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August 7, 2013

Solidarity Messages to Nez Perce Blockade

Solidarity Messages to Nez Perce on Third Night of Tarsands Mega-Monster Blockade 

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Ofelia at Yaqui Water Forum Sonora
O'odham Voice Against the Wall
"We stand in solidarity with the Nez Perce Warriors, women and men, for our survival as the original people of these lands. Much Blessing from the O'odham ceremonies for acknowledgement and balance of the universe."

Ed Becenti
Dine' Solidarity with Nez Perce!
Yateh shi’ northern sisters and brothers of the GREAT NEZ PERCE NATION, on behalf of my Dine’ Grassroots people from within the 4 Sacred Mountains -- ARIZ, NM, UT, we acknowledge your struggle tonight as TRUE WARRIORS, unified inhabitants of native lands and protectors of a way of life given to us by our Holy Creator. It is in sacrifice taught by our elders and ancestors that we have always protected our people, our WATER, and our homelands. May we continue our traditional ceremonies and prayers as one VOICE, so that one day we will become as ONE NATION!
Ed Becenti Dine’ Grassroots Window Rock, Dine’ Nation

Kahentinetha, Mohawk Nation News
To the Nez Perce: 
"We just had a devastating explosion of a train carrying crude. It passed through our community and then exploded at Lac Megantic, over 50 people. the owners of the railway, Montreal, Maine and Atlantic, are declaring bankruptcy and will be unable to pay the billions in damages to the people, town and spill into the lake. Their checks are bouncing. The bankers are making money extracting our resources and leaving us with environmental devastation for hundreds of years. You are on the front lines for our mother earth and the ongwehonwe, the true people of Great Turtle Island. 
Stay strong! Kahentinetha, Mohawk Nation News

Dr. Kunnie (right) on O'odham land
Solidarity from Dr. Julian Kunnie, professor, author, activist in Arizona: 
"We firmly stand in solidarity with our Nez Perce relatives in resisting the vampire-based energy companies raping Alberta for tar sands. The struggle is a struggle in defense of Mother Earth and she will protect our Indigenous warriors, in the Spirit of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Gothaythlay (Geronimo) and all resistors for protection of the sacredness of Turtle Island lands."

Lisa Long Walk 2 2008

Long Walker Anishinabe/Pomo Lisa ,on Long Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz, walking across America for the third time!

 "To all out there taking that sacrifice stay strong in your heart and remember Creator sees us all and will guide us throughout. We will have you in our prayers when we walk tomorrow. Sending Love and prayers for peace. Migwetch for being there. Lisa p. LW4"

Pua Case, Kanaka Maoli, Native Hawaiian
"Nez Perce, you are warriors!! Make Strong warriors we are gaining strength from you!
Sharing this with my parents this morning as we ponder over Monsanto in Hawaiʻi, building on our sacred mountain and a variety of other issues impacting our Hawaiʻi and we mahalo the Nez Perce for giving me something positive and hopeful to report and to inspire us. Eo!"

LaNada War Jack, Shoshone Bannock, Occupation of Alcatraz

Keep up the resistance! I wish I could be there but will be praying for you~

Message from Belgium, The NAIS Gazette

To the Nez Perce Protesters,
A.Holemans, Chair NAIS-Belgium


Yvonne Swan said...

Thank you for defending all life! This is about survival and love for our Creator's original plan for all creation. Prayers for all on the defense.

Anonymous said...

Cherokee standing in spirit with you,Linda Little Bear

WhiteOwlCries said...

Thank you Sisters and Brothers, my grandmother was Nez Perce she chose not to go to the reservations, because of this I was raised in the white man's world... I feel the blood bond deep in my bones... deep in my spirit.
I see all the corruption and disrespect of these people, my Spirit shivers as I read this and I feel the power of the people rebuilding!
Aho ...there are many more of us out here that are not registered or tribally affiliated that believe as you do.
I see only the Native peoples standing up to fight these monsters... not the ones brainwashed and blinded by greed. A nation of the walking dead stands before me, I want to come home to my people.
To live again....people lIke me feel it stirring in our souls... great things are happening, Grandfather says
"It is time for the people to have their lands back" ... stay strong great Warriors.
I am with you.