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Monday, September 16, 2013

Leland Grass 'Navajo Nation reverses position on Horse Slaughter'

Navajo Nation Reverses Position and Now is Against Horse Slaughtering
Leland Grass

By Leland Grass, Sacred Legacy
Censored News

BLACK MESA, Ariz. -- (September 16, 2013) – The Nohooká Dine’, Elders and Medicine People of the Dine’, unanimously approved a Resolution opposing any and all action that leads to the slaughter of horses. The Horse is sacred to the Dine’ and is a central part of our culture and tradition. The Resolution, approved on August 26th, states in part that, “The Great Horse Nation is a part of the Great Covenant, as a supernatural being, it possesses incredible power, it is inextricably tied to our spiritual way of life and our cultural traditions, when our children are born our families look to the horse spirit to see what they have delivered to us, if we fail to honor the place of the horse in our spiritual way of life and in our cultural traditions, then we jeopardize the very cycle that renews the life of our people. The Horse must be given respect and honored for their sacred place within the Creation, as they possess the same fundamental right to Life as we, Five Finger Ones, do.”

This past week, a spokesman for the Navajo Nation administration affirmed this position. During an interview on the radio program Native American Calling, Communication Director, Erny Zah stated that: “Slaughtering is not a solution...As the Navajo Nation we are against slaughtering of these horses”(airdate -Thursday, September 12, 2013.)

“This statement from the Navajo Nation administration is more aligned with who we are as Dine’ people” stated Leland Grass of the Dine’ for Wild Horses. “We urge the Navajo Nation to formally adopt a moratorium on horse slaughtering and to only legally contract with horse buyers that agree not to sell horses for slaughter or not to slaughter the horses themselves.” The people of the Navajo Nation were encouraged by Zah’s statement. There has been great concern over past comments that have been made by Navajo Nation President, Ben Shelly. He once voiced concern that the horses were causing environmental damage. These claims appear to have been based on misinformation. We are encouraged to see a shift toward conscious resource management. The amount of money that is currently being spent to round up the wild horses for slaughter is capable of feeding and watering those animals for years. Grass believes that the Navajo Nation “could use these animals to teach our children, we can care for them, we can sell them to people and organizations that don't want to torture them."

The Nohooká Dine resolution urges the Navajo Nation to be mindful of the foundations of their cultural and spiritual way of life. It concludes by stating: “The Nohooká Dine’ strongly urges Navajo Nation President, Ben Shelly, The Navajo Nation Council, The Navajo Nation Judicial Branch, US Department of Interior and US Department of Agriculture to stop the desecration and destruction of the Dine’ Way of Life and Spiritual Foundation by recklessly promoting and supporting the round-up and mass execution of our spiritual relative the Horse.”

“We are sending the Resolution to all legislators in Washington, DC to show our support for the Horse and to urge them to pass the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, currently pending before Congress,” said Grass. “While it is important for protecting the Horse within the Navajo Nation, a national bill is critical to ensure there is no incentive for horses to be taken from our lands or elsewhere in the United States for slaughter.”

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Native American Long Walkers harassed by Kansas police

Photo by Bad Bear
The sweet smell of sage and racism in Kansas

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
English and Dutch

Photo by Bad Bear
KANSAS -- Native Americans on the Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz said, "Day 64-nothing like a little racism."
Long Walkers said that after five straight days of walking they were "racially harassed" near Kansas City in Kansas. 
"Some ding dong called the police when we were circling up at the end of walking today and when we got on the van the police show up, and he claims burning sage smells like marijuana. So after some discussion, he runs me through the computer, calls three other vehicles and comes over and does a field test," Long walker said.
"Of course it comes up negative, and we are on the way but the whole incident leaves a sour taste. I told them they should improve their drug training. Earlier another police tried to stop us for jay walking. Go figure.
"Other than that it was all good. Special thanks to Steve and Nanette and family for hosting us; her father who is 91 supported us in 1978 The Longest Walk. Also to Penny and family for walking with us as well and Forest for the dinner."

Bad Bear's photos from Long Walk 4 today in Kansas and more:

In 2011, returning from Longest Walk 3, walkers were harassed in Ohio by police, after being attacked by police in Columbus, Ohio, on Longest Walk 2 northern route in 2008:

Dutch translation by Alice Holeman NAIS Gazette, thank you!

