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Monday, August 24, 2015

Crawford Day One - Protecting Sacred Water from Uranium Poison

crawford day one - Uranium Hearings  - protecting sacred water

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Very important P.S.A from Debra White Plume Wioweya Najin Win and Olowan Sara Martinez regarding the Uranium Hearings that started today and run through Friday... Please share this, get the word out we need people to be there... 


CONTACT:  Vic Camp, Owe Aku (605) 407-8301
20 AUGUST 2015, 20 AUGUST 2015                                                                                            
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission Atomic Safety and Licensing Board will hold a hearing Aug. 24-28th 2015 in Crawford, Nebraska on challenges to the license renewal for Cameco's Crow Butte uranium recovery facility near Crawford. The board is the independent body within the NRC that conducts adjudicatory hearings and renders decisions on legal challenges to licensing actions.

After a ten-year battle to stop the uranium mine from renewing and expanding it's operations, experts and lawyers representing local residents, Native Americans, the Western Nebraska Resources Council and the Oglala Sioux Tribe will have their opportunity to testify in front of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The plaintiffs intervened in 2008 to stop the uranium mining permit renewal. Evidence presented will address contentions which challenge, among other things: the adequacy of the evaluation and protection of historical resources at the site, impact on Native sacred sites and the NRC's analysis of the facility's impacts on surface water, groundwater, and the ecosystem.

The board will hear arguments on four technical contentions and five related to the environmental review. The NRC renewed the facility license in 2014 in advance of the hearing, with an expiration date of Nov. 5, 2024.

DATES: 8/24-8/28/15 FROM 9:30- 6:00 PM or until all evidence is heard
LOCATION: Crawford Community Center, 1005 1st St., in Crawford, Nebraska
Debra White Plume, a Lakota grandmother, Director of Owe Aku (Bring Back the Way) and lead plaintiff says:
Indeed, this environmental issue truly goes beyond the boundaries of race, county lines, townships, state borders -- it effects all of life in this area, and can reach far into the future generations of all living things: the two-legged, the four-legged, the winged, the standing silent nation (plants), those that crawl and swim, and our Sacred Water, Sacred Land, and Sacred Air. For the Lakota Oyate (Lakota People) a clean environment is a matter of life and death. To expose our people to the deadly toxins of uranium mining is a threat to our survival as a people… this is environmental racism."

Colleen Bennan, local resident and Sisterhood Water Watch co-founder says:
I was born in Dawes County, raised in rural Sioux County. Crawford is my hometown. I live in Chadron today, just 24 miles down the road. I still have family and friends there. I don't feel unsafe in my little town. I walk with intention, my head is up, my eyes and ears are open. I oppose this foreign company and its practices. I am not afraid. I welcome anyone to come spend time with open minds."                                                                                                                              Members of the public and media are welcome to observe the evidentiary hearing, but testimony will be limited to the parties, lawyers and witnesses. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for security screening. Videotaping is not permitted inside, but plaintiffs, community members, local residents and others working to stop uranium mining in the region will be available for interviews outside.
Additional information follows.
Some believe that re-configuring the character of the pristine Black Hills by dotting it with uranium mining operations is good for South Dakota. Many don't.

"Some have thought the foreign company
(Azarga/Powertech, known simply as Powertech here) with offices in Vancouver and Hong Kong is a sound investment. Many, many, many have learned the hard way that it isn't.

Among them were those who bought the stock at better than $4 per share in '07. Then there was that bunch who thought they were stealing it for $1.50 per share in '08. And let's not forget those buyers who paid 50 cents per share between '09 and '11. What they think now that Powertech stock is trading at 6 cents per share is probably unprintable here.

That the company has destroyed a lot of investor equity over the years is a matter of record. That its persistent pursuit of permits to start its water-based in situ uranium recovery venture in the Black Hills has been the basis for the company's claims of better times ahead is obvious. That some believe the effort is really a calculated maneuver to do nothing more than drive up the price of Powertech stock is a reasonable conclusion.

This company lives in the "penny stocks" world, which is so loaded with disclaimers and warnings that most serious investors shun them. NASDAQ itself issues a rather stern and unequivocal warning about these companies, which include stocks like Powertech, that can't even be bought through conventional means. Ask your brokers about the much-disdained "pink sheet" list of stocks.

