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Monday, November 10, 2014

Rally for Alexi Cruz, student detained in El Paso Immigration Center

Community Rallies for Alexi Cruz,
 Student Wrongly Detained in El Paso Immigration Center

Alexi, who came to the U.S. at 14, is eligible for DACA

El Paso, TX, November 10, 2014— Human Rights Organizer, student and father, Alexi Cruz was wrongly detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after his car broke down on the side of the road in Lordsburg, NM.  Alexi was racially profiled by the Sherriff there and is currently in an  ICE Detention Center in El Paso, Texas, despite being DACA eligible, and having no criminal record.  Immigrant Rights activist, Johana De Leon from Immigrant Youth Movement (SAYM) is puzzled by Alexi’s detention and states, “Alexi is eligible for DACA and as such he is not a priority for deportation. It has been routine for ICE officials to just release DACA eligible students, not detain them and try to deport them!”
Im/migrant & Indigenous Rights supporters in El Paso are calling on the community to stand in prayer and protest against this injustice.

Rally for the Release of Human Rights Activist 
& DACA eligible student, Alexi Cruz.
Prayer by Danza Azteca Omecoatl
Wednesday, November, 12th @ 4pm
@ El Paso ICE Field Office, 1545 Hawkins Blvd.
Alexi, indigenous with Yaqui and Mayo roots, came to the United States from Mexico when he was just 14-years old. As transcripts show, and provided to the Department of Homeland Security, Alexi attended high-school here in the United States and is clearly eligible for discretion under DACA. According to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, issued by the Obama Administration, young people like Alexi, who came to the United States before the age of 16 are not a priority for deportation.
Alexi has always been an outspoken defender of human rights: “He’s a wonderful person, no matter where we’ve lived he’s always been out there advocating for people. In some ways he is the perfect person for this injustice to happen to, we are hoping his story reaches others who are in this same situation of detention and deportation, and that it gives them hope to keep fighting” said, Anayanse Garza, his partner of 5 years. Alexi and Anayanse have a 2-year old daughter together and are anticipating Alexi’s release from detention with community support.
RAICES, Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, has agreed to provide Alexi Cruz with pro-bono representation.
TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition:
Call to ICE in Washington D.C. @ 202-732-3000, Alexi Cruz (A#202-034-086)

Mohawk Nation News 'Bloody Remembrance'


 Mohawk Nation News
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MNN. Nov. 10, 2014. War is the bankers’ favorite theatre. November 11th is a celebration of war. Everybody gets a day off. Commemorations are televised of the past and present bloodletting. The bagpipes blare. Why do Scottish clad men marching with bagpipes symbolize Canada in national or state memorials? People buy poppies from kids, to keep war going. Recent alleged killing of two soldiers and the gunfight on Parliament Hill were timed for effect. War is sold by the warmongers by honoring those who have murdered. Remembrance Day is the biggest propaganda campaign for the continuance of World War I. The killing fields in Europe ended but war continued.
Warmonger Stephen Harper: "Weeee! We just wiped out some Iraqi villages!"
Warmonger Stephen Harper: Canadian Forces Harper.
There never has been a reason for Canada to be in any war. The Queens Privy Council and her appointed actors run the show in the colony of Canada disguised as a democracy. Their corporate entities, such as the band councils, run all business.
Red poppies symbolize blood. European bloodlines want your blood. Wearing these means you support war and bloodletting. All wars are banker wars. They send our young people and sacrifice them without even asking their mothers. The “tomb of the unknown soldier” is getting old. It’s always been a bad act. After 100 years we’re still falling for nineteen/twenty year olds being sacrificed by their Zionist money gods.
Poppies show visible public support for and celebration of war. Since World War I has been honored and celebrated on November 11, there have been 212 wars since.
Kids. This where your poppy money goes!
Kids. This is where your poppy money goes!
The first world peace agreement was signed in Montreal by us and France in 1701. In 1710 the Iroquois Confederacy sent four chiefs to the first world peace conference in London. Then we tried again in 1923. The Iroquois Confederacy sent Deskahe to the League of Nations to teach the Great Peace to stop all war. He was sponsored by eight sovereign nations, including Iran. Britain blocked every attempt for a year and a half every time it was his turn to speak. He was blocked from entering Canada by bloodline agent, Duncan Campbell Scott. He was subsequently murdered by agents of the crown and never allowed to return to his home at Six Nations.
Peace begins with the women of the world.
Peace begins with the women of the world.
It’s time for us to talk to about world peace again and to hold the THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ABOUT WORLD PEACE. We have the formula. This time, don’t kill the messenger!
John Wesley Harding gets it right: “The messenger came with bad news from the front/Said “the soldiers are starving and their swords are all blunt/They need a show of support or some futile sign/That’s what they told me to tell you, not even the words are mine...” Don’t kill the messenger.
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