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August 10, 2013

Chicago: Police attack ALEC protesters!


Arrests happening now in Chicago as protesters gather at the posh hotel of ALEC's event. The right-wing infrastructure source of ALEC is a profit-driven agenda which includes "K-12 Inc" a private company seeking to legislatively take over public schools, and aligned with the tobacco industry, the oil industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Privatization of schools is a $500B industry, which also seeks to eliminate teacher's and janitor unions. -- Deep Green Resistance

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Thomas said...

I feel really bad for the Chicago cops. They have to protect the very people and organization that is taking away their freedoms, their pensions, their future health care, their rights to unions, their children and grandchildren's chances to be in the middle class, holding down wages and slashing benefits, etc.

And yet they have to go out onto the streets to club protesters who are actually standing up for hopes and dreams of these very same cops and their families and protect ALEC and its anti-democratic, anti-American, 1%-ers, corporate bosses, and legislative pimps and thieves.

They must feel like they are clubbing themselves and their families.