Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Leaked Doc: Tar Sands Strategic Plan


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The 'plan' includes using a grassroots scheme

Tarsands Alberta, Canada, poisoning the Cree and other Native peoples,
now threatening the continent with dirty pipelines
TransCanada's Scheme includes Paid Media, and Researching Activists
Excerpt from Common Dreams:
  • Paid Media: Amplification of any promote efforts will be critical to expanding the people we reach with our stories. When positive earned coverage is published, we will amplify it using a content amplification vendor. In addition, we will use Paid Media to effectively deploy our narrative in highly contextual and targeted spaces to inform or engage the audience.
  • The identification of possible areas on web properties where "dark" content could be activated in response to issues that might arise, tied to our milestone calendar or other random flare-ups that require responses.
  • Detailed Background Research on Key Opposition Groups: We will prepare a research profile of key opposition groups by examining public records (including financial disclosures, legal databases and legislative records), traditional media sources (news databases such as Lexis-Nexis and Factiva) and social media (Facebook, Twitter and other relevant sites). All relevant findings will be compiled in a written, fully documented report, to include a summary of findings and an assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

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