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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Anonymous Million Mask March 2014: We need more whistleblowers!

Today Anonymous marches in the Million Mask March

Whistleblowers needed: Theft of Indian water rights

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

We need more whistleblowers to expose the ongoing theft of Native American water rights! In the west, non-Indian attorneys, often hired by tribal governments, are convincing American Indian Nations to give up their water rights in the so-called Indian "water rights settlements."
The cities in the west are dependent on coal-fired electricity, and wasting more water for swimming pools and golf courses in times of drought. Indian water rights are being stolen through back door deals and secret liaisons, between non-Indian attorneys, corrupt tribal officials, the US Department of Interior and corrupt Congressmen.
Dine' (Navajo) protesters halted the theft of water rights when Navajos exposed this memo. Former Interior Sec. Ken Salazar resigned shortly after this memo was leaked.
The so-called Navajo Hopi land dispute was actually fabricated by non-Indian attorney John Boyden. Boyden was an attorney for the Hopi Nation and secretly worked for Peabody Coal. The purpose was to seize land for Peabody Coal's two coal mines on Black Mesa. Over 14,000 Navajos were forced off the land, and the relocation resisters have lived lives of suffering for 40 years.
Peabody Coal's theft of coal on Black Mesa fuels the Navajo Generating Station on the Navajo Nation. It is one of the dirtiest coal producing power plants in the world and provides electricity to Phoenix and Tucson.
On a clear day, flying over the Grand Canyon, look just to the northeast in the clear skies and you will see the dark brown cloud above it, the smoke and pollution pouring out of it.
Many Indian Nations in Arizona have already signed these "water rights settlements" after being convinced to do so by non-Indian attorneys.
We need more whistleblowers.

“Million Mask March” hacktivists take to the streets of Washington

Published on Nov 5, 2014
Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks took to the streets across the world on Wednesday, demanding destruction of the political status quo. Although the gatherings fell well short of the one million participants the loosely affiliated hacktivist collective “Anonymous” had called for, thousands still turned out to fight for change. RT’s Manila Chan is at a demonstration in Washington, DC with more.

Zapatistas: Government kidnapped defenders against highway destruction

Joint Declaration from the National Indigenous Congress and the EZLN on the Cowardly Attack by Government forces against the Ñatho Indigenous Community of San Francisco Xochicuautla on November 3, 2014

Joint Declaration from the National Indigenous Congress and the EZLN on the Cowardly Attack by Government forces against the Ñatho Indigenous Community of San Francisco Xochicuautla on November 3, 2014

To the Ñatho Indigenous Community of San Francisco Xochicuautla
To the National and International Sixth
To the Peoples of the World
Today once again, our brothers and sisters of the Ñatho Indigenous Community of San Francisco Xochicuautla have defended their territory against the destruction and voracious ambition of those above who want to impose their highway project at any cost and in violation of Mexican and international law.
Not content with having laid waste to the forests, the bad governments of Enrique Peña Nieto and Eruviel Ávila Villegas have kidnapped our sisters Felipa Gutiérrez Petra (67 years old), Rosa Saavedra Mendoza (54 years old), and Francisca Reyes Flores (28 years old), and our brothers Armando García Salazar (50 years old), Venancio Hernández Ramírez (57 years old), Domingo Hernández Ramírez (57 years old), Mauricio Reyes Flores (28 years old) and Jerónimo Flores Arcelino (73 years old).
We warn those above, in case they have forgotten, that as peoples and communities who have walked a long journey of resistance in defense of what we are, what we were, and what we will be, we will not tire of planting rebellion where they cut the flowers, oaks, and firs; we will not tire of building resistance where they impose the machinery of destruction.
The roots of Xochicuautla and the other originary peoples and indigenous communities reach deep into our hills and countrysides, far deeper than their highways, and they are far stronger than attempts to uproot us from this Mexico that today cries for its young people, murdered and disappeared by the Bad Government.
This government, which is not satiated by filling the prisons with rebellious men, women, children, and elderly, has again taken by force the freedom of indigenous brothers and sisters. They have done this to our Yaqui brothers and our Nahua brothers from the volcano region, and to so many others whose pain we also share. To all of these brothers and sisters we want to say that we walk in the same struggle, as peoples and communities who call ourselves the National Indigenous Congress.
And to the deaf ears of the bad governments, we say that we know they are scared. They demonstrated this with the 500 riot cops and police helicopters they brought today to Xochicuautla, where next December we as indigenous peoples and communities will converge to share our rebellion, our struggle, and our seeds of resistance.
Their pain is our pain, their rage is our rage!
November 3, 2014.
Never Again a Mexico Without Us
National Indigenous Congress
Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee—General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation.

Mohawk Nation News 'Republic of Kevin'



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MNN. Nov. 4, 2014. Rev. Kevin Annett, a non-Indian, and his followers are nullifying Canada and proclaiming the “Republic of Kanata” on January 1, 2015, in Winnipeg. It will be on all our unsurrendered Indigenous land known as “Canada”. The Iroquois Confederacy symbolism is being used without our permission, such as the Tree of Peace with the Eagle at the top and the roots spreading in the four directions. He is going to nationalize our land, restrict ownership to 160 acres each, establish a citizen’s militia, lower the voting age to 16 and abolish income tax.
Kevin's attempted rogue republic.
Kaianerekowa: Wampum 45 provides that the Women are the progenitors of the Nation. They own the land and soil. 
Rev. Annett did not ask us for permission to set up their new corporation or republic. He is recruiting settlers to join a new corporation or rogue state with a hierarchical corporate system. They do not plan to live by the law of the land, the Kaianerekowa, and the Guswentha.
Same old. Same old. Everyone's going to get 160 acres.
Same old. Same old. Everyone’s going to get 160 acres of Indian land.
This could be another attempt to usurp Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. Only we are sovereign with all title and authority over Onowaregeh. Rev. Annett cannot legitimize himself by recruiting Indians to support his company to make it appear like he’s got Indigenous support. He can have authority only over those who give him their rights.  All traditional Indigenous nations in the Western Hemisphere adhere to the principles of the Great Peace. Those Indigenous who support him lose their claim to the land, Ongwehonweh name, clan and forfeit their birthright.
The Corporations of Canada and the US never resolved the issues of our land, which they know we can never give up. Hook and crook are the basis for their claims. Theft and murder have no statute of limitation in Kaianerekowa or Admiralty law.
A corporation has no authority beyond itself. It’s by-laws apply only to its employees. Onowaregeh is ours since time immemorial. We will protect our land and resources and stop another rogue state like this from continuing the genocide.
Jim Jones & his Rainbow Children.
Jim Jones & his Rainbow Children.
Rev. Annett sounds like Rev. Jim Jones, with a different spin. Both want to set up their own country on native land. Stay away from Kevin’s Kool-Aid! We encourage everybody to chose right and follow the great law, Kaianerekowa, the supreme law of the land, based on the laws of nature.
As John Lennon says: “We all been playing those mind games forever/Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil/Doing the mind guerrilla/Some call it magic, the search for the grail.. John Lennon. “Mind Games”.
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Canada is a rogue state. It is a party to this agreement, but never fulfilled its obligation to the international community. UN Declaration on Decolonization 1960.

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