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June 4, 2012

Protect Columbia River from Liquified Natural Gas

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Action Alert!
Oregon Liquified Natural Gas to Hold Open House About LNG Export Plans

By Daniel Serres
Posted at Censored News

Hello Everyone:
As we’ve anticipated for some time, Oregon Liquified Natural Gas is ramping up its promotion of a plan to export LNG through Oregon.  Oregon LNG refers to its project as “bi-directional," but we all know that Oregon LNG’s new proposal is a clear bait-and-switch.   In 2004, Oregon LNG argued that Oregon needed to import LNG from overseas.  Now, Oregon LNG intends to export huge volumes of natural gas to Asian markets through rural Oregon, Warrenton, and our Columbia River.
On Tuesday, June 12th, Oregon LNG plans to hold an Open House in Warrenton, Oregon to discuss its plans.  This Open House is not a FERC hearing.  FERC does not plan to attend.  Rather, Oregon LNG will likely use this Open House to promote its terminal and pipeline in one-on-one conversations with attendees.
We encourage people to attend, to wear your red “NO LNG” shirt, to ask tough questions about LNG exports, and to inform your neighbors and friends about the threat that Oregon LNG poses to Clatsop County.  Together, we can send a strong message that the people of Clatsop County, who successfully defeated Bradwood LNG, are ready and willing to fight Oregon LNG’s export proposal.
 What: Oregon LNG Open House
 When: Tuesday, June 12th, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
 Where:  Gateway Masonic Lodge #175, 66 SW 4th Avenue, Warrenton, Oregon
 Who: Oregon LNG is holding this Open House. It is not a formal hearing or a FERC event. 
 Why: We should attend to be a visible presence of opposition.  Oregon LNG is trying to pull a quick bait-and-switch and flip its project from import to export.  While the Open House is being orchestrated by Oregon LNG, we can use the opportunity to talk to our friends, neighbors and attendees to get more people informed and engaged.
Looking Ahead:  For months, we’ve expected a new export proposal from Oregon LNG.  In response, we will need to ramp up our opposition efforts to ensure that the project does not proceed in its new form.  FERC will be holding formal public hearings in coming months: we will inform all of our members when actual federal hearings occur. 
Columbia Riverkeeper and Columbia-Pacific Common Sense will be holding our own informational meetings in late June, once we have more tangible information about Oregon LNG's new proposal.  Stay tuned for more information about our event.
Look for more information on about upcoming hearings and events regarding Oregon LNG’s major export proposal.
Contact: Dan Serres, Columbia Riverkeeper,  Phone: (503) 890-2441  Email:
 (official announcement from Oregon LNG)
 Oregon LNG and Oregon Pipeline Company invite you to attend a public information meeting regarding a proposal to construct a liquefied natural gas (LNG) bi-directional terminal in Warrenton, Oregon and a natural gas pipeline commencing at the outlet of the LNG terminal and extending to a connection with an interstate pipeline system near Woodland, Washington.
 The meeting will be held:
When:    June 12th, 2012, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where:   Gateway Masonic Lodge #175
             66 SW 4th Avenue
             Warrenton, Oregon
Daniel Serres
Conservation Director
(503) 890-2441

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