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August 10, 2013

South Dakota: 'Hot Water' exposes uranium mining contamination in water

Filmmakers Liz Rogers and Kevin Flint go to South Dakota following a story about Uranium contamination only to discover that the problem flows much farther, and runs deeper than they could have imagined. Three years and thousands of miles later, "Hot Water" tells of those impacted by Uranium mining, atomic testing, nuclear energy and the contamination that runs through our air, soil and even more dramatically, our water.

Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS Gazette, thank you!

Bron: Censored News

Filmmakers Liz Rogers en Kevin Flint gingen naar Zuid Dakota om een verhaal over uranium besmetting op te volgen.

Daar ontdekten zij dat het probleem veel verder en veel dieper reikte dan ze konden vermoeden. Drie jaar en duizenden mijlen later verteld “Hot Water”het verhaal van dezen die getroffen werden door uranium ontginning, atoom testen, kern energie en de besmetting van de lucht, aarde en nog dramatischer, ons water.

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WhiteOwlCries said...

Which nine states are affected?