continued on with their lives as if nothing had happened, avoiding looking in the mirror or editing that glance at their whim. Despite this, according to what I’ve heard, there were some, a few, that were evaluated as “pretty good.”
“Pretty good” is how the compas describe something good without making a fuss. “How are you?” “Well, I’m here, pretty good,” is how we greet each other.
Meanwhile time marches on just as we do, without fuss, just moving along, like shadows…
And the compa Galeano, who lit up these classrooms, houses, and schools with his word, now fallen and silent, murdered.
Then came the embrace of our compañeros, collective and sincere, from the Sixth.

KELO TV: Oglala Lakota Ban Lawyer for Man Charged in Hockey Game Incident

Tribe Bans Lawyer Representing Man Charged In Hockey Game Incident

March 5, 2015, 12:58 PM by Kevin Woster 
Tribe Bans Lawyer Representing Man Charged In Hockey Game Incident
By Keloland TV
A South Dakota tribe has barred a Rapid City-based defense lawyer from entering their land.
Oglala Lakota Tribe officials passed a resolution banning Rapid City lawyer Patrick Duffy from the Pine Ridge Reservation, after Duffy hired on to defend a Philip man charged with disorderly conduct for behavior toward Native Americans at a hockey game.
Tribal public information officer Kevin Yellow Bird Steele confirmed Thursday that the tribal council approved the resolution submitted by the Pass Creek District representatives on Feb. 24. He referred further inquiries to representatives from the district, who couldn't be reached for comment.

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