And why does the conclusion that Powertech's main goal is to drive up the price of its stock by blowing smoke about the company's expectations seem reasonable? Well, you have to look at the global market for uranium itself, which collapsed after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster a few years ago. The price has fallen by more than half, which dealt a sharp blow to Powertech's prospects.

One local analyst tells me that the price of uranium is below the cost of mining it in the Black Hills. If correct, then Powertech's reason to exist is all about getting some sort of a bounce in the price of its stock, which calls for a full frontal public relations assault by the company's touts.

Dr. Lilias Jarding of Rapid City has been so incensed by the company's efforts at doing so that she just fired off a letter to Canada's Securities Commission, complaining about the company's misstatements, which she believes are intended to mislead both the general public and potential investors in Powertech stock. I think her concerns have merit, and I hope Canadian regulators look into it.

Please spread the word to individuals, organizations, libraries or universities to help bring the film to new audiences.  We are excited to be on the road with Crying Earth Rise Up and to share it with those working on water protection and energy policy issues.

"I think everyone is America needs to watch this documentary and ask why uranium is still mined? Excellent work you've done bringing this issue to a much broader light."   -comment from PBS viewer

For more information visit: or Thank you for spreading the word!
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Indian country has had enough of John McCain!

Censored News photos
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
English with Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS Gazette

There was a surprise waiting in the statistics at Censored News today. Yesterday, Censored News broke all viewer records, with 42,971 pageviews. The views and comments reveal that Indian Country has had enough of Arizona Sen. John McCain, and the scorched earth campaign of the US government, with its river poisoning US EPA and its genocidal coal and uranium mining.

Here's our top stories this week:

Our top story was written by Vincent Yazzie in 2011: "Navajo: Remove John McCain from Senate Committee on Indian Affairs." It is hard to believe that John McCain is still on the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, after his long history of the theft of Indian land and water rights.

Next on the most viewed list, is our article "Dine' protesters chase John McCain off Navajo Nation." In a statement to Phoenix New Times, McCain denied he was chased off the Navajo Nation. But the videos of Navajos chasing his car to the airport shows he was indeed chased off the Navajo Nation. McCain has continued attempts to steal water rights to the Colorado River for southern Arizona and the dirty coal fired power plant that provides electricity to southern Arizona, the Navajo Generating Station. Navajos also gave McCain real in-his-face support for Apaches defending Oak Flat. This comes after McCain sneaked through the theft of sacred Oak Flat for copper mining in the defense bill.

Our next most viewed article is, "EPA send poisoned water to Navajos after massive gold mine spill." The EPA sent water in contaminated tanks by way of an oil and fracking trucking company to desperate Navajo farmers in the Shiprock area.

Also in the top viewed category: "Lakotas rally to protect sacred water Aug. 24, 2015." The fight continues to protect Lakota territory from uranium mining. Uranium mining in Lakota territory reveals the scorched earth campaign of the US government which has included poisoning the water and land of Lakotas, Navajos, Pueblos and more in Indian country with uranium mining, coal mining, gold mine river spills and toxic dumping.

Navajos in Sanders, Arizona, are now the victims of the Church Rock uranium spill of 1979. When the US government relocated Navajos to this area from Black Mesa to make way for Peabody Coal's mining on Black Mesa, the US knew that the radioactive water was traveling down the Rio Puerco wash and would poison the water supplies in this community west of Gallup, N.M.

With heavy hearts, Navajos in Shiprock voted not to irrigate their crops with the water from the Animas and San Juan rivers, now contaminated with heavy metals. The US EPA admits it was responsible for the Gold King mine spill which will contaminate the riverbeds for decades.
"Navajos at Shiprock make heart-wrenching decision not to irrigate with contaminated river water."

The smug indifference of the BLM moderator of this listening session was obvious during this so-called listening session. Indigenous said they were disrespected by BLM officials during their prayer. Navajos and Pueblos took the message in regards to coal and uranium: "Leave it in the Ground."
"Four Corners residents to BLM: Stop Sacrificing us for dirty coal"

"Zapatistas on Truth and Justice:" The article reveals how US government forces and the media have carried out a war on Indigenous Peoples and truth.

