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June 13, 2012

Anna Rondon: Betrayal by Navajo President: Water Rights Giveaway

Navajo Anna Rondon
Anna Rondon
Betrayal: Water rights giveaway is for coal-fired power plant and non-Navajos

Letter to the Editor
By Anna Rondon, Navajo
Censored News

I am writing to express my view on why the Navajo Nation is entertaining this detrimental legislation. WE the people know that the main thrust of the Lower Colorado River Bill is to accommodate Navajo Generating Station and the communities outside of Navajo boundaries.

Some members of the Navajo Nation Council and President Shelly have betrayed our rights and are seriously putting our collective future at extreme risk of our very survival!

Now is the time for Navajo communities to displace destructive fossil fuel development with new economic opportunities around renewable energy and energy efficiency. By creating renewable energy projects at the community level, sovereignty is strengthened, and communities produce and use clean energy that is aligned with traditional beliefs and values.

I also serve on the Navajo Nation Green Economy Commission. I question why our leaders cater to the very federal government that has time and time again under-funded us, to design internal fighting among ourselves.  Ours leaders turn the other way when real Dine' ideas lead the way for a healthier and sustainable economy. But, our leaders are selling us out. I cannot believe the Navajo Nation is setting precedence that is not only unruly for us as a People, but for our other tribal nations that will also feel the negative impacts of this legislation.

Our people are suffering from high rates of cancer, breathing problems and birth defects. OUR water is nothing to play with and our leaders are  giving up our life blood. Treaty violations in our leaders face and they bend over for outside interest.

WE do not need another 1989 Navajo Civil War! Listen to the People!

VOTE NO on SB 2109! 

Anna Marie Rondon
POB 5058
Gallup NM 87305

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