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Sunday, December 1, 2013

International Uranium Film Fest begins in Navajo Sacrifice Zone

Date: December 2 -- 4, 2013, starting from 8:30 am daily
Location: Navajo Nation Museum on Arizona Hwy 264, 0.5 mi east of I.R. 12

By Leona Morgan
WINDOW ROCK, Arizona -- On December 2 through 4, 2013, the International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) -- the world’s only traveling festival devoted to the entire Nuclear Fuel Chain -- will be held in the homeland of Diné communities sacrificed by the United States for production of nuclear weapons. This IUFF event is organized in conjunction with a community gathering of Diné organizations and residents with regional groups concerned about uranium’s effect on: human health and future, environment, economy, culture and water. The festival will include presentations, workshops, info tables, t-shirt printing and 21 films.
The arrival of the IUFF is apt, coming at a time when the Navajo Nation’s leaders are making decisions regarding its new Uranium Commission, the 2013 Energy Policy and new multi-agency clean-up plans. Local uranium mining, processing, transport and changes in HRI/URI, Roca Honda mine and White Mesa mill are topics that will be highlighted by community experts during the week.
The three-day event is free and open to the public for the purposes of “Art and Awareness," community dialogue and decolonization of Western concepts about uranium. The films are documentaries, animations and shorts that explore not only the effects of radiation, but also the practices of the nuclear industry and world governments as well.
The event will be streamed online and will be available during selected hours at:
Information about the film festival is available at:
Information about the event is available at:
For more inquiries, to support the event, please contact Leona Morgan (505-879-8547).
The organizers wish to give a Special Thanks to all the sponsors, contributors and volunteers: Diné Bidziil, International Uranium Film Festival, Honor the Earth, Western Action Mining Network, Indigenous Environment Network, Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment, Seventh Generation Fund, Sierra Club Environmental Justice Program and the Front End Working Group, Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum, and Heinrich Böll Stiftung North America.

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Leona Morgan
Window Rock IUFF Co-Coordinator

Program schedule at Censored News

Long Walk 4 at Stillwater Paiute Shoshone Indian Nation

Photos by Ellen Johnson
By Ellen Johnson
Censored News

This morning we were blessed to have Long Walkers visit the Stillwater Indian Church. Emilio gave a brief explanation of journey's purpose. The mood was warm and cheerful with Emilio and Carl Sampson offering prayer and honor in song. Thank you Long Walkers for what you do.

Empowering Native Youth Media: Vote on new videos

By Klee Benally
Outta Your Backpack Media
Censored News

Here are the videos from OYBM’s recent 48 Hour Film Making Challenge.
Four films were produced with the theme “Hunger” and the requirements of including:
- The line: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”
- Drawing of a spiral.
- Close-up of a hand clap.
- Either a flashback or split screen.
Please vote by either thumbs up or commenting (both are great!). Views will also be counted.
Please share your favorite video as well!
Films are going to be awarded for the following categories: “Best Overall,” “Most Creative,” & “Audience Choice.”
Not eligible for competition but made during the workshop: - Indigenous Youth Empowerment!

Mohawk Nation News 'Black Friday'


MNN. Nov. 30, 2013. Black Friday is “owistah” on steroids! Thanksgiving is not a day to be thankful. The real story is that every massacre of Indigenous people was followed by a celebration by the murderers.  [Please See:  Susan Bates. "Real Story of Thanksgiving". Financiers Jay Fiske and Stephen Gould first organized this kind of event in 1869. In 1951 it became “black Friday”. It is carried out with military precision. Wall street watches closely and gauges this for the bigger picture. 

Mohawk Nation News 'Fourth Reich!'


mnnlogo1MNN. Nov. 29, 2013. The banking “crime” families are the Fourth Reich. Ia’kon, we are told [and did not see it ourselves] that Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem and found that the money-changers had turned it into a “den of thieves”. They were practicing usury, that is, charging interest on loans to people. It was immoral. He tipped their tables and exposed their debt scam to the people. A week later he was nailed to the cross.

Fury as new auction of Hopi sacred objects announced in Paris

Fury as new auction of Hopi sacred objects announced in Paris

By Survival International
Photo Lawyer Pierre Servan-Schreiber met two katsina priests when a katsina was returned to the Hopi in July 2013. 
© Survival
A French auction house has announced that it is putting up for sale a large number of katsinam – objects sacred to the Hopi tribe of Arizona – just months after a similar auction caused an international furore. Survival International, the movement to support tribal peoples, is going to court to try to stop the auction. Alain Leroy of auctioneers EVE plans to auction 25 katsinam on 9 and 11 December, despite pleas from the Hopi’s religious authorities to cancel the sale. The auctioneers have ignored requests to suspend the sale. Read more at Survival International:

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