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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Livestream Native American Music Awards Nov. 14, 2014

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November 12, 2014


Salamanca, New York - On Friday, November 14th, at 7:00PM EST, the Fifteenth Annual Native American Music Awards (N.A.M.A.) will be streamed live on the home page of First Nations Experience, or FNX-TV at FNX-TV will also be broadcasting the awards show at 8PM EST on their nationwide channel on Thanksgiving Day.

The live stream is presented by FNX with additional support by Singlefeather Media. In addition to, the live stream can be view on the home page of the Awards website, as well as  The show starts at 7:00PM EST.

Broadcast live from the Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel in Salamanca, New York, the Fifteenth Annual Native American Music Awards will feature a host of performances and special appearances by Native American and mainstream artists including; Janice Marie Johnson of a Taste of Honey, Indigenous, Sihasin, Jamie Coon, Leah Shenandoah, Wayne Silas Jr, Lightning Creek, Plenty Wolf Singers, Dark Water Rising, Lawrence Harris, Buddy Big Mountain, Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Steve Rushingwind, Vince Fontaine, the Ed Koban Group, and Jim Boyd who will be this year's Lifetime Achievement Recipient.

The Fifteenth Annual Native American Music Awards is presented by the Seneca Nation of Indians and Seneca Allegany Casino.  Additional support for the Awards program has been provided by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, Guitar Center and San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. This will be the seventh consecutive time the  Seneca Casinos and Seneca Nation of Indians proudly host the Native American Music Awards.

The Native American Music Awards honors North American’s top native musicians in 30 distinct categories and will feature more than a dozen live performances and collaborations.

Limited tickets for Friday’s event are available at, all Ticketmaster locations or by phone at 800-745-3000. To learn more about the Native American Music Awards, please visit

Mohawk Nation News 'I am Dekanawida'



This important story is being republished. Please post and distribute. Nia:wen.
MNN. Feb. 23, 2014/Nov. 9, 2014. Our messenger, Dekanawida, told us this story about the White, Red and Black Serpents just before he left us. Dekanawida referred to them as serpents because they slither underneath society.
"I am Dekanawida. With the statesman o the League of 5 Nation, I plant the Tree of Great Peace".
Wampum #1: “I am Dekanawida. With the statesman of the League of 5 Nation, I plant the Tree of Great Peace”.
The  white serpent is Free Masonry. In the future it will come to Great Turtle Island. “They will befriend the Onkwehonwe who have been given the task of teaching them how to follow the the Guswentha/Two Row Wampum and the Kaianerekowa, the Great Law of Peace. After seven generations of contact, the white serpent will have us squeezed so tight against his chest we can hardly breathe.”
“Then a red serpent will apear from the North. The white serpent will be startled and momentarily drop the Onkwehonwe, who will fall to the ground like a baby and crawl to the hilly country to heal. The white and red serpents will have a fierce fight that will tear open mother earth”. The red serpent is the Bavarian Illuminati. The fight they will have is World War I. “Then the white and red serpents will lay around for a while not knowing what to do after the great battle”. Dekanawida said, ” A false message disguised as a woman will be sent to the black serpent in the south, who came and took over the red and white serpents. Then all three will work together to make continual war against every nation on earth”. This is the New World Order [NATO] carrying out its plan.
Black corporate serpent dominates and then slithers away from Onkwehonwe.
Black corporate serpent dominates and then slithers away from Onkwehonwe.
The black serpent will always search worldwide and will make war with one country after another. The black serpent will always be searching to see who is next. Then only will he see the Onkwehonwe healing in the hilly country. He will say,  “I have no fight with them!”. Then a bright light many times brighter than the sun will come from the east. “The black serpent will see the light, be fearful and swim south, never again to be seen by the Onkwehonwe”. The red serpent will become fearful of the light and crawl to the north, leaving a snaily trail behind him, never to be seen again by the Onkwehonwe”. Part of the tail of the white serpent will break off and crawl to the hilly country to heal with the Onkwehonwe. The rest of the white serpent will make a feeble attempt to swim toward the light [NASA].
The serpents will all be gone. A messenger will appear. There will be peace on earth.
The serpents will all be gone. A messenger will appear. There will be peace on earth.
Dekanawida instructed, “You must go to the hilly country. When the time comes, burn tobacco, call my name and I will return. As the Kanionkehaka, people of the flint, have kept alive the Kaianerekowa, Great Law, a great messenger will emerge from them. His words will be heard by as many as the blades of grass at the same time. We are now healing. We will soon burn tobacco and call Dekanawida by name.
AS Pink Floyd advises, take a deep breath in through your nose and breathe and exhale through your mouth: Pink Floyd. “Breathe”.
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