Door Brenda Norrell / Censored News
Foto's : Bad Bear
KANSAS – De deelnemers van de Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz zeiden : “Dag 64 – enkel maar een beetje racisme”.
De Long Walkers zeiden dat ze na 5 dagen stappen nabij Kansas City werden lastiggevallen door de politie.
“ Toen we op het einde van onze mars een cirkel vormden en salie brandden, kwam er een politiewagen aangereden. Een of andere idioot had de politie gebeld. “Salie ruikt als marihuana “ zei de politie. Na een discussie  riep hij versterking op en deed hij een test ten velde. Long Walker zei hem dat de politie dringend hun drugs training moeten aanpassen.
Daarvoor heeft een andere politie agent geprobeerd ons te doen stoppen omdat wij “roekeloos” wandelden. Wij zijn nu terug op weg maar incidenten zoals deze laten toch een bittere smaak achter.
Afgezien deze feiten ging alles goed. Wij willen Steve en Nanette en familie bedanken voor hun gastvrijheid; haar vader die nu 91 is steunde ons in de Longest Walk 1978. Ook dank naar Penny en familie die met ons meestapten  en Forest voor het diner."
In 2011 werden walkers, op hun terugweg lastiggevallen door de politie, nadat zij aangevallen waren door de politie in Columbus, Ohio tijdens de Longest Walk 2 northern route in 2008:

Yaqui maintain highway blockade, call for international support

Yaqui blockade with support from area farmers
Yaqui maintain major highway blockade since June

Indigenous Peoples from Four Directions urged to come for Oct. 18, 2013 gathering in Vicam

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News Exclusive
Sept. 16, 2013
copyright Brenda Norrell, Censored News
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VICAM PUEBLO, Sonora, Mexico -- Yoeme (Yaqui) in Vicam Pueblo maintained their highway barricade in defense of their water in the Rio Yaqui, as representatives of the National Indigenous Congress met over the weekend with directives from the Zapatistas Little School.

Ofelia Rivas/Vicam Photo Brenda Norrell
Ofelia Rivas, O'odham representative of the National Indigenous Congress, attended the gathering in Vicam on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013.

"Vicam Yoeme are calling for international support for a meeting on October 18 in the defense of water in Vicam," Rivas said. The Northwest regional meeting of the National Indigenous Congress included the states of Sonora, Sinoloa, Chihuahua and Baja.

"Yaqui are sending a special invitation to the Mohawks to attend this important meeting on water rights on October 18," Rivas said. Earlier, Mohawks joined Subcomandante Marcos and Zapatistas commandantes in Vicam Pueblo for a gathering in 2007. It is located about seven hours southwest of Tucson on the coast of Mexico.

Vicam Water Forum/Photo Brenda Norrell
"Water is essential to our survival," said Mario Luna, spokesman for the Yoeme Traditional Authority of Vicam.

"Generations paid with their blood to maintain our homeland for future generations," Luna told the gathering this weekend.

Luna said the illegal construction is already underway on the Independence Aqueduct. It is a diversion project of Yaqui water from the Rio Yaqui to the city of Hermosillo. Luna said neither the diversion project, nor Mexico's government officials have consulted with Vicam Yaquis as required for the impact statement.

Yaquis said their around the clock, 24-hour a day, highway barricade of federal highway 15, manned by Yoeme warriors, has lasted more than 100 days and has had a major impact on produce flowing into the US. The barricade blocks traffic on the major highway between the Pacific Coast and the city of Hermosillo, a major route from the coast to the US. Yoeme lift the blockade for short periods, allowing trucks to pass after halting the trucks for hours, causing extensive delays, around the clock.

Yaqui highway blockade
Rivas said, "They have cars blocking the highway now. It is causing delays in produce like tomatoes getting to the US on time."

Traditional Authorities of Yaqui Vicam Pueblo issued a summons for this weekend's gathering, in accordance with the Zapatistas Little School.

The Traditional Authorities said the water theft of the Yaqui River Basin will destroy the natural resources of this Indian territory.

"Considering that we have inhabited this territory for 2,500 years, a place where we were born and we have developed our existence, where mother earth provides us with everything for our life and like all the world's indigenous peoples live as brothers, with plants, trees, animals, birds, insects, the air, the heat, the cold, the sun, moon, stars, earth and water, of which is our home, food and healing, and the source of our power."

