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June 27, 2012

Long Walk 4 to Alcatraz: Listen Best of Long Walk Talk Radio

Earthcycles bus on arrival in DC
Long Walk 2008
Photo Brenda Norrell

Listen to Best of Long Walk Talk Radio
Long Walk 2 Northern Route

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Long Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz is currently walking

Censored News shares with you some of the best interviews and songs from the Longest Walk 2, northern route, from the five month broadcast across America in 2008.
The Longest Walk 4, Return to Alcatraz is being initiated by the original walkers on The Longest Walk in 1978. It has been postponed until 2013. The route from DC to Alcatraz is the same as Long Walk 2 northern route in reverse.

"The purpose of this Walk will be to reaffirm the heart of Traditional Tribal Sovereignty rooted in Cemony and land based spiritual relationships. We call on all Indigenous Peoples to come and support this Walk," Long Walk 4 said.

The Best of Long Talk Radio Longest Walk 2 northern route 2008

Long Walk 2 northern route
Penn. Capitol and Maryland campground
Photos Brenda Norrell
Voices across the west, Alcatraz to Western Shoshone
Paiutes of Stillwater, Nevada
Ute, Maori and Dakota Best of the Longest Walk
Choctaw Ben Carnes and Kahentinetha Mohawk Nation News
Walking the Talk: Miwok, Washo and Shoshone
Honoring the land, honoring the youths, with audio of Floyd Westerman
Kickapoo water and Navajo Resistance, Louise Benally

LW 2 Northern Route: Earthcycles radio bus with walkers
in Penn; Women's Walk to Sand Creek Massacre in
Colorado; Protest at Newmont mining in solidarity
with Western Shoshone in Denver.
Photos by Brenda Norrell

LW 2 Northern Route: Calvin on that long lonesome highway 50
through northern Nevada and Shoshone country;
the dear Duncans at Penn. powwow; Shoshone drum.
Photos Brenda Norrell.

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