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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp Day 91: Shut Down Imperial Mining

Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp
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On Day 91 of the disaster, we are enjoying good company. We have moved through so many powerful communities, shared so many meals, so much laughter and so much time. In Iskut, it's snowing, we make moves quietly, we cook a traditional Pakistani Nihari with moose meat, fry bread and other good things and we eat and we eat. On days like today we wonder how it happened, what is this dependence on jobs and money that this so called nation and its so called government forced upon all of us. We have had all of the things we needed for thousands of years, we have all of the things we need now. In a world that made more sense, we all have skills and we all have each other. There is less division and there is less hunger. We feed each other, we gather in warm places, we hold our hearts together, we find strength in this. And when we find ourselves in places like this, we marvel at the defense, the leadership and the courage of our communities in resistance, at how much these communities can affect.

Indigenous Nations have been on the front-lines of a series of struggles, a continuing genocide across Turtle Island. These Nations exist mostly out of sight, out of mind for the masses. This is no acceptable. There's no more hanging on to the old things. Those ways are aiding and abetting the colonial machine, the same one that has and will continue to deny us our Land, our Water, our Women, our Children, our very existence. It has already denied all of us. There is freedom and riches for few, there's a comfortable grey area for many and then there are prisons, guns and segregation for the rest. There is a monopoly of violence. For too long, our Nations have bourn the brunt of it.

We are calling all Nations. We are calling all accomplices. We will stop industry in our tracks. We will honour the Land we stand on and the Waters, the generations we protect. We will move to live lives that are not dependent. We will stop Red Chris. There are no two ways about it.

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