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June 11, 2012

Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon: Surviving in Truth

Censored News shares today the powerful words of Seneca Hawk elder Edna Gordon, 91 years old. Written out in longhand, here are her words for you, readers of Censored News.

By Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon, 91 years old
Censored News
Our Native People have withstood the trials and tribulations due to their Sovereignty (their Freedom) as the truth for Survival.

Perfect Order was generously Bestowed, there is great Security in knowing.

After the Darkness of Night, Precious Light forever marks the Way.

We have forgotten how to be patient, loving, with faith and hope, and trust in the Creator's greatest truth for World Peace.

Our Cultural Reflections of Life is an Ancient Guideline for Wisdom, Earth Law, Visions of Peace and Ever-Changing Visions of time.

We need to change our different Visions and Realities of Life to Survive on the Pathway to Peace.

The Principle of Peace is Honor, Freedom and Justice under One Common Law of the Creator. In the Changing Era, the Heart Beat no longer pounds with the spirit of the tribal drums and the Mind becomes clogged like the polluted waters, losing a source of Faith, of Hope and of Life.

During our Cultural Way of Life, we have never interfered in the Religion, Laws and natural resources of other nations. To maintain our Cultural, Naturalistic Way of Life, perhaps, it is time to Stand as One Nation to survive on the Pathway of Peace, but it takes unity, equality, identity and spirituality, the ancient requirements to Survive on the Pathway of Peace.

Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon, 91 years old

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Anonymous said...

If we are to Help Mother Earth and Humanity we Must become as one with each other, respect and love each other's individual reflections so we can have the great gift's bestowed upon us to live in (higher frequencies) our Spirit-Selves which is filled with Patience, Compassion, Kindness, Love and a Deep Gratitude for these gifts. Thank You EDNA for such Stunning Expression.