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Friday, June 29, 2012

Winnemem Wintu call for support June 29, 2012 to protect ceremony

Winnemem Wintu call for support to protect ceremony
Winnemem Wintu: Here are the young women who the
Forest Service has neglected to protect from harassment
during our Coming of Age ceremony.
Censored News
June 29, 2012
REDDING, Calif. -- Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk asks any supporters who are still able to come with boats to come after all, since there is no indication from the Forest Service that they will have boats enforcing the closure.
"I just heard that USFS is not planning to have boats on the closure. They also don't have a plan for how they will close the river or where. Sounds to me like I have been tricked! I am callin...g on all the river closure supporters to gear up again at this short notice and come. "

Chief Sisk's letter to the BIA has been delivered: "It's time," she wrote, "the BIA stop the human rights abuses.”
Please supporters, let's flood the phones and email of Amy Dutschke, Regional BIA director in Sacramento, urging her to meet with Chief Sisk - (916) 978-6000; (916) 978-6099;
Tell the BIA to close the land for our ceremony tomorrow and restore the Winnemem's recognition! Chief Sisk has fasted for 12 days! And won't stop until she gets a meeting!
Read Chief's letter to BIA:

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