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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gila River O'odham Lori Riddle: Protecting sacred land

Lori Riddle, O'odham, with Govinda of Earthcycles

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By Brenda Norrell 
Censored News 
SAN FRANCISCO -- Lori Riddle, O'odham of Gila River Indian Community, spoke on how her family endured the poisons of living on a Superfund site, during the American Indian Movement's gathering, AIM West, here Nov. 21 -- 22, 2014.
Speaking on the long struggle of O'odham to defend sacred places in southern Arizona, Lori shared the struggle of O'odham who are fighting Loop 202, south of Phoenix, on O'odham land, as they defend their sacred mountain.
Describing the mutated corn now growing on O'odham land, Riddle warned against the genetically-modified seeds that have been used on Indian lands.
Listen to all of Lori's comments during the two day event, in the Video Library at Earthcycles.

A special thanks to Govinda at Earthcycles for providing the livestream and video archives. Please consider donations to Earthcycles or Censored News for travel expenses and new equipment that is needed for our live coverage.
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