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October 21, 2017

International Leonard Peltier office moving from Fargo to Tampa

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Dear Friends and Supporters and Family, 10-21-2017
I am writing you from the National Office in Fargo. ND. Other friends and myself are in the process of moving the Peltier National Office from Fargo, North Dakota to Tampa, Florida. We are taking off in a couple of hours- loading a truck -- and hope to be at our new office on Monday; If you are in the area, please stop by and help us unload the truck!
I know that we have had numerous set back epically when Leonard wasn’t freed by Obama. However, we still recognize and know that over turning the constitutional violations in Leonard’s case is paramount to the Freedom of all people. Having said that I would encourage each and every one of you to get involved in whatever way you can and join with us in rescuing Leonard Peltier and the Constitution of the U.S. Leonard Peltier’s case is not just an Indian issue but an issue for All Americans.
Leonard Peltier has not given up on his quest for freedom and justice and neither should we. The reason we are moving the office is to better facilitate the work we are doing and to be closer to Leonard and his attorney.
I want to thank the Tampa/St. Petersburg ILPDC Chapter for helping us find our new home/ office at 116 West Osborne Ave. Tampa FL 33603. Any support that you can give to help set up our new office will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks to Mark Silent Bear for getting the following article written.
International Leonard Peltier-Field Director
David Hill – Choctaw

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