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Friday, October 27, 2017

Red Fawn Released to Half Way House, Oct. 27, 2017

Message from the legal team of Red Fawn
On October 27, 2017 --  the anniversary date of her arrest -- Red Fawn Fallis was released from the Stutsman County Jail to a half-way house in North Dakota.
Red Fawn, a Lakota water protector originally from the Pine Ridge Reservation, is scheduled to stand trial in federal district court on January 29, 2018 on multiple charges stemming from her participation in the protests surrounding construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The path of the pipeline lay in close proximity to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and its water source and traversed lands of historic and cultural significance to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
Red Fawn has plead Not Guilty to all charges. Her trial was recently moved from Bismarck to Fargo, North Dakota due to the publicity that has surrounded both the opposition to the construction of the pipeline and to Red Fawn’s arrest.
Red Fawn is well-known and respected for her role as a medic and community leader at the Oceti Sakowin camp during fall 2016.


Unknown said...

From viewing the video of her arrest, I believe she was framed. I'm glad she was released to a halfway house. Please keep us posted. Blessings.

sanchita in nuevo mexico said...

I didnt get to work with Red Fawn in the medical yurt. What can I do to help?

BeenThereDoneThat said...

Why is this Censored so that it can't be Tweeted? This is a great injustice to Red Fawn right from the beginning. I followed Standing Rock closely, -saw the arrest video and anyone with a brain can clearly see the set up. The wrong people have been arrested and put behind bars. Watch the video's and see who should really be put there. Only because they wear badges, makes their cruel and unjust actions acceptable?

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