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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cheyenne River Chairman receives little response from Obama in Los Angeles

Obama fails to respond, as front line warriors rush to face a convoy of police 

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

LOS ANGELES -- Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman Harold Frazier said he did not get the response he hoped for during a meeting with President Obama today.
"I didn't really get the answers that I was hoping for, but I'm still optimistic we will prevail in stopping this pipeline," Chairman says in the video below.
Chairman Frazier said Obama agreed to continue working through the proper channels and agencies in the federal government.
Chairman Frazier urged everyone to stay strong. "We have to stay strong and keep up the fight."
"In the end, we will prevail."
"In the end, we will stop this pipeline."
Let's keep working," Chairman Frazier said.
In other news tonight, Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo spoke with Standing Rock water protectors.
During the gathering at the casino hotel, the water protectors received a message that a large convoy of police were enroute tonight.
The front line warriors, with the magnitude of Crazy Horse, in the Spirit of Crazy Horse, rushed from the talk room before Ruffalo spoke.
Mark Ruffalo spoke on how the forces want to divide people.
"The Black Snake is here."
Ruffalo spoke on the depth of suffering that the Native people have, and how it is what the world needs right now.
Ruffalo said he is humbled and honored to be here. He thanked the people for what they are teaching him and said he will be with the water protectors tomorrow, Wednesday.
DAPL is pressing to drill where the new Sacred Ground Camp is located on the path of the pipeline. Law enforcement special operations from Minnesota, Indiana and other states were seen enroute to Standing Rock.

Watch below, during a panel discussion, including Actor Mark Ruffalo, at the Standing Rock casino hotel tonight, the call goes out for front line warriors.

Kelly King, who arranged the meeting between Chairman Frazier and Obama today, said in a statement earlier today:

Today Oct 25th, 2016 National Native Media and Consulting arranged and facilitated a meeting with President Barack Obama and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier to address the ongoing NoDAPL and treaty issues. This meeting is in conjunction with POTUS visit to Beverly Hills, CA.
To clarify the rumors that this is an intertribal meeting, National Native Media and Consulting reaffirms that this Obama meeting only has one tribal chairman in attendance, Chairman Harold Frazier.
National Native Media and Consulting is a 100 percent Native Owned Consulting Firm who have been in operation for over 16 years.
As the owner of National Native Media and Consulting stated, “If you don’t know who we are then you weren’t meant to know. If you do let us know what your issue is or what direction you would like to move your issue and we can facilitate a strategy that works.”
National Native Media and Consulting does not use social media or advertising to promote them selves. To better protect the interests of their clients, all projects are kept within their circle.

WAR CRIME: Morton County Engaged in Torture -- Hooded Water Protector

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Morton Country Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier displayed proof that law enforcement is engaged in torture at Standing Rock. This photo posted by the Sheriff's Department is at the site of a lockdown on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, by a Standing Rock water protector. The water protector's goal was to halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline which is rapidly approaching the Missouri River, and threatening to poison the river with an underwater crude oil pipeline. 
Morton County engaged in a second act of torture when it forced the daughter of LaDonna Brave Bull Allard to remain naked in a jail cell. Her daughter was arrested for no credible cause, strip-searched and forced to remain naked in a jail cell all night.

The U.S. Army Field Manuals states the use of hoods is use of torture
In late 2006, the military issued updated U.S. Army Field Manuals on intelligence collection (FM 2-22.3. Human Intelligence Collector Operations, September 2006) and counterinsurgency (FM 3-24. Counterinsurgency, December 2006). Both manuals reiterated that "no person in the custody or under the control of DOD, regardless of nationality or physical location, shall be subject to torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, in accordance with and as defined in U.S. law."[11] Specific techniques prohibited in the intelligence collection manual include:
  • Forcing the detainee to be naked, perform sexual acts, or pose in a sexual manner;
  • Hooding, that is, placing hoods or sacks over the head of a detainee; using duct tape over the eyes;
  • Applying beatings, electric shock, burns, or other forms of physical pain;
  • Waterboarding;
  • Using military working dogs;
  • Inducing hypothermia or heat injury;
  • Conducting mock executions;
  • Depriving the detainee of necessary food, water, or medical care.
More on hooding as an act of torture: 
Please check back for an update on the use of torture by law enforcement.

