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August 6, 2013

Night 2: Nez Perce protest tarsands megaload

Night 2: Photo by Leotis McCormack
Night 2: TUESDAY, Aug. 6, 2013

Update: New photos from Night 2 Rolling Blockade:

On the second night of Nez Perce blocking the tarsands megaload, about 100 Nez Perce slowed the mega-monster to a crawl with a rolling human blockade.
Messages are pouring into Censored News from around the world in support of the Nez Perce blockade tonight!
Long Walker Standing in Solidarity with Nez Perce protesting tonight: From Anishinabe/Pomo on Long Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz, in Ohio tonight: 
"To all out there taking that sacrifice stay strong in your heart and remember Creator sees us all and will guide us throughout. We will have you in our prayers when we walk tomorrow. Sending Love and prayers for peace. Migwetch for being there. Lisa p. LW4"
From Hawaii, Pua Case, "Nez Perce, you are warriors!! Make Strong warriors..we are gaining strength from you!"
Teddy Draper Jr., Dine' on Navajoland, said, "Keep standing strong, the rest will follow."

Lewiston Tribune Online Updates
 UPDATE 11:45 P.M.: Protesters were throwing softball- to basketball-sized rocks in the road in front of the megaload to create obstacles.

Police and Omega Morgan employees quickly removed the rocks.
Protesters on scene range in age from children to elderly tribal members.
Althea Ellenwood, 11, said she is there to "represent our tribe and not let them come out here and destroy our land."
Tribal member Rebecca Miles said she was pleased to see the women and young people standing their ground, both tonight and during last night's protest.
"What I saw last night was just so moving, to see the young people and the women standing their ground," she said. "There was just a bunch of new leaders born last night."
UPDATE 11:15 pm Tuesday, August 6: The megaload is moving again, but slower than a walking pace.
Idaho State Police, Nez Perce County sheriff’s deputies, and Nez Perce Tribal Police are urging people to stay off the roadway.  Protesters are taking issue with tribal police for their role in trying to keep the megaload moving, rather than protecting the tribe and its homeland.
“We have the right to assemble, we have the right to protest.  It’s in the Constitution,” said Del Rae Kipp of Lapwai, who is one of the protesters facing charges from last night’s blockade near the Clearwater River Casino.
“That megaload is violating a court order.  Make it stop,” Lana Rickman of Lapwai shouted at police and Omega Morgan employees, as the shipment crawled along the highway.
Law enforcement personnel have arrested at least two people thus far tonight.
UPDATE 11 pm Tuesday, August 6: A blockade has formed at the interchange of U.S. Highway 12 and U.S. Highway 95 east of Lewiston.  Protesters have blocked the highway and are talking with Nez Perce Tribal Police.
A megaload that is traveling east on the highway can’t get through.
UPDATE 10:30 pm Tuesday, August 6: Two groups of megaload protesters have formed in the area of Ant and Yellowjacket, just east of the U.S. Highway 12/95 interchange.
One group has formed at the parking lot at Ant and Yellowjacket, and another has formed a short distance away.  Neither group has entered the roadway.
The megaload is scheduled to travel through the corridor tonight on its way to Alberta, Canada, on U.S. Highway 12.
Nez Perce and supporters are protesting for a second night the tarsands megaload on sovereign Nez Perce Nation. The protest halted the tarsands megaload for three and one-half hours last night before the arrests of the Nez Perce Executive Council in the predawn hours of Tuesday morning.Watch video from Monday night!

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