Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

August 1, 2013

Choctaw Ben Carnes new Eaglemanz Blogtalk Radio

Eaglemanz Inaugural program



This first episode will mark the beginning of what I hope will be a long and productive endeavor. My foremost hopes is that I will reach other Choctaws/Chahta's from around the world to share our history, and to bring news about what is happening in other First Nations.
Our history as Chahta's and as Native people needs to be remembered in the context as our ancestors lived it. When we know our history, we can better prepare for the future.
The host, Eaglemanz, is Ben Carnes of the Chahta Nation from Indian Territory who has his own life experinces to share from standing up for Native rights in and out of prison. He has the rare distinction of being a recipient of the 1987 Oklahoma Human Rights Award while still incarcerated.
Currently, he lives in Broken Bow of the Chahta Nation with his family. He would ask everyone to join in to listen to his first show. Yakoke!

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