August 2020

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Nov. 15, 2014, Saturday, 7 am till noon
The Arizona Dept of Transportation will be holding a public forum at the Komatke Boys & Girls Center, where community members will be given the opportunity to provide their comments on the recently released FEIS. GRIC has been in opposition to the South Mountain Freeway/ Loop 202 for decades with several community votes and resolutions. NO BUILD! Protect our land, our air quality, our animal relatives. 

So it's pretty simple- there will be a short run to the base of Moadahk Do'ag aka South Mountain and then a march and rally to the forum site. The spirit of the people and the spirit of the mountain needs to be recognized. Let's show them a strong and united front- We Will Protect Our Community- We Will Protect Moadahk Do'ag- We Will Stop Their Freeway. 

Spread the word! Open to all!
Runners needed! Walking is fine! 
Singers needed- bring your shawkud, bring your drums!

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