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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

MINNESOTA -- Water Protectors Denied Medications and Phone Calls After Arrests

Camp near the Headwaters of Mississippi Established 

New Camp to Stop Enbridge Line 3 Established, as More Than 150 Water Protectors Arrested

Statement by GINIW Collective

Censored News, June 8, 2021

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UPDATE: 150+ #StopLine3 Water Protectors Arrested Denied Medications, Denied Phone Calls, Sent Throughout State in Minnesota

After a mass action shutting down a Line 3 pump station, over 150 water protectors were arrested. Arrestees have since been transferred to Aitkin County, Kandiyohi County, Douglas County, Pine County, Todd County & Becker County. The counties are part of the 16-county Northern Lights Task Force, which has received significant funding from the Enbridge Corporation. To date, sheriffs have billed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Enbridge-funded and state-overseen Public Safety Escrow Account. 

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