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Monday, September 23, 2013

Updated Peltier Tribunal Witnesses and Judges

Preliminary Agenda
Scroll down for witness list, judges list

October 2-4, 2013

Sponsored by the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee – International Office
Oneida Nation in Green Bay, WI

Update: Censored News coverage

Censored News original coverage of the Peltier Tribunal in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Peltier Tribunal Findings: Restoration of Justice in Indian country

Day 3 Peltier Tribunal: Findings and Testimony, Manny Pino uranium mining genocide

Day 2: Peltier Tribunal Lenny Foster and Dorothy Ninham, Visits to Peltier in prison, Native prisoner rights

Day 1: Peltier Tribunal Reign of Terror on Pine Ridge, Peltier calls Tribunal

Dakota written testimony by Chris Mato Nunpa, Dakota historian and professor

Long Walk 4 Photos west of Topeka, Kansas

Thanks to Western Shoshone Long Walker Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson for today's photos of the Longest Walk 4 walking west from Topeka, Kansas!
Updated: Photos Sept. 25: Emporia to Wichita:

From Buck Sampson

Greetings Walkers, Runners and Staff Carriers of the Longest Walk 4,

On Behalf of one of the oldest A.I.M. charters in the United States, which is 40 years old from Reno, Nevada, we welcome you and commend your efforts on this walk across Turtle Island. Our prayers and thoughts go out to you. We ask for blessing, guidance, understanding and protection for each one of you. Have clear days and open roads and always remember your prayers are just as strong as you stay together -- Strength in numbers. Don’t let your mind go weak, you’re representing your families, friends, your tribe and of course, yourself. Be proud of who you are and try not to break the circle. Take care of the sacred staffs and yourself and always remember this when your carrying something sacred. Every step is a prayer and every thought is a prayer and every prayer is a prayer.

Blessing be with you. “Brave Up!”

Buck Sampson
Spiritual Advisor


Update Tuesday: Sept 24, 2013: More photos, of today, near Lyndon, Kansas

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