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Standing Rock seeks Justice Dept. investigation into abuses of water protectors

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe seeks Justice Dept. investigation of abuses against water protectors
By Standing Rock Sioux Nation
Censored News
CANNON BALL, North Dakota — The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe today formally requested that the Department of Justice investigate law enforcement abuses, including unlawful arrests, of peaceful protesters protecting sacred places and water from the Dakota Access pipeline.
Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault, II, called on U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate civil rights violations.
The militarization of law enforcement agencies has escalated violence at the campsite, protesters and tribal members have reported. Thousands of peaceful protesters from around the country have joined the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in solidarity to protect sacred places and water. First-hand accounts and videos filmed by participants reveal a pattern of strong-arm tactics targeting Native Americans and peaceful protesters. The abuses include strip searches, violent security dog attacks, pepper-spraying of youth and intimidation by law enforcement.
More than 300 tribes, millions of supporters, 21 city governments, 19 members of Congress and several members of the U.S. Senate have enlisted their support to protect water and sacred places.
North Dakota’s Governor and congressional delegation—all of which support energy development—have together failed to provide leadership on finding a peaceful solution to address tribal concerns over the pipeline.
“I am seeking a Justice Department investigation because I am concerned about the safety of the people,” Archambault said. “Too often these kinds of investigations take place only after some use of excessive force by the police creates a tragedy. I hope and pray that the Department will see the wisdom of acting now to prevent such an outcome.”

Breaking News at Censored News
By Brenda Norrell -- Morton County engaged in torture when it hooded a Standing Rock water protector during a lock down to protect the Missouri River water from Dakota Access Pipeline construction. Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier posted this photo.
Morton County engaged in a second act of torture when it forced the daughter of LaDonna Brave Bull Allard to remain naked in a jail cell. She was arrested for no credible reason, strip searched and forced to remain naked all night. Forcing a person to remain naked is a form of torture.

Minneapolis protests Sheriff's Special Ops at Standing Rock

Minneapolis protests Sheriff special ops at Standing Rock, after violent gang of police and mercenaries repeatedly attack water protectors
Photo by Coya Hope


Photo by Ashley Fairbanks

Photo Amity Foster

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat at:

Update Oct. 31, 2016: Minnesota pulls police out of Standing Rock after protest in Minneapolis:

MINNEAPOLIS -- Protesters in Minneapolis sent a loud cry of, 'NO!' to the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department after it sent Special Operations to terrorize Standing Rock. This comes after the City of Minneapolis passed a resolution of support for Standing Rock Sioux Nation and its fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Minneapolis and Saint Paul were among the first US cities to send resolutions of support to Standing Rock, and deliver those.
Now, three counties in Minnesota have sent militarized police and special ops to North Dakota, after the State of Minnesota approved it.
Another protest is planned in Minneapolis for Friday.
The militarized police force directed by Morton County Sheriff's Dept. has attacked peaceful water protectors, sprayed pepper spray in their eyes, beaten them batons, thrown them by their necks on the ground, stalked women alone in the fields, and arrested them without credible charges resulting in false imprisonment.
Water protectors are strip searched after being charged with misdemeanors, even bogus ones.
LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, who owns the land where Camp of the Sacred Stones is located, said her daughter was arrested without cause, strip searched and left in a jail cell naked by Morton County.
Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault is urging the US Justice Department to investigate the police abuse.
Mercenaries operating as Dakota Access Pipeline private security attacked water protectors with vicious dogs, and pepper sprayed them, on Sept. 3.
The media has been targeted for arrest by Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.
Already arrested and jailed: Cody Hall, spokesman for Red Warrior Camp, actress Shailene Woodley who was live streaming, and Unicorn Riot live streamers.
Five Unicorn Riot live streamers were arrested at Standing Rock and in Iowa on the DAPL pipeline protests.
Democracy Now producer Amy Goodman was charged, but charges were dismissed after she appeared at court. The judge found no credible basis for the riot charge, initially charged as criminal trespass.
Sheriff Kirchmeier has engaged in a campaign of terror and lies, which the mainstream media and local press, with a long history of white supremacy and racism, has magnified.

