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June 25, 2012

Mohawk Nation News 'Canada's Day of Infamy'


MNN.  25 June 1012.  Every July 1st Canadians celebrate the birth of their corporation. 

By Mohawk Nation News

July 1, 1867 Canada was issued its corporate number through Washington DC from the City of London bankers.   All of the original shareholders were part of the 13 Royal bloodlines and still own the corporation.

At the Coliseum known as Parliament Hill, the thirsty masses gather to sing, “Oh Canada, our home on native land”, drinking, partying, revelry, fireworks, vacations and a long weekend;  all to scream and holler over their illusion of freedom.

PARENTS ARE FORCED TO SIGN THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE turning their children over to the corporation as a property of the shareholders.  [Under Roman Law capitus diminutio maxima].  They are traded as a commodity every day on the stock exchanges. 

Indigenous land and resources are usurped.  We Ongwehonwe are real people and not pretend. The natural world placed us here to be one with our mother and all of our relations. 

The corporation of Canada uses our natural resources as collateral to bolster the Canadian dollar.  This is theft.  When they force us to turn our babies into corporate property without our knowledge or consent, that is fraud of the highest order.  The corporations and their agents are the biggest “snakeheads” and human traffickers.    

The corporation enforces its by-laws through their admiralty court system.  The banks and corporations gave themselves illegal jurisdiction over all trade over the waters of the earth.  They extort fees from all other businesses and people.

Harper dismantled all the environmental protection laws that have been carefully crafted over 40 years with his new Bill C-38 (  Foreign corporations can now come in, destroy and squeeze every last resource out of the earth. They want to create more deserts that will not be fit for human habitation.   

These spoiled brat shareholders that have been in-breeding for thousands of years scream, “Gimme! Gimme!  It’s all mine!” Their lie called hierarchy is coming to an end.  The shareholders are saying, “Before the end, we are taking everything”.   

Despite their efforts, World War III will not happen.  Plan B is already operational, through many fronts, such as manipulation of food, air, pharmaceuticals, wars, etc. to cull 80% of their slaves worldwide.    

July 1 is a big drunken barbecue for the extremely ignorant unknowing public, whom are celebrating their slavery.As Stompin Tom sang, “The girls are out to bingo, the boys are getting stinko. There ain’t no need for INCO on a Sudbury Saturday night”.

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