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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Long arm of US censorship: Reporter in Russia silenced after Mohawk interviews

Mohawks with Marcos, Yaqui land
Sonora, Mexico
Voice of Russia reporter John Robles, who interviewed Mohawks, continues after being silenced at Voice of Russia

Brenda Norrell
Censored News

John Robles was silenced at the Voice of Russia, after his profound interviews, including those with Mohawks. Robles, born a US citizen in Puerto Rico, was granted asylum in Russia. Now, Robles says the arm of US censorship reaches around the world.

Mohawk elder Mark Maracle was among those Robles interviewed during his broadcasts. 

Maracle responded to the censorship, the silencing of Robles at Voice of Russia and the real agenda of the United States.

"What they are afraid of is the truth," Maracle told Censored News.

Here's an excerpt from 'Americans': two faces, two tongues – Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

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Maracle: I know they don't put the truth out here in all of these news networks. I don't even bother watching a lot of these news stations because it is just, it’s all propaganda, it is all controlled by the government, it is all controlled by the FCC. Any time that they want to get out and tell the truth there, they can just shut them down, you know. I give Kahentinetha Horn so much credit for the stuff she puts out on the Mohawk Nation News.
Robles: Yes, she is not afraid to tell the truth and you have an elegant solution for dealing with it. I've been asked myself, I've been writing about media manipulation and everything else and some people have asked me: "What can we do"? And your solution is the most elegant I've heard – just turn it off, just don't watch it anymore. And if they don't have an audience they are going to be powerless.
Maracle: The news is mind numbing and it's just programming peoples' minds. They keep hammering away at you, every day and day out, after a while you are going to believe al of their propaganda. They are no different than what Hitler did.
Robles: Except they pretend to be just, they pretend to be fair, they pretend to be balanced, they pretend to be what they are definitely not. They have women doing this, they have a black president doing this and people are fooled.
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Robles continues his truth-telling at his website, revealing what others dare not publish, including articles on US false flags and the truth about who created ISIS. There's also CIA front companies.

Robles, posted this on his website 
Namely for exposing highly illegal operations worldwide, naming hundreds of agents, outing front companies, publishing documents and evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity, interfering with and stopping operations, interfering with the destruction of Russia and the genocide of Russians in NovoRossiya, outing 3 black operations airlines, telling the CIA fuck you, exposing the fact that "America" is an illegitimate country and those residing on it are squatting on his people's lands and generally being an incalcitrant, unrepentant, honest and unbuyable son-of-a-bitch. 

Here are some of Robles interviews with Mohawks before he was silenced at Voice of Russia.

'Americans': two faces, two tongues – Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

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