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June 15, 2012

Flagstaff court upholds corporate desecration rules against Klee Benally

By Klee Benally
Censored News
French translation:
Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming support! The Judge's ruling comes as no surprise.
Here are some previous statements:
“The struggle to protect Dooko’osliid (San Francisco Peaks) continues, we must defend our ways of life and the natural law. As long as our hearts beat with an understanding that our actions are for future generations and cultural survival, then this struggle is not over."

“How can I be “trespassing” on this site that is so sacred to me? This is my church. It is the Forest Service and Snowbowl who are violating human rights and religious freedom by desecrating this holy Mountain…” said Klee in a previous statement, “Their actions are far beyond ‘disorderly’.”

“The Forest Service, the City of Flagstaff, & the courts have proven that they do not understand or respect our spiritual ceremonies and practices and our spiritual relationship to the Earth,” said Klee, “We have no guaranteed protection for our religious freedom as Indigenous Peoples in the United States.”
Please read more about the case:

Sentencing may occur on June 28th, stay updated at or at,,

Flagstaff Justice of the Peace Howard Grodman wrote Thursday that he was "firmly convinced" that Klee Benally "actually knew that the construction zone he entered was closed."

Benally told the court he was part of an August 2011 prayer gathering along Snowbowl Road, near Aspen Corner, when he felt "a call, through the prayers" to tell the excavator operator to stop digging.

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