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June 21, 2012

Listen: Indigenous deliver Kari-Oca Declaration to UN Rio+20 Brazil

Military halts 500 Indigenous, but Kari-Oca Declaration is delivered to UN Rio+20 in Brazil
Lakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse with IEN and other
Indigenous delegates delivering Declaration to UN.
Photo Ben Powless, Mohawk, IEN.
Photo Ben Powless
Photo Ben Powless
Photo Ben Powless

Photo Ben Powless
The delivery of the Kari-Oca II Declaration to the Director of the Division for Sustainable Development, Nikhil Seth, and Gilberto Carvalho, the Chief Minister to the Presidency of Brazil.
—Photo Ben Powless.

Thanks to Ben Powlesss, Mohawk, for sharing these photos! Thanks to Jeff Conant, Global Justice Ecology Project, for this interview of today's delivery of the Kari-Oca Declaration to the United Nations Secretary General at Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Listen to Kandi Mossett Describe the Delivery of the Kari-Oca Declaration to the UN

Article by Brenda Norrell
Photos by Ben Powless
Audio by Jeff Conant
Censored News

Kandi Mossett at Rio+20
Photo Ben Powless, IEN
Listen to Kandi Mossett, Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara, describe how hundreds of Indigenous were halted by the military today, while a small group did deliver the Kari-Oca Declaration to the UN Conference on Sustainability.
Five hundred Indigenous were halted by the military from entering the area where the UN Rio+20 is underway. The Declaration was delivered to the officials of the UN and Brazil.
"We can not commodify the sacred and expect a good outcome," says Mossett, from North Dakota, where oil and gas drilling has devastated her homeland. She is a member of the Indigenous Environmental Network.
Mossett describes how Mother Earth has been assualted in the age of capitalism. The Kari Oca Declaration confirms that Indigenous have the answers to climate change and how to halt the devastation, Mossett said.
As the world leaders seek to profiteer from nature at the summit, Indigenous, barred by the military from attending, are holding their own encampment at the Kari Oca II and produced the Kari-Oca Declaration for the protection of Mother Earth, and the halting of false carbon credit schemes which allow the world's worst polluters to continue polluting.
Kandi Mosset.CommentsonKariOca declaration

Kari-Oca Declaration and photos from today:
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