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August 27, 2013

Calvin Johnson: Navajo Rehabilitation Trust Fund being misused to build casino city

Navajo Trust Fund being misused to build casino city
by Calvin Johnson, Dine'

Our Dine’ people funds whether it’s General Funds or the Navajo Rehabilitation Trust Fund are being mismanaged by our elected leaders including the President’s Office and the Council Delegates.

The Navajo Nation has been assigned a taskforce and their goal to is “develop the area of (Twin Arrows Casino)” said Derrick Watchman CEO Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise.

Navajo Nation is proposed to use/borrow up to an estimated $160+ million to build a shopping center, theatre, museum, gas station, grocery store, laundromat, apartments, etc,. basically build a small city called “TWIN ARROWS, Arizona."

What about Rehabilitating the 10,000 plus Dine’ residents from the former Bennett Freeze area?
It has been over 47 years and the former Bennett Freeze area still has very limited improvements and our Dine' people continue to live in severe social and economic problems. Our Dine’ People are living in sub-standard conditions in dilapidated homes, because former restrictions prohibited new housing construction or any repairs. These former Bennett Freeze residents need Rehabilitation NOT Twin Arrows, Arizona. 

Navajo Nation Leadership has lost their knowledge, wisdom, values, principals and practices as Diné leaders. Our elected officials are NOT helping our own Diné people including every child and every elder by respecting, honoring and protecting them with a healthy environment such as hogans for Former Bennett Freeze Area families.

ALL former Bennett Freeze residents are in need of homes, clean water, electricity, clinics, schools, senior care, fire department, police department and roads.

In order for the communities of the former Bennett Freeze to excel, flourish and move towards a prosperous future, our leaders must address and maintain the general health, safety and welfare by establishing the infrastructure in the respective communities of the former Bennett Freeze are NOT Twin Arrows.

Our local leaders in Window Rock have forgotten about the Former Bennett Freeze Area (FBFA) residents and communities. Since our elected leaders are not addressing the needs of FBFA nor are they correctly spending Navajo Rehabilitation Trust Fund intended for Dine’ it’s time to re-elect leaders that will help the former Bennett Freeze people

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