Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

August 9, 2013

Night Four: Nez Perce Blockade of the Tarsands Megaload

By Brooklyn Baptiste, Nez Perce
Censored News
Everyone was hungry but still chipper after things died down early this morning near Fish Creek on the Lochsa River. I am so grateful for all the Nez Perce tribal members & non-tribal individuals that showed how courageous they were by continued efforts to protest. No matter what some might say about this past week, we created awareness and moved people from all over the world. We will stay united and keep fighting for what we believe is our obligation to our future.

Brooklyn Baptiste was arrested with eight of the nine members of the Nez Perce Executive Council on Monday, the first night of the blockade of the tarsands megaload forcing passage through sovereign Nez Perce land. -- Censored News

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Anonymous said...

It was good to be there, to protect our environment in unity, our Idaho lands, and the Nimiipuu lands and sovereignty. The Nez Perce must be heard. No further megaloads through Hwy 12, and we will continue to support them.