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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Anonymous Million Mask March 2014: We need more whistleblowers!

Today Anonymous marches in the Million Mask March

Whistleblowers needed: Theft of Indian water rights

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

We need more whistleblowers to expose the ongoing theft of Native American water rights! In the west, non-Indian attorneys, often hired by tribal governments, are convincing American Indian Nations to give up their water rights in the so-called Indian "water rights settlements."
The cities in the west are dependent on coal-fired electricity, and wasting more water for swimming pools and golf courses in times of drought. Indian water rights are being stolen through back door deals and secret liaisons, between non-Indian attorneys, corrupt tribal officials, the US Department of Interior and corrupt Congressmen.
Dine' (Navajo) protesters halted the theft of water rights when Navajos exposed this memo. Former Interior Sec. Ken Salazar resigned shortly after this memo was leaked.
The so-called Navajo Hopi land dispute was actually fabricated by non-Indian attorney John Boyden. Boyden was an attorney for the Hopi Nation and secretly worked for Peabody Coal. The purpose was to seize land for Peabody Coal's two coal mines on Black Mesa. Over 14,000 Navajos were forced off the land, and the relocation resisters have lived lives of suffering for 40 years.
Peabody Coal's theft of coal on Black Mesa fuels the Navajo Generating Station on the Navajo Nation. It is one of the dirtiest coal producing power plants in the world and provides electricity to Phoenix and Tucson.
On a clear day, flying over the Grand Canyon, look just to the northeast in the clear skies and you will see the dark brown cloud above it, the smoke and pollution pouring out of it.
Many Indian Nations in Arizona have already signed these "water rights settlements" after being convinced to do so by non-Indian attorneys.
We need more whistleblowers.

“Million Mask March” hacktivists take to the streets of Washington

Published on Nov 5, 2014
Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks took to the streets across the world on Wednesday, demanding destruction of the political status quo. Although the gatherings fell well short of the one million participants the loosely affiliated hacktivist collective “Anonymous” had called for, thousands still turned out to fight for change. RT’s Manila Chan is at a demonstration in Washington, DC with more.

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