"Whereas in the territory of the Yaqui tribe, our people are made of earth and water and all that comes from them. While building our culture and creating and consolidating our own institutions, in the vicinity of the river today known as Rio Yaqui, the current government perpetrated one of the most colossal robberies of living memory, stealing the waters of the basin and trying to spoil our people more."

"Whereas for more than 520 years we have suffered, in our lives and in our hearts, the war of extermination, one of the longest and bloodiest wars of living memory, brought on by the political and economic power that is in power today," Yaqui said of the current authoritarian misrule.

Yaqui said today the resistance and civil disobedience is for Yoeme Autonomy and Self-determination.

"Whereas the existence of Mother Earth and humanity is threatened by the hegemonic capitalist system for their insatiable greed and excessive economic and natural resource exploitation and death of ecosystems, carried out by large multinational corporations seeking to divest from our territories and to be strongholds of natural resources, in collusion with corrupt government institutions and the collusion of free market policies, such as NAFTA Puebla-Panama Plan, and its project northwest of the Sea of Cortez known as the Coastal Highway, along with that project, the current state government is stealing water from the Yaqui River basin through the illegal construction of the Independence Aqueduct, with the aim of more plunder, and giving an existential hit to our people."

"Today through unfair and illegal, bidding, construction and operation of the Independence Aqueduct, they steal Yaqui river water and divert it to the city of Hermosillo, with the evil purpose of feeding large transnational businesses, real estate developments, and to encourage the speculation of businesses, with the rampant corrupt government complicity of Guillermo Padres Elias and consent of the current Federal Government."

"The Yaqui Tribe, like most indigenous peoples and the more than 50 million poor who inhabit the country are on the border of extermination, as a result of economic policies that favor the success of the market," Yaqui said.

The Traditional Authority said Mexico wants to "turn water into a commodity, by privatizing and commodifying," water while neglecting the development, autonomy and the right to self-determination of Indigenous peoples.

The Zapatistas, in conjunction with the Mexican Indigenous National Congress, issued a statement of solidarity and support for Yaqui.

“We believe that the earth is our mother and that the water that runs through her veins is not for sale. The life it gives us is a right, not something that the bad government or the business owners have granted us."

“We demand the immediate cancellation of the arrest warrants and false accusations against members of the Yaqui Tribe, and we condemn the criminalization of their struggle. To the political party-based bad governments we say that the Yaqui River is the historical carrier of the ancestral continuity of Yaqui culture and territory, and that a slight against any of us is a slight against all of us. We will respond accordingly to any attempt to repress this dignified struggle or any other. We make a call to the international community and to our brothers and sisters of the International Sixth to be alert to the events in Yaqui territory and to join in solidarity with the Yaqui Tribe and its demands.”

Photo: Vicam Water Rights Gathering Sept 17, 2013

The Yaqui Traditional Authorities released the following statement at the beginning of the blockade in June:
Yaqui Vicam Pueblo Water Forum/Photo Brenda Norrell

