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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Neo Nazis and militia show up armed at Occupy Phoenix

J.T. Ready stands armed at the Occupy Phoenix protest. Ready said
he was there with the U.S. Border Guard.
(Sara Steffan/Downtown Devil online media)
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

PHOENIX -- Heavily-armed white supremacists of the US Border Guard, who stalk migrants on the Arizona border with AK-47s, showed up at the Occupy Phoenix movement on Saturday, according to the Phoenix Class War Council.

The Phoenix Class War Council said, "Today at the first mass general assembly of the Occupy Phoenix Movement, neo-Nazi members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) showed up, armed and in their 'Arizona Border Guard' militia fatigues, to counter protest. Sporting assault rifles, they posed flanked by dozens of cops. Recognizing key NSM organizers in their midst, several people confronted them and set about informing the generally ignorant crowd that before them stood actual fascists, armed to the teeth."

Several of the heavily-armed "Border Guards," were at the camp late Saturday night at Hance Park, and were no comfort to Native Americans and others in the movement.

The online Downtown Devil reported at 10 pm, "At least three members of the Arizona Border Guard are still present with sidearms and one has donned a gas mask and a ballistic helmet."

The US Border Guard made a statement about being there. "The U.S. Border Guard deployed an urban combat trained security squad to the Occupy Phoenix rally today as armed peace keepers and legal observers. Border Rangers who patrol the border took a non-political stance to defend peaceful assembly and free speech of all citizens by exercising our right to keep and bear arms. Phoenix Police units were on scene also keeping the peace. Our founding fathers and founding mothers knew full well that the 2nd Amendment is what protects all our other amendments from tyranny. The U.S.B.G. protected the rights of all parties involved."
The Phoenix Class War Council said the reaction to the armed white supremacists, was predictable at the gathering.

The Phoenix Class War Council said, "This attitude towards the NSM scum played out, quite predictably, along racial lines, with whites being the only ones to express attitudes of tolerance towards them. This points to the continuing importance of addressing racism and the continual appeal and relevance of racial privileges within the movement. Indeed, we can expand this argument to the whole attitude of the bulk of the white movement towards the police. Experiencing policing in quite different ways than people of color in general, white middle class liberals mistake their own experience for that of others, and routinely attack anyone who questions the alleged 99 percent status of the police, or points out their quite obvious tendencies towards violent action, as violent themselves. To question the violence of the police is to be violent, according to this backwards analysis.

"The presence of an armed fascist street-level opposition to our movement, in the form of the National Socialist Movement and it's 'Arizona Border Guard' front group, is one major reason to reject dogmatic pacifism and poorly thought-out nonviolence. Instead, what we heard from protesters speaking during the general assembly were declarations of the most naive nonviolence imaginable. Arizona is a right wing state and the forces of reaction are huge and easily overwhelming if they want to be," the Phoenix Class War Council said.

"Occupy Phoenix organizers should not kid themselves about their numbers or power. This movement clearly has capability to attract large numbers, as evidenced by the several thousand that showed up today for the general assembly and will march later to set up camp at Margaret T. Hance park. But we need to be honest about our political circumstances and the forces of reaction arrayed against us. Today is a reminder for those who are paying attention," the Phoenix Class War Council said.
Read more from the Phoenix Class War Council, at Fires Never Extinguished Blog of anarchists:

Militia member says they are not all NSM
One member of the militia at Occupy Phoenix told
Censored News that he is militia, but not a member
of the National Socialist Movement.
One member of the militia who came armed to Occupy Phoenix, photographed here, told Censored News that he is militia, but not a member of the National Socialist Movement (NSM.)

Greg Burleson asked to be referred to as "Wagonburner." He said the group of men in the photo are not NSM.

Buleson said, "I am militia, but I am NOT a Neo-Nazi or ever have been, I hate the NSM. There are a lot of people who go out and patrol with the US Border Guard that are not NSM or Neo-Nazi's, just a bunch of fed up Americans."

Burleson said, "There was a guy in a red t-shirt who had a pistol and shot gun out there also. I will only speak for myself, so, I am militia, I am also a 14th generation American Patriot. I carry open at all times for a couple of reasons, A) it is my right to do so under the second amendment. As one of our forefathers said, if you don't exercise your rights you will lose them. B) As I was out at the rally in support of the protesters and as a defender of our rights, I was insuring that our first amendment rights were protected. I will not tolerate any shenanigans like those going on in New York. You see our rights are all intertwined and they were meant to be, the first amendment assures representation, the second amendment assures that the first will not be plowed under."

Burleson said, "While you and I may not agree on some things, Political Ideology, religious views, what ever, I don't know what your views are, but I will defend your right to have your opinion as long as it is not detrimental to the Nation as a whole. For instance, National Socialism is detrimental to the Nation as a whole." He quoted Voltaire and Plato:
"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
It is a just person who disobeys an unjust law.

Timeline on Saturday night, from Downtown Devil:
Phoenix Saturday, Oct. 15-16:
Phoenix Police arrested about 40 Occupy Phoenix demonstrators in Margaret T. Hance Park late Saturday night after negotiations to allow an overnight occupation between protest organizers and city officals failed. (Mauro Whiteman/DD)
12:58 a.m. — All Occupy Phoenix protesters remaining in Hance Park have been taken into custody by the Phoenix Police Department. In total, about 40 protesters may have been arrested.
At least one officer has used pepper spray on a protester.
12:16 a.m. — Police tore down a tent set out by protesters. No one appears to have been inside.
10:09 p.m. — Between 150 and 200 protesters remain in Hance Park. No arrests have been made but decisions are still pending. At least three members of the Arizona Border Guard are still present with sidearms and one has donned a gas mask and a ballistic helmet.Read more from 'Downtown Devil' online:
More on JT Ready and the US Border Guard on the US/Mexico border:

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