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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dine' Adella Begaye: The vultures of dirty coal

Dine' Adella Begaye responds after Navajo government signs lease to continue the dirty coal industry on Navajoland
Navajo Generating Station near Page, Ariz. on Navajoland. 

By Adella Begaye, Dine'
Censored News
The passage of the Navajo Generating Station by the Navajo Nation Council and Ben Shelly was a major disappointment -- especially when they are being dictated to and forced to accept the company's terms.
When the lease was signed in '69, the leaders then did not speak English, therefore, did not understand the contract. One has to forgive them for being trustful to these vultures.
But after 40 plus years of coal companies exploiting all that is valuable and sacred on Navajoland, the leadership were passive and clueless in some cases.
The main culprit, as I view it is Ben Shelly and his so-called experts who negotiated the legislation/lease. The Council Delegates were not given adequate time to review the legislation to make informed decisions. Again the leadership deferred to the lawyers who downright lied about specific questions about the coal ash, the aquifer, the pollution, the health impacts and how the company is helping the Navajo people.
Currently, Navajo Generating Station and Salt River Project are not happy with the amendments that a few our our astute council delegates put in the legislation. This confirms Navajo Generating Station, Salt River Project and Central Arizona Project have no intention of helping the Navajo people or even their Navajo workers, by striking out the Navajo preference for employment in the legislation.

First Voices Indigenous Radio: Water, Borders and Resistance

Listen to First Voices Indigenous Radio
Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Lakota from Cheyenne River

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May 2, 2013
CANDACE DUCHENEAUX (Lakota) ( and type in Mni or Mni Indigenous Water Summit to get the latest information and logistics
Water justice, sovereignty, and security for present and future generations of Turtle Island Indigenous nations through the restoration, preservation, and protection of tribal lands and waters.
To lead the western hemisphere in large scale rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems by mobilizing the implementation of vast water conservancy and ecosystem recovery methods on the tribal lands of all Turtle Island Indigenous Nations.
Beginning Spring 2013, we will begin a pilot project on the homelands of the Cheyenne River Hohwoju Lakota of the Oceti Sakowin. This project will restore the lands to health and sustainability so humankind can once again live upon the earth in peace and prosperity and enjoy her beauty and bounty. This system will provide pure water to sustain present and future generations.

OFELIA RIVAS (Tohono O'odham) ( With the O'odham Solidarity Project - Ofelia related the stories of living with the looming prescence of the US/Mexican Border Wall and the patrol that has harrassed and disrupted centuries old traditional Indigenous communities.
SETH ADLER ( The Left Forum 2013 updates on the conference coming to Pace University New York on June 7-9, 2013
Mni Indigenous Water SummitMni Indigenous Water Summit

Burning Times - Rumor of the Big Wave
Road to Hell - Chris Rea
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April 25, 2013
DEBRA WHITE PLUME (Lakota) Director of Owe Aku ( works to bring back our way of life which includes humanity's role in nature: we are a part of it, not outside of it, not having dominion over it. To achieve this Owe Aku works to stop mining that contaminates our water and land. Owe Aku has reestablished programs that utilize the wisdom of our ancestors in combatting the effects of inter-generational trauma caused by colonization and the intentional attempts for hundreds of years to destroy our culture.
In the Lakota Language Owe Aku means Bring Back the Way.
While the current fate of KXL North rests upon U.S. Presidential approval, KXL South's now lies in the broad-spectrum opposition it has garnered in the form of legal cases as well as the grassroots civil disobedience campaigns by groups like Great Plain Tar Sands Resistance and Tar Sands Blockade. Should KXL North be permitted to start construction, these groups along with grassroots indigenous organizations, several Lakota Nation tribal councils, and over 60,000 others have pledged resistance in the form of non-violent direct action to halt pipeline construction.
STEPHANY SEAY - Media Outreach Coordinator (
Kill the Bills, Not the Buffalo! Twelve anti-buffalo bills were alive at the start of this legislative session. Thanks to you and other friends of the buffalo, only two survive!
HB 143, which would have made it mandatory for the Department of Livestock to immediately kill, capture, harass, quarantine and trap for slaughter all buffalo migrating into Montana, failed yesterday in its 3rd reading in the Montana House by a vote of 50 to 50.
HB 328, which allows wildlife officials to reveal the location of wild buffalo to hunters, unfortunately, was signed into law on Friday.
Montana Governor Steve Bullock is the last line of defense against the last two surviving bills.
HB 396 would grant unconstitutional powers to county commissioners, giving them full authority over any wild buffalo transferred or introduced in Montana. It would also make it legal for the Montana Department of Livestock to auction or sell wild bison and keep the money.
SB 256 would legislatively undo a long standing Montana Supreme Court precedent that wildlife does not belong to any owner by making the state liable for any private property damage or public safety hazard caused by reintroduced buffalo.