"Dine' Water Teach-Ins expose threats and solutions"

"Grassroots Indigenous prepare for UN Climate Summit in Paris"

EPA's dirty tricks campaign
After poisoning the Animas and San Juan rivers with the Gold King mine spill, the US EPA began at dirty tricks campaign and attempted to get Navajos to sign waivers of liability for the US government:

Former Chairman Tex Hall's oil and gas business partner in the news again
In the news, Tex Hall's former oil and gas business partner, waiting trial in a murder for hire scheme, attempted to escape from jail by way of sheets tied together. According to another inmate, the escape plans included big money and weapons. This is the latest story in the dark truth of oil, gas, murder and a separate disappearance of Tex Hall's business partners on the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation, where oil and gas drilling, devastating pollution and criminal workers, in North Dakota have devastated the communities.
Censored News coverage from 2014, which includes a photo of Tex Hall and the accused.

Reporters tortured and murdered around the world, while plagiarism dominates in US
While reporters are being tortured and assassinated around the world, in the United States, plagiarism by stay at home re-writers has increasingly become the standard.
In Indian country, the major Indian news websites rely on stay-at-home plagiarizers who rarely leave their homes. They let others take the risks, do the work, and pay the costs. These websites deceive their readers into believing they are actually out covering the news by plagiarizing and rewriting, and adding stolen copyrighted photos as if they were present and covering the news.
Indian country media does not have any reporters present in Washington DC. It is not because of a lack of funds either. The owners of Indian Country Today are extremely wealthy.
What this means for Indian country is that John McCain and the others in Congress are left free to continue their pattern of the theft of American Indian land and water rights theft.

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* Indian Country heeft genoeg van John McCain!
Vertaald door NAIS (with permission from Brenda Norrell):
 Maandag 24 augustus, 2015
Vandaag wachtte ons een verrassing toen we de statistieken van Censored News bekeken.
Gisteren werd het lezersrecord verbroken met 42.971 pageviews.
De commentaren spraken boekdelen: Indian Country heeft zijn buik vol van de Arizona Senator John McCain, en de ‘verbrande aarde’ campagne van de VS regering, met zijn VS EPA, vergiftigen van de rivieren en zijn genocide kolen en uranium mijnen.

Top story’s van deze week:
Onze top story was geschreven in 2011 door Vincent Yazzie: ”Navajo: Remove John McCain from Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.”
Het is ongelofelijk dat John McCain, na zijn lange geschiedenis van diefstal van indiaans land en waterrechten, nog steeds in de senaat commissie voor Indiaanse zaken zetelt

Het volgende in de meest bekeken lijsten is ons artikel "Dine' protesters chase John McCain off Navajo Nation."
In een verklaring aan de Phoenix New Times ontkende McCain dat hij weggejaagd werd van de Navajo Nation. Maar de video’s van Navajo’s die zijn auto achtervolgden tot aan de luchthaven tonen duidelijk dat hij weggejaagd werd.
MC Cain heeft nooit zijn pogingen opgegeven om de waterrechten op de Colorado rivier te stelen, voor Zuid Arizona en de vuile kolen elektriciteitscentrale dat elektriciteit levert aan zuid- Arizona, het Navajo Generating Station.
Navajo’s gaven hem ook lik op stuk met hun steun aan de Apaches die Oak Flat verdedigden.

Ons volgende meest bekeken artikel is, "EPA send poisoned water to Navajos after massive gold mine spill.".
De EPA stuurde water in besmette tanks met een olie en fracking bedrijf naar de wanhopige Navajo landbouwers in het Shiprock gebied.

Ook in de top categorie: "Lakotas rally to protect sacred water Aug. 24, 2015."
De strijd om het Lakota territorium te beschermen tegen uraniummijnbouw gaat door. Uranium ontginning in het Lakota territorium brengt de ‘verbrande aarde’ campagne van de VS regering; het vergiftigen van het water en land van Lakotas, Navajos, Pueblos en meer in Indian Country door uranium mijnen, koolmijnen, lekken van de goudmijn en giftige dumping.

 Navajo’s in Sanders, Arizona, zijn nu de slachtoffers van het Church Rock uranium lek in 1979. Toen de VS regering Navajo’s dwong om van de Black Mesa weg te trekken om plaats te maken voor mijnontginning op Black Mesa door Peablody coal, toen wist de VS dat radioactief water naar de Rio Puerco zou stromen en de watervoorraden in deze gemeenschap west van Gallup, N.M. zou vergiftigen.