YAQUI Territory, México. June 2013
In defense of water from our rivers, the Yaqui People have now blocked federal highway 15 for 21 days. Mario Luna, secretary for the Traditional Authorities of Vicam, describes how disinformation of the legal strategy in defense of Yaqui territory reminds us that only dignity and strength have made it possible for the Yaqui People to defeat the long series of invasions and attempts to rob the land and its natural resources. This time the call is to alert all of the threat from public law enforcement authorities to dismantle Yaqui blockade of federal highway 15.
From federal highway 15, by Vicam Pueblo -- first headquarters of the 8 Pueblos of the Yaqui tribe -- with 45 centigrade degrees in the shade -- Traditional Authorities are gathered and through me, express the following:
The defense of our territory, land and water goes back hundreds of years since the arrival of a culture of ambition and theft. With wars that have manifested heroic and glorious defense and others have been inhuman actions and total disregard to life, ethnocide and inhumanity.
The Yaqui faces of men, women, elders, youth and children demonstrate determination and endurance yet does not express how they have survived for past generations to sustain many armed incursions in addition to mass deportations - driven to the southernmost part of Mexico to be sold as slaves -in the best of cases- if they were not killed by those who tried to take over their land based on Terra Nullius.
Such attitude of dignity and endurance has allowed the Yaqui People to drive back colonizers during the history of Mexico through warfare. Successful in their battles against historical invasions from foreign nations or bad governments during the independence wars as well as Mexican Revolution- including the takeover of the National Palace in Mexico City along with the Revolutionaries-and the bloody Yaqui War.
As Indian People, the Yaqui demand and exercise an autonomy recognized and formalized in several peace treaties and accords for economic, social, and cultural development.
During the last few years of total disregard for the San Andrés Larrainzar (document/treaty elevating indigenous rights to constitutional level) the robbery and extermination campaign against indigenous Peoples that have recovered and conserved their autonomous lands in Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Michoacán and many more in the country have continued. In our case the governmental apparatus has turned against us in order to carry out the last great robbery, called “Acueducto Independencia”, by pretending to reroute the waters from the Río Yaqui to the Rio Sonora basin to satisfy the urgent water needs of the Hermosillo industrial zone -high use water zone for the Ford assembly plant, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Big Cola and beer plants for Tecate and Heineken. In this same action, industry CEO's expect huge profits to cover large and extensive land grabs which now have no commercial value, yet when they acquire adequate water supply, their property value will increase 2 thousand percent.
The Yaqui tribe was not formally consulted but discovered about this megaproject through various sources and is thus tired of living in a state of low intensity warfare since the last peace treaty in 1927. Therefore, the Traditional Authorities from Vícam Pueblo, decided to legally confront this situation with the new battlefront strategy of using a judicial and institutional process. It began with a water restitution lawsuit in the Agrarian Tribunal Tribunal Unitario Agrario número 35, based in Ciudad Obregón, August 2010. Through this measure, we were able to obtain a cautionary recourse that should have blocked this Megraproject. It commits or limits actions or rights on volume water extrations related to “El Novillo” dam. In 2011 we requested a legal waver from the federal justice system in opposition to an environmental impact statement provided by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) to “Sonora Operations Fund” “Fondo de Operaciones Sonora SÍ” for the construction of Acueducto Independencia. After this waver was denied in several courts, it was finally approved on behalf of the Yaqui tribe in Culiacán, Sinaloa District Court and later formalized and published in the Tenth District Court Hermosillo, Sonora.
SEMARNAT then requested to review the waiver and motivated by a series of irregularities denounced by National Human Rights Commission and the Plural Commission (federal Chambers of Senate and Deputies from various political parties) in a historic decision, the National Supreme Court applied their right to summon and resolve to ratify the waiver to the Tribe by recognizing their legal character as Indian Peoples and constitutional and international rights as Yaqui People, to freely seek and be informed with respect to internal protocols, representation as well as by their customs and traditions.
This May 8, 2013 the Supreme Court ruling nullifies the environmental impact statement for the Acueducto Independencia. This also ratifies the status of construction and operation of the aqueduct as illegal to this day.
With the experience lived during hundreds of years of Yaqui Peoples' struggle and today in confronting impunity from Guillermo Padres Elias, Governor of Sonora to take significant volumes of water from “El Novillo” dam, the Traditional Authorities have decided to strengthen civil resistance actions along with the Citizens Movement for Water Movimiento Ciudadano por el Agua – made up of agricultural producers, micro-farmers and civil society from the seven municipalities in southern Sonora who will be impacted by the loss of water being rerouted by the Aqueduct reservoirs.
On May 28, after an enormous march in Ciudad Obregón (over 30 thousand participants, according to organizers), it was decided to take the highways that same afternoon by blocking the entries of both south and north part of the city. Other protesters later joined the blockade from Bacum and Esperanza. As the government continues to show no intention to stop the pumps that illegally take the water stored in the dam, the Traditional Authorities along with the Yaqui troops from Potam and Belem, the protesters took over the highway at Vicam.
On June 11, after several days of continual blockade at several points on the highway (Cajeme, Bacum and Vícam), the delegate of the Department of Communications and Transportation Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) in Sonora announced that they had filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office of Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) against several leaders of Movimiento Ciudadano por el Agua and Yaqui Tribe.
The Sonora Attorney General, Carlos Navarro Sugich, announced this as a successful measure by the State Government and has undertaken a media campaign against those responsible within the Commission for defense of tribal water rights.
By seeking approval of the Traditional Authorities of other members in the Yaqui Nation, the State Government was unanimously rejected of its intention to orchestrate the use of public force against the road blockade. The main conflict is that protesters demand that Sonoran rule of law be applied- presently in violation by the Governor of the State - and an end to illegal water extraction of El Novillo dam - covered under the resolution granted by the National Supreme Court Justice to the Yaqui People.
In a climate of tension and rebellion that we live these days, we share these concerns with all Mexican and international people. We have the support and solidarity from the Indian community’s network of Congreso Nacional Indígena National Indigenous Congress, as well as solidarity from teachers of the national coordinator of education workers (CNTE) and public representatives of most local legislators in southern Sonora districts. There is also a political agreement for a joint call to Governor Guillermo Padrés by these local legislators and seven municipal Presidents of southern Sonora (who were present in the traditional guard event at Vicam on June 15) to stop the theft of our water and the rule of law in Sonora.
In the face of constant threats and rumors as to the use of public force against the demonstrations, our call is to be on the alert and avoid the selective use of prompt and expeditious justice against those of us who defend our right to life to use and benefits of our waters. Let us all avoid the impunity and intolerance of a State Government that with their actions promotes divisiveness between southern Sonora with the northern part of our State.

