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October 25, 2017

Dineh Michelle Cook 'We told Pope to divest in Dakota Access pipeline'

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Our incredible sister Michelle Cook moved onto Italy to speak with the Pope after meeting with banks and insurance companies in Norway, Switzerland an Germany to hold them accountable for divesting in Fossil Fuels. This amazing sister has spread major awareness of Energy Transfer Partners human rights violations, desecrations of sacred sites and the lack of connection to our Mother Earth to Europe and is not stopping anytime soon. WeCanSacred Stone VillageHonor the EarthMazaska TalksDigital Smoke Signals, Indigenous Life Movement and many other platforms are holding their ground in this spiritual battle and we are very thankful for all their work. We are honored to know Michelle and send prayers as she continues to open more eyes throughout Italy.
Michelle Cook, Dineh lawyer and founding member of Standing Rock Water Protectors Legal Collective, tells the Pope to divest in Dakota Access Pipeline and Energy Transfer Partners.

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