Met bezwaard hart verkozen de Navajo’s in Shiprock om hun gewassen niet te besproeien met water van de Animas en San Juan Rivers, nu besmet met zware metalen. De EPA heeft toegegeven dat zij aansprakelijk zijn voor de Gold Mine lekken die nu voor tientallen jaren de rivierbedden besmetten.

De zelfingenomen onverschilligheid van de BLM moderator van deze hoorzitting was overduidelijk. Inheemsen zeggen dat zij tijdens hun gebeden geen respect kregen van de BLM beambten. Navajo’s en Pueblo’s brachten hen de boodschap : "Leave it in the Ground." "Four Corners residents to BLM: Stop Sacrificing us for dirty coal"

Zapatistas on Truth and Justice" Dit artikel onthulde hoe VS regeringmachten en de media oorlog voerden op inheemsen en waarheid.

"Dine' Water Teach-Ins expose threats and solutions"

"Grassroots Indigenous prepare for UN Climate Summit in Paris"

EPA’s vuile listen campagne
Nadat ze de Animas en San Juan rivieren vergiftigden door de lekken van de Gold King mijn begon de US EPA zijn listige campagne om Navajo’s ‘ontheffing van aansprakelijkheid’ formulieren voor de VS regering te laten ondertekenen.

 Olie en gas- zakenpartner van voormalig voorzitter Tex Hall komt terug in het nieuws.
In het nieuws, Tex Hall’s voormalige olie en gas zakenpartner, die in de cel zijn proces afwacht voor zijn aandeel in een huurmoord, deed een ontsnappingspoging door lakens aan mekaar te binden. Volgens een medegevangene waren er bij de ontsnappingspoging groot geld en wapens betrokken. Dit is het recentste verhaal in de duistere waarheid van olie, gas, moord en de verdwijning van zakenpartners van Tex Hall in de Mandan, Hidatsa en Arika Nation, waar olie en gasboringen, vreselijke pollutie en criminele arbeiders, in Noord Dakota, de gemeenschappen hebben verwoest.
Censored News verslag uit 2014 met foto’s van Tex Hall en de beschuldigden.

Reporters tortured and murdered around the world, while plagiarism dominates in US
Artikels uit Censored News mogen niet gebruikt worden op websites met advertenties.
Niets van de inhoud mag gebruikt worden op websites met winsten van advertenties of andere vormen van financiële profijten of fondsen.
Alle materiaal in Censored News is eigendom van de individuele schrijvers en fotografen.
Nota van NAIS
NAIS heeft de uitdrukkelijke goedkeuring van Brenda Norrell, uitgever van Censored News, om artikels te vertalen en te publiceren in de NAIS Gazet.
Ook NAIS weigert advertenties en andere bronnen van inkomsten voor het in stand houden van de website.

Dan Bacher 'Protesters slam LA funding of Delta tunnels for Big Ag tycoons'

Photo of protesters in front of The Wonderful Company's corporate offices on August 19 courtesy of Food & Water Watch.
Protesters slam LA funding of Delta tunnels for Big Ag tycoons
by Dan Bacher 
                                                                     Censored News

Outside the plush Los Angeles headquarters of Beverly Hills agribusiness tycoon Stewart Resnick on August 19, 25 protesters chanted, "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Corporate Greed has got to go" and “Mayor Garcetti, have some will. Don’t let Resnick raise our bills.” 

The protesters, including Los Angeles ratepayers, community leaders and representatives of water watchdog groups, demanded that Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti protect LA water ratepayers from funding the massive Delta tunnels project promoted by Governor Jerry Brown to export more water to corporate agribusiness interests and oil companies on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. 

The tunnels opponents held their rally outside the corporate headquarters of The Wonderful Company, owned by Stewart and Lynda Resnick, to expose the Resnicks' campaign to promote the "California Water Fix," formerly known as the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). The Resnicks in June unveiled their company's new name, the Wonderful Company, to replace the old corporate name, Roll Global. (

Protesters wore giant “almond” and “POM Wonderful" face cut outs in an effort to depict how the Resnicks are pushing the tunnels plan to benefit their almond and cash crop empire. LA ratepayers also held a number of colorful signs, incuding ones saying, “No LA dollars for Big Ag Tycoons," "Stop the Tunnels," "No $ For Tunnels Garcetti," and "Tunnels = Corporate Welfare." 

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