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June 20, 2012

Project Gunrunner: Collapsed media can't get it right

ATF Project Gunrunner Weapons of Choice
Revised 2008
US games of secrecy, bolstered by the collapsed media, ignore life and death in Mexico

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

President Obama has evoked executive privilege in order to keep more secrets about Project Gunrunner, which supplied automatic weapons to Mexico's drug cartels.

When it comes to the ATF's Project Gunrunner, it seems the media is incapable of using the Internet search engines. Project Gunrunner began in 2005 during the Bush administration.

Project Gunrunner began as a pilot project in 2005 in Laredo, Texas, the region where the largest number of murders and tortures have occurred in northern Mexico since 2005. Project Gunrunner continued in Tucson as Operation Wide Receiver in 2006 and 2007, as revealed in a series by the Arizona Daily Star who interviewed the gun supplier.

Then, last year, when Anonymous' Lulzsec hacked the Arizona police departments, a Project Gunrunner brochure was exposed. (See photo above.) ATF's Project Gunrunner Weapons of Choice was dated as revised in 2008 and shows photos of the automatic weapons, which the US allowed to "walk" across the border. The e-mail containing the brochure was circulated by e-mail from an Arizona police officer to US army and navy personnel.

Those that knew about Project Gunrunner, which was more recently called Fast and Furious, didn't seem to care how many people in Mexico were killed. However, when US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed with one of those guns south of Tucson in Dec. of 2010, there was an outrage.

Unfortunately, none of this seems to matter to the media who had rather use Project Gunrunner as a political football game, or dash off a rewrite of others news, and place no value on the lives of the people of Mexico.

Even the media who express outrage over the death of US Border Patrol agent Terry, usually ignore that another agent, ICE agent Jaime Zapata, was killed with one of those guns in northern Mexico.

Perhaps the media can use the search engine and look up those photos, exposed by Lulzsec, and see what has happened to the people of Mexico as a result of those automatic weapons. Perhaps then the media will be unable to sleep at night and stop tossing around the words "Project Gunrunner" as if those are empty words disconnected from torture, mutilation and human life.

US Dept of Justice: Project Gunrunner began in 2005 in Laredo, Texas:

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