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October 11, 2017

Desecration of Sacred San Francisco Peaks Photos by Christine Prat

Desecration of Sacred San Francisco Peaks
Photos by Christine Prat

Christine Prat, French photographer, is the French translator for Censored News. Christine's photos document the damage to Sacred San Francisco Peaks in September of 2017. San Francisco Peaks are sacred to 13 Indigenous Nations are being devastated for the purpose of tourism by Arizona Snowbowl. An international boycott of Arizona Snowbowl continues.
Protect the Peaks "Since time immemorial the San Francisco Peaks, located in Northern Arizona, have been held sacred by more than 13 Indigenous Nations."
Including: Dine’ (Navajo), Hopi, Zuni, Haulapai, Havasupai, Yavapai-Apache, Yavapai-Prescott, Tonto Apache, White Mountain Apache, San Carlos, Apache, San Juan Southern Pauite, Fort Mcdowell Mohave Apache, Acoma and Tohono o’odham.
The sacred mountain has significant spiritual and cultural values; it is the home of deities, the origin of human beings—the place of creation and emergence, a place where special offerings are made, and rare medicinal herbs are gathered.
The Forest Service has documented that this plan would cause “irreversible” and “irretrievable” adverse impacts and “contaminate the spiritual purity of the entire Peaks.” (USFS FEIS)
The ski area plan would “further contaminate the spiritual purity of the entire Peaks beyond the historic and existing levels.”
Final Environmental Impact Statement Vol 1 Page 3-18
“Snowmaking and expansion of facilities, especially the use of reclaimed water, would contaminate the natural resources needed to perform the required ceremonies that have been, and continue to be, the basis for the cultural identity for many of these tribes.” -Final Environmental Impact Statement Vol 1 Page 3-18
According to Daniel Peaches, member of the Dine’ Medicine Man’s Association, “Once the tranquility and serenity of the Mountain is disturbed, the harmony that allows for life to exist is disrupted. The weather will misbehave, the ground will shift and tremble, the land will no longer be hospitable to life. The natural pattern of life will become erratic and the behaviors of animals and people will become unpredictable. Violence will become the norm and agitation will rule so peace and peacefulness will no
longer be possible. The plants will not produce berries and droughts will be so severe as to threaten all existence.” – Arizona Snowbowl Facilities Improvements Final Environmental Impact Statement Volume 1 Chapter 3 – The Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences Page 3-27

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