From: Yaqui Territory, June, 2013
Mario Luna Romero
General Traditional Secretary for Vicam Pueblo
Main Headquarters for the eight Yaqui Pueblos
Published: June 2013
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Censored News: In these times of impotent media

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

In these days of impotent, plagiarizing and gutless media, there are several things on my mind.

Plagiarism. Indian Country Today has found a new source to plagiarize for Navajo Nation news. It is the Farmington Daily Times. (Psst Daily Times, they should be paying you for your work.) Ask the Indian Country Today 'reporters' why you haven't seen them present on a news story in the past 20 years.

Aljazeera America, this one's for you. Please do a story on how the Navajo Nation's Navajo Agricultural Products Industries, NAPI, has been using Monsanto seeds all these years for their commercial crops. It should include how the Navajo Nation farm has a Raytheon Missile factory on the farm. (In 2006, while I was a staff reporter at Indian Country Today, the editors forbid me from researching these facts for an article.)

What impact has genetically-modified Monsanto seeds had on the traditional crops of Dine' (not to mention everyone who ate those potato chips etc.) Have the winds, rains and floods spread these harmful genetically-modified crops to traditional Dine' fields? Why is Raytheon Missiles operating on NAPI, on farmland where food crops are grown? It is located in the Four Corners, where the land, air and water is already poisoned by coal mines and power plants.

Aljazeera, maybe after that, you can go out to Black Mesa, and really talk to Navajos about relocation, the dirty coal industry and water rights. Then contrast this with a show of the Arizona resorts in Phoenix and Tucson, golf courses, lavish swimming pools, and the unsustainable lifestyles. Don't forget to show the true role of John McCain in all of this, maybe with a pic of him riding horses in the Navajo Nation Fair Parade while working behind closed doors for forced Navajo relocation and the theft of Navajo water rights.

Navajos on Black Mesa can explain to you about the creation of the US puppet tribal government, and how it works with the US government and states to desecrate the land and poison the people by way of backdoor deals. You should probably go out to Black Mesa after a good rain, so you can film yourselves digging out of the mud. While there, you can chop some wood and haul some water for the elderly, and maybe run into town, a few hours drive away, for some groceries.

While in southern Arizona, show the Tohono O'odham Desert Diamond Casino packed with acres of cars. Then show the Tohono O'odham Nation, drive across it, and show that the Tohono O'odham are not receiving those millions from the casino, and instead are living in desperate conditions. Maybe take a pic of the fire truck that the Tohono O'odham casino donated to the wealthy suburb in Phoenix, while O'odham lived in need.

By the way, the US Border Patrol is likely to stalk you and even detain you, and the Tohono O'odham government will try and prevent you from finding out the truth by targeting you with their politicians and police. And if you have real courage, hang around the border, and find out where the US Border Patrol agents serve as spotters for the drug cartels when they bring the drug loads through.

While you're down there, photograph those US spy towers on sovereign Tohono O'odham land, and how the US Border Patrol has taken over Tohono O'odham land and militarized it, while chatting on their cell phones in their air conditioned cars and throwing trash on the ground. Photograph all the US and global contractors profiteering on the Arizona and Tohono O'odham border. Investigate those Israeli defense contracts on the Arizona border, and the drones, military overflights and use of Tohono O'odham airspace.

