Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

October 25, 2017

Kanahus Manuel in Paris and Zurich urging divestment in Kinder Morgan pipeline and tar sands

Kanahus Manuel said, "In Zurich, Switzerland sharing about the impacts of Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain on Indigenous Peoples and Communities. We are here to meet with Swiss banks to divest and defund the KM pipeline. Global actions against these banks are happening around the world this week, divest the globe."

During October Kanahus Manuel was in Paris, speaking out.
Kanahus, Secwepemc, met with banks and financial institutions urging divestment in TransMountain Kinder Morgan pipeline.
"We are building Tiny Houses, check out the Tiny House Warriors," Kanahus said of building in the pipeline's path.
"Stop Kinder Morgan pipeline and defund!" Kanahus said in Paris.

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