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Monday, October 16, 2017

Standing Rock Medic Healer Council Sends Blankets to Syrian Refugees in Lebanon


By Medic Healer Council
Standing Rock Camp
Censored News

BISMARCK, North Dakota -- We are looking for 10 volunteers in Bismarck to help us load emergency blankets into a shipping container destined for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. See details and description below:

Date: Monday, October 16th
Time: 12:30pm - 3pm
Place: Will provide address to interested folks
Contact: Michael Knudsen (FB messenger)

Due to the amazing number of donations received by the Medic Healer Council and the surplus of emergency blankets we received, we are proud to be able to send the remainder of our emergency blanket donations to the Syrian American Medical Society- SAMS's office in Beirut, Lebanon. 

We have spent the last 9 months post-camp re-distristributing the leftover supplies from camp all across Indian Country and to various medic collectives from east to west, but we still had a large quantity of emergency blankets left. This is our final distribution day where we will say goodbye to the last of the supplies, happy that we've been able to share the love that the world shared with Standing Rock.

Please consider helping us to be able to provide our Syrian brothers and sisters much-needed warm this winter. Contact Habibi Mikosh on FB messenger to let us know if you can join!

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