What About Me? - Richie Havens
The Hawk - Richie Havens

Mohawk Nation News 'Indigenous Preparedness'



careless wordMNN. May 1, 2013. Theft of our Indigenous resources is the cause of war. Some of us are standing up to it. All of us resisting together will end war. A big danger for the bankers is that the people will come to the Indigenous way and support the protection of natural resources. In the bankers’ pursuit of world domination the military strategy is failing on all fronts. A system of military blocks and alliances provides the framework for military bases throughout the world. No one is being fooled by the dying bankers’ terror machine anymore.
The Indigenous struggle is worldwide, since warfare is wherever the enemy operates. A network of over 2,000 bases and a million troops stands in readiness for war. 
US goals for conquest of the world are to control the world economy and its financial market; and taking over all natural resources, particularly primary resources and nonrenewable sources of energy.  
After the 911 “false flag” in 2001, US President Bush made a quick tour to Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico “to promote democracy and trade” and to curb dissent to the US war plans. US bases in South America are related to control and access to the extensive natural biological mineral and water resources of the Amazon Basin. They are especially concerned with the International Network for the Abolition of US Military Bases which pursues disarmament and demilitarization. 
northcomIn April 2002 US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld unilaterally announced the takeover of Canada, following secret negotiations in Colorado. At the moment Canada is technically under martial law. NORTHCOM [United States Northern Command] can enter Canada anytime, by treaty that Prime Ministers Paul Martin and Stephen Harper personally singed. 
goeringBecause of the extensive resources on Indigenous land, Canada is the “center of the US empire”. Parliament’s job is theater, to continue the illusion of freedom to the people. Canada is part of the war agenda in Asia, Middle East, massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan, torture of POWs, establishment of concentration camps, US preemptive military doctrine, including using nuclear warheads. Canada, like the US, is owned by the same banker families. Being a dictatorship, Canada must follow the business plan of its shareholders and implement the police state, racist policies, ethnic profiling and arbitrary arrests. 
People have to start using “onigonra”, the good mind. It is time to bury the weapons of war under the tree of peace for all time. As Bob Dylan sings in his classic Master of War, “You fasten all the triggers, for the other to fire. Then you sit back and watch while the death count gets higher. You hide in your mansions as the young people’s blood flows out of their bodies and gets buried in the mud.”
MNN Mohawk Nation News For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 
Harper’s benign dictatorship
worldwide military deployment
 U.S. takeover of Canada
Worldwide strategy

Dirty coal wants Navajo water, and reporters are helping the cause

By Brenda Norrell
Power lines on Navajoland take electricity to the Southwest

Censored News
 May 2, 2013

The Salt River Project has not signed the Navajo Generating Station lease signed by the Navajo Nation. SRP wants the Navajo rights to the Little Colorado River water for the future, and SRP does not want to pay the amounts in the lease to the Navajo Nation to keep the dirty coal-fired power plant operating.
Arizona wants Navajos to bear the burden of dirty coal for electricity for Arizona's unsustainable lifestyles, as Dine' Klee Benally said. Arizona wants to take Navajo water from future Navajo generations so Arizona can water lawns and golf courses, run air conditioners and fill swimming pools in the desert, while Navajos haul their water on Black Mesa.
Most of the reporters covering the dirty coal power plant issue on Navajoland are writing the regular spin, while ignoring the effects on the earth, and the poisoning of the water, land and air by dirty coal.
Coal fired power plants are one of the primary reasons for global warming, and the melting of ice in the Arctic, with Native villages falling into the sea, and habitat destroyed for polar bears and other wildlife. Besides the effects globally of dirty coal energy, Arizona wants to steal Navajo water rights. 

The reporters seem to be frozen in the 1950s.
Here is a good way to rate the news coverage of dirty coal on Navajoland. Count the number of paragraphs in the article dedicated to spin ('oh, all those jobs,' or 'oh, how Arizona needs this,' or comments from the dirty coal corporation) and compare that to the number of paragraphs devoted to the comments of real Navajos who live on the land and are fighting dirty coal, or those who have been relocated, or have respiratory diseases.
Paid armchair journalists writing national Indian news, who never leave their homes, are good at reaching executives on the phone and padding their articles with spin from corporations and politicians. 

Local reporters often do not want to risk upsetting the tribal politicians by writing the real story about the global effects of the dirty coal industry, and so they hide behind other issues. They seldom go out to the land and talk to the people resisting dirty coal and relocation.
The dirty coal industry knows this, so they make sure dirty coal industry workers make it to Window Rock for interviews. They know the reporters won't make the effort to get out to Black Mesa and talk to those still resisting dirty coal and genocidal relocation.

Occupy Tarsands Pipeline Routes

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The oil moguls don't care if there are a few leaks, spills, ruptures, fires and explosions along the tar sands pipeline routes. Why should they care, as long as they are getting huge subsidies from the USA and Canada? When that horrible tar sands rupture occurred in Mayflower, Arkansas, Exxon didn't even stop transporting that poisonous stuff through the sixty-year-old Pegasus pipeline. It has already leaked again. This is corporate welfare, and those benefiting are Welfare Kings and Queens:
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