Aljazeera, you'll need to spend some time on federal court records in Tucson. That way you can expose the US Border Patrol agents getting away with the rape and murder of migrants. While in Arizona, you can compile a list of all the US Border Patrol agents and US soldiers arrested and convicted of drug smuggling and serving as spotters for the cartels on the border between California and Texas.

While in Tucson, you can probe the University of Arizona's relationship with its corporate partners, war profiteers including Raytheon Missiles, border profiteers including drone makers, mining and other abuses of Indigenous Peoples, including the university's disregard for Apaches and sacred Mount Graham. Be sure to include the millions, or billions, the university receives in grants to serve Indigenous Peoples. This could lead into a series on the militarization of US universities and the xenophobia produced by it, especially toward Latin Americans and Middle Easterners.

Maybe you can do this Aljazeera in your new series on Indian country, since neither the Indian country media nor the mainstream media show up to do it.

Plagiarism in Indian country

Back to the plagiarism. Readers, please, when posting links, why not give the original source credit, instead of plagiarizers. It is easy to see what Indian Country Today plagiarized from the Daily Times: and you'll find the other media that ICT plagiarizes with an easy web search.

Hopefully the Daily Times is doing a better job now than when they fired me in the early 1990s. At that time, the Daily Times changed the facts on a story when Navajo teens were beaten by whites with baseball bats. I reported the newspaper to the US Civil Rights Commission and the newspaper was later sold to new owners.

On the plagiarized articles at Indian Country Today, the reporter's credit on the news stories is "ICTMN staff" (Indian Country Today Media Network staff) because the newspaper doesn't want you to know who is doing the plagiarizing. But many people know who it is.

Indian Country Today said their latest editors came to the newspaper from Martha Stewart Living and Playboy. However, there's plenty of real Native American journalists and editors who need jobs, who don't plagiarize, if the owners choose to halt employing armchair profiteers, and instead publish real journalism.

Don't be fooled, or think that ICT owners don't have money to pay for real news reporting. The owners announced last year they would spend $10 million on a film about the Revolutionary War. Don't be duped.

NSA endangered lives of US citizens, shared raw data with Israel

Finally, why isn't the media pointing out that the NSA put the lives of US citizens in danger when it shared the raw data of innocent US citizens with Israel?

Why isn't anyone pointing out that US citizens were jailed in Israel while enroute to Gaza in the Free Gaza Movement with humanitarian aid. Among those imprisoned in Israel was retired Col. Ann Wright on the Free Gaza flotilla in 2010. Some activists were never even allowed to board their planes in numerous countries in support of Palestinians because Israeli intelligence prevented them.

At the time, Israeli intelligence said the flight information was gained through Facebook.

However, whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed data showing the US is supplying Israel with unfiltered access to US citizens texts, e-mails and phone calls.

An editor at New York Times called out her own newspaper for failing to cover the issue of the US giving Israel the raw data of US citizens:

Good journalism depends on facts and being present. So, where are the reporters?

Brenda Norrell has been a reporter in Indian country for 31 years. During the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation, she was a reporter for Navajo Times and stringer for AP and USA Today. After serving as a longtime staff reporter for Indian Country Today, she was censored and fired. She is the publisher of Censored News, published since 2006 with no advertising or grants.

Judge halts tarsands megaloads through Nez Perce land!


Judge Halts Tar Sands "Megaloads" Through Nez Perce Land in Idaho

In a victory for Native Americans in Idaho, a federal judge has temporarily blocked a massive load of equipment bound for tar sands oil fields in Canada from passing through tribal land and along federally protected rivers. Environmentalists and members of the Nez Perce tribe had formed blockades to stop earlier loads of oil-related equipment. On Thursday, U.S. District judge B. Lynn Winmill blocked a shipment planned for next week and ordered the U.S. Forest Service to conduct an impact study before allowing the cargo to pass through national forest land.

Mohawk Nation News 'Gas Ovens Fired Up'

mnnlogo1MNN. Sept. 15, 2013. The settlers are restless! Corporation of Quebec Premier, Pauline Marois, has issued her “Charter of Values” that her people must follow and how her political opponents will be eliminated. The rest of Canada has already put this program in motion. The state sets the values to which everyone is subordinated. Labor unions, monopolies, industrialists, party bureaucrats and civil servants are placed under state authoritarian control. The corporate hierarchy of war is strengthened.  The masses support the regime in exchange for jobs. Between 1925 and 1938 Italian fascist leader, Benito Mousselini, tried this. He failed. 

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