Morton County engaged in torture when it hooded a Standing Rock water protector during a lock down to protect the Missouri River water from Dakota Access Pipeline construction. Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier posted this photo.

Read more about the Minnesota resolutions of support:

Below: Indiana police arrived today, shown photographed in Mandan, North Dakota.

Cheyenne River Chairman to Meet with Obama in LA Today

Photo by Rob Wilson Photography


By Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman Harold Frazier
Censored News
LOS ANGELES  – On Tuesday, the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe’s Chairman Harold Frazier will meet with President Obama at a private round table event held in Los Angeles. The Chairman will ask the president  to protect the rights of the Lakota people, their sacred sites, and waters of the Missouri River.
The Chairman will specifically address the need for an Environmental Impact Statement and the easement application that is currently pending before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He will also address the issue of protection of the pipeline company activities by out of state law enforcement agencies, potential civil rights violations and allegations of police brutality against peaceful water protectors.
“We love this land more than any oil company or politician ever could.  The tribes will continue to work together to fight for the Great Sioux Nation,” said Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier.  “We do not just own these lands, we are a part of them.”
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal member and attorney for the Tribe, Nicole Ducheneaux, explained the need for an Environmental Impact Statement saying,  “A full environmental impact statement is needed on this project rather than just an environmental assessment. This project will undoubtedly have significant effects on the environment for generations to come. An undertaking of this risk and magnitude demands the level of in depth review and analysis that only an EIS can provide.”  
The Chairman continued to ask for prayers for the peaceful and prayerful water protectors watching over sacred water and  sacred sites near Cannonball, North Dakota. To arrange an interview with Chairman Frazier, contact Remi Bald Eagle or Darcy Totten.

Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman Condemns Arrests of Journalists, Use of Outside Law Enforcement

By  Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier
Censored News

EAGLE BUTTE S.D. – Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier issued a strong condemnation over the weekend of the ongoing arrest and prosecution of independent journalists covering the protests at Standing Rock of the Dakota Access Pipeline project.
Chairman Frazier stated, “It has become obvious that North Dakota is trying hard to suppress the bully tactics they are using against peaceful protectors and observers. Detaining and leveling outrages charges of inciting riots and terrorizing is a classic example of cronies using the law to be legal thugs.”
In addition, the Chairman questioned the state use of outside law enforcement agencies to arrest and monitor the water protectors protesting, requesting an open and transparent communication from the state regarding whether or not outside agencies are properly deputized and insisting that they be made aware of tribal law before being allowed to operate near the camp.
Outside law enforcement agencies are often unaware of tribal law or treaties and can make a peaceful situation turn violent when they violate long-standing agreements and tribal customs. Chairman Frazier further stated, “The last time it was illegal for our people to pray we were gunned down by uncontrolled agencies. This behavior is reminiscent of the actions that started with the assassination of Sitting Bull to the Massacre at Wounded Knee. The use of these agencies and the arrest of journalists covering the protest does not, in good faith, uphold the principles of American democracy or our sovereign treaties. We demand that each cease immediately.”
The Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, the Rosebud Sioux Reservation, the Oglala Reservation, the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation, the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation, the Santee Sioux Reservation and others- all run the risk of their reservations being rendered completely uninhabitable in the event of a pipeline break. Together, they stand in opposition to the illegal and unconstitutional actions by the North Dakota government.
Please contact Activism Articulated at 512-577-3107 to book an interview time or to request a copy of his testimony.

Fence Cutting Photo Exposes Lie of Morton Co. Sheriff

Morton County Sheriff has repeatedly issued press releases stating protectors cut fences of ranch property. So here you go, world, HERE ARE THE REAL FENCE CUTTERS.

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