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August 4, 2013

Utah Blockade and Ceremony shuts down tarsands mine, stocks plummet

Demonstrators Stage Road Blockade and Prayer Ceremony at Site of Proposed Tar Sands Strip Mine in Utah

By Peaceful Uprising

Communities Vow to Protect Colorado River System from Dirty Energy Extraction

web IMG_3394Bookcliffs Range, Utah–Dozens of individuals peacefully disrupted road construction and stopped operations today at the site of a proposed tar sands mine in the Bookcliffs range of southeastern Utah. Earlier this morning, Utahns joined members of indigenous tribes from the Four Corners region and allies from across the country for a water ceremony inside the mine site on the East Tavaputs Plateau. Following the ceremony, a group continued to stop work at the mine site while others halted road construction, surrounding heavy machinery with banners reading “Respect Existence or Expect Existence” and “Tar Sands Wrecks Lands”.

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US Oil Sands stock drops 13% day nonviolent direct action shuts down mine
by news
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Investors took notice Monday of the potential for severe financial losses caused by an ongoing direct action campaign to stop tar sands development on the Coloardo Plateau.
US Oil Sands stock price on the Toronto Stock Exchange closed July 26 at $0.115. As people rolled-out onto the mine site in the Book Cliffs of Utah to enforce a full-day work stoppage, US Oil Sands stock price had dropped to $0.10 (source: Toronto Stock Exchange), down 50% from the company's 52-week high.
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