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November 19, 2014

Greg Grey Cloud free after Lakota song in Senate defending Mother Earth

Photo Frank Thorp V via Twitter
Lakota song as Keystone XL vote fails in the US Senate

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat
Dutch translation by Alice Holemans NAIS

Greg Grey Cloud, Crow Creek Lakota and co-founder of Wica Agli on Rosebud in South Dakota, was free last night after being jailed for sounding out in the US Senate the song of the people whose water and land is threatened by the dirty Keystone XL pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline vote failed in the US Senate yesterday, after being passed in the US House.
Grey Cloud continued singing as he was knocked to the floor and against the wall and handcuffed with zip-ties.
Grey Cloud expressed thanks to those who paved the way, especially the Indian Nation presidents and grassroots people, for the long fight against the tar sands mining in Alberta, Canada, and the threat of the dirty oil pipeline, which threatens the massive Ogallala Aquifer in Lakota territory.
Grey Cloud said last night, “As I lay here trying to calm down from today's actions and go to sleep, I have to give thanks! I express a great deal of gratitude to all the pipeline fighters! My relatives in the great state of Nebraska who are the cowboys to our alliance! To my native nations that support, we are the indians to our cowboys! To all the grandmothers, and aunts who are strong and influential women who have paved the way for us young nephews to stand in support with them! To the tribal presidents who back is in our fight against KXL and a big thanks to our, ‘elected officials, grassroots, and community’ leaders!”
Grey Cloud translated the song he sang in the Senate for Lakota Voice: “Grandfather look at me, I am standing here struggling, I am defending grandmother earth and I am chasing peace."
Grey Cloud goes on to say that the song was :not just from me, but my brothers in Wica Agli. We’re defending our women and children in our community. The song itself was very influential for why I sang that here.”
Read the article by Ann-erika White Bird and watch videos from Senate in Lakota Voice:

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Watch below: Greg Grey Cloud continues singing as he is being taken away from the US Senate


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Anonymous said...

HAYE HAYE ! U rock! lisa in mississppi

Anonymous said...

i love it that he sang, pure love!

i also enjoyed seeing the reactions from the senators when he began...

Unknown said...

Great coverage of an unexpected, and amazing event. Keep up the great work!

Таня said...

Какой молодец! Так держать!

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Translation for the Russian comment: "What a fine fellow! Keep it up!"