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Monday, March 23, 2015


  Please post & distribute. Nia:wen. MNN. 23 Mar. 2015. Any child can see the solution. Dekanawida told us the black serpent is looking for war with one co...
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Activists Lock Down at San Francisco Police Gates

Monday, March 23, 2015 BREAKING
Activists Lock Down Gates of San Francisco PD to Protest Police Violence

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Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS Gazette

Pic @silverspeakers ‪#‎Justice4AlexNieto‬
By  – San Francisco – Protesters have blocked traffic with street theater and chained themselves to Mission Police Station as part of an action against officer-involved shootings in the city and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The roughly 100 activists began arriving at about 7 a.m. to mark the one year anniversary of the police shooting of Alex Nieto. They were joined by Nieto’s parents and the youth rhythm and dance ensemble Loco Bloco.
Ten of the protesters joined hands through tubing and chained themselves to the Valencia street exit of the Mission Station parking lot. Public Information Officer Albie Esparza said the action is not interfering with their ability to respond to calls for service with the vehicles they already have out and about. Esparza said the police do not currently have plans to take action against protesters and are simply monitoring their “First Amendment rights activity.”
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Pic @silverspeakers ‪#‎Justice4AlexNieto‬
Vertaald door NAIS:
Maandag 23 maart 2015- San Francisco
Activisten hebben het verkeer lamgelegd met straattheater, en ketenden zichzelf vast aan het Mission Politiekantoor.
De acties waren gericht tegen de agenten die betrokken waren bij de schietpartijen in de stad en in solidariteit met de ‘Black Lives Matter ‘beweging.
De ongeveer 100 activisten verschenen rond 7u ter plaatse om the police shooting of Alex Nieto nu juist een jaar geleden te herdenken.
Nieto’s ouders en de ‘youth rhythm and dance ensemble’ Loco Bloco waren aanwezig.

Tien activisten reikten elkaar de hand door kartonnen kokers en ketende zich vast aan de uitgang van de parking van het politiekantoor in Valencia straat.

Albie Esparza, de woordvoerder van de politie verklaarde dat de actie hun werkzaamheden in dienst van het publiek niet zal beïnvloeden, daar er genoeg wagens buiten waren.
Verder zei hij dat de politie op dit moment niet zal ingrijpen tegen de actievoerders, die hun “First Amendment rights activity,” recht op vrije mening, uitoefenden.
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Arthur Manuel Book Launch 'Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call'

Arthur Manuel speaks on Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call

Winnipeg book launch: Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call
May 14th, 2015, 7:00pm–9:00pm
McNally Robinson Winnipeg, 1120 Grant Avenue, Attached to Grant Park Mall, Winnipeg, MB, Canada (map)

By Between the Lines
Censored News

“This is the back story of both grassroots and backroom struggles that created the context in which we find ourselves today, one in which a new generation of First Nations leaders is demanding sovereignty and self-determination, and more and more non-Indigenous Canadians finally understand that huge swaths of this country we call Canada is not ours—or our government’s—to sell.” ~ Naomi Klein, from the Foreword.

As the son of George Manuel, who served as president of the National Indian Brotherhood and founded the World Council of Indigenous Peoples in the 1970s, Arthur Manuel was born into the struggle. From his unique and personal perspective, as a Secwepemc leader and an Indigenous activist who has played a prominent role on the international stage, Arthur Manuel describes the victories and failures, the hopes and the fears of a generation of activists fighting for Aboriginal title and rights in Canada. Unsettling Canada chronicles the modern struggle for Indigenous rights covering fifty years of struggle over a wide range of historical, national, and recent international breakthroughs.

Journey for Existence: Walking to Crownpoint today!

Photo March 21, 2015: "We have called upon our people to walk with us and in just a few hours our numbers have grown! Behind us is the generating station that burns coal from Peabody Energy's El Segundo Mine. We are continuing onto Thoreau Chapter house where we will make camp and host a community dinner this evening."

Today: March 23, 2015 "We are leaving Smith Lake Chapter and are now walking to Crownpoint! Come out and walk with us."

Zapatistas SupGaleano 'About the Homage and the Seminar'

SupGaleano formerly known as Marcos

About the Homage and the Seminar

Sup Galeano

To the compas of the Sixth in Mexico and in the World:
I have been asked to let you know that…
Despite the significant increase in military activity in the vicinity of the Zapatista Caracoles (aggressive patrols, intimidating checkpoints, threatening flyovers)—particularly in the caracoles of La Realidad and Oventik (the first has just opened a school-clinic, and the second will host the tribute to Don Luis Villoro Toranzo)…
Despite the growing belligerence of the paramilitary groups sponsored by the Chiapas government…
Despite the tired “new” lies in the paid media /no, there is not and there has not been any proposal for dialogue; no, not since 2001, that is to say that no federal official has approached the EZLN in the last 14 years for any reason other than in an attempt to assasinate the Zapatista leadership; no, the federal and state governments are not looking to improve the living conditions of indigenous people in Chiapas, rather, they are trying to divide communities; no, the only governmental approaches that Jaime Martinez Veloz claim for himself were not to Zapatistas but to the paramilitaries backed (before he took over) by Luis H. Alvarez, Juan Sabines Guerrero, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, and now Manuel Velasco Coello, Rosario Robles Berlanga and Enrique Peña Nieto, one of whose groups (the CIOAC-H) is responsible for the murder of the compañero teacher Galeano; no, and so forth and so on/…
Despite the fact that truth and justice are still missing in Ayotzinapa…
Despite the fact that out there they’re busy with other things (more important things, right?) and that quickly changing trends in “mobilization” only prove that frivolousness is the overall strategy…

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