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Friday, May 3, 2013

Photos: Red Ink Premiere Party Tucson


Simon Ortiz
Simon Ortiz: Becoming the collective community voice

Photos and article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

TUCSON -- Native American poets and singers celebrated the release of the new edition of Red Ink magazine tonight, packed with the voices of Native American writers and stunning photos and art.

Sherwin Bitsui
The drum of the Pumpkinvyne Singers began the celebration of Red Ink, now in its 23rd year.

Acomo Pueblo poet Simon Ortiz said, "We celebrate by being thankful."
"Red Ink is a voice that expresses this kind of celebration."
Ortiz, professor, poet, author, and activist, said writing becomes a "voice of our people."
"That voice is not just Indigenous, but all human beings. It is a voice that is held in common."
Speaking of writing and sharing that voice, he said, "That is the voice of community."
"We become a community collective voice," said Ortiz before reading his poem of "Red Boy."

Ortiz, professor of English, was honored as a Arizona State University Regents’ Professor in 2012, the highest faculty honor bestowed by the university. Now a professor at ASU in Tempe, Ariz., Ortiz, an award winning author and poet, has taught at colleges throughout the west, including on Navajoland and Rosebud in South Dakota. While writing and teaching, Ortiz supports the efforts of young writers, and voices support for the ongoing struggles for dignity and autonomy, including the Zapatistas.
Shining Soul

Speaking tonight, Ortiz said Sherwin Bitsui, who read his poetry at the celebration, has been a voice of the students. Bitsui, Dine' from White Cone, Arizona, is Dine' of the Todich'ii'nii (Bitter Water Clan), born for the Tl'izilani (Many Goats Clan).
Bitsui, an award winning poet, holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona and an AFA in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts. His books of poetry are Floodsong, and Shapeshift.

Dine' flutist Tygel Pinto, from Gallup and Crystal, N.M., performed, along with the Tohono O'odham hip hop band Shining Soul, at the celebration held at the Espresso Art Cafe.
Simultaneously tonight on Pine Ridge at Kyle, South Dakota, a sister celebration was held.

Listen to this week's interview with KXCI Tucson, Amanda Shauger's 30 Minutes:
Red Ink editor Joseph Angel Quintana discusses the challenges and Tygel Pinto performs on flute:

Santee Sacred Water Protection Teach In May 7, 2013

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Kent Lebsock
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Red Ink Premiere Party: Pine Ridge and Tucson May 3, 2013

RED INK will be holding dual premier parties in both Tucson, AZ and Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

"We begin by letting the Powers know that we are willing to be their servants to others."
-- Fools Crow, LAKOTA   
Please join RED INK and friends as we celebrate the release of the long-awaited Volume 16.2/17.1 "Words and Empowerment." The event will feature native scholars, writers, poets, musicians, artists and a local drum. This is to honor not only the work found in the publication, but also to celebrate a new chapter in RED INK's 23-year history in seeking to amplify the native voice. If you are in the area, we can't wait to meet you and for you to get your first glimpse of the publication. Thank you to each of our contributors, supporters and mentors across the country.
TUCSON: This event is free and open to the public. Donations will be accepted.
Featuring Simon Ortiz, Sherwin Bitsui, Shining Soul, Tygel Pinto, Pumpkinvyne Singers and more.
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
RED INK Magazine
Posted at Censored News                                                                       
The Editorial Staff of Red Ink Magazine, the oldest Native run student publication in the nation, devised to celebrate and amplify Native voices and Indigenous issues is proud to announce the release of the latest volume.
Red Ink Vol 16.2/ 17.1 (Double Issue) will be hot off the presses in the coming week. Established in 1989 at the University of Arizona,Red Ink has published the creative writing, scholarly research, art and photography of well-known and up-and-coming individuals throughout the Americas. The work of noted writers like Vine Deloria Jr., RigobertaMenchu, Lora Tohe, Sherwin Bitsui, Simon Ortiz and a host of others has graced the historical pages of the magazine.
 “It is an energizing time.  The magazine is definitely on an exciting new path,” says Joe Quintana, the current editor in chief of Red Ink. “We are not only back on track, we’re ready to soar into a new era.”
In recent months the publication has faced numerous challenges including a major move, but with the dedication of a relentless staff it proves to be a twenty-two year old winner that refuses to succumb to the challenges of tough social and financial challenges. 
“We are proud of the end product for this issue which is packed with some of the best literary and visual artistry in Indian country,” comments Sheila Rocha, Red Ink Publicist.  Some of those names include award winning cover artist Donel Keeler, Santee and national acclaimed painter Gerald Cournoyer, Oglala Lakota.  The literary work of Joy Harjo,Muskogee and environmental essay writing of Debra White Plume, Oglala Lakota “magnify the fervor of the creative spirit that refuses to be silenced,” says Rocha.
A release party to celebrate the new edition is in the planning stages in Tucson, Arizona.

Mohawk Nation News 'Canada, Your Goose is Cooked'


Bennett editorial cartoon
MNN. May 3, 2013. Indigenous worldwide all have common ownership of our land and resources. For our use, not for profit; political power in the hands of the people; everyone is equal and has a voice; no person exploits another. We all use our inherent natural scientific methods to guide our thought and life. A free and unified Indigenous people is rising, just like the sun and the moon. We will have genuine independence. Corporate colonialism will soon be gone.

jailcell-nativesThe strength of the less oppressed will help all oppressed. Violence will only come when there is an escalation of imperial action. Many corporate tribal and band chiefs will work within the structure of Canada because they are part of it.
The covert war in Canada is well underway against the Indigenous titleholders of the land. All dictatorships begin by criminalizing dissent. 42% on the Prairies are under 30 years of age. By a designed program they are disadvantaged, poorly educated, unemployed and angry. 80% of prisoners in Alberta are Indigenous.
blackwaterplasticjesuscrusadersnov24Canada has come up with a plan to deal with us. Revenue sharing of our $70.9 trillion Indian Trust Fund? A Marshall Plan type of “reconstruction” of non-existent infrastructure. Allow some “native sovereignty” – sovereignty is total independence. Canada is not sovereign. We are! Less incarceration – sending them to labor and death camps. Sharing our resources from our land. Leadership training – brainwashing in military De-sensitizing programs. In return they want safeguards of the transportation infrastructure which they built with our money. More policing – to enforce the police state. Less drugs to our youth, which they control as the drug dealers [CIA = Cocaine Importing Agency].
When the Indigenous uprising starts, the war will end shortly thereafter. The corporations and the shareholders will be cast down. We will not be corralled. It is they who will be going to their own slaughter house. The world is waiting for us. When we stand up, those who want peace and freedom will join us. Canadians, we will not disappoint you. CANADA will definitely be disappointed. As Toronto band, McKenna Mendelson Mainline sang: “Don’t give me no goose for Christmas, grandma. Cut it out. Now don’t you dare. Give me a duck like Old McDonald that goes quack, quack, quackety quack. For a goose just makes me nervous every time I turn my back”.
National Post